The Coolest Thing Ever!!

Shortly after I started blogging I came across a blog that I fell in love with called My Brown Baby. About the same time I started reading articles about the perfect age to have kids, and other topics on

I followed @mybrownbaby on twitter and noticed the mommy of the month feature. I jokingly asked if I qualified… I didn’t. But she did ask me to do a guest post. I was so honored… But I was even more honored when I realized that the author of My Brown Baby and one of the contributing writers for is the same woman! Oh and she also has a book she wrote with Steve Harvey that’s currently #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List!: Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” and she’s done a bazillion other awesome things, but I’ll let you read more about her on her blog.

Basically, in regards to my parenting research, the name Denene Milner kept coming up everywhere. I swear I’ve noticed it on at least five different websites… And now, my name is on hers! Woop!

So check out my post for today over here at My Brown Baby.

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  1. Yeah! Good for you! I have only recently discovered My Brown Baby. What a well written blog! I will definitely read your guest post! Thanks for supporting me on my little Blog Jog!

  2. That was an awesome post!!! I think it’s awesome that your putting so much thought into when you’ll decide on having children. I was such the opposite. I’m the same age as you and have been married as long – but I dove in, head first, without a doubt in my mind. 😉

    I wouldn’t change it for a thing. My boys are 18 months apart. The way I see it, my boys will be out of high school by the time I turn 40. We’ll be able to spoil them a bit. Traveling and doing things like that can be done with our boys, rather than waiting until we are into our 50s to do those types of things.

    Then again, if I get the baby itch again, that’ll change a little. LOL

  3. *tried to post this over at MyBrownBaby but got stuck in the comments section*

    Whew, lady, let me introduce myself (although I think I already know you from NABJ. Your name sounds so familiar!!!)

    I was 20 when I had my first child and 22 when I had my second. I’m now 23, like you. People are probably expecting me to be like, “Go for it!”


    I say wait. Not forever, but maybe one more year. Why do I say this?


    You’re right – being a mother IS permanent. You can’t ever turn back the hands of time and say that you’d like to go back to being that childless chick with endless amounts of time to lavish upon her husband. *smile*

    But if this is the same Jennifer I know, I think you would make a great mother.

    But I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into becoming a mom and that’s great. But there is nothing that can prepare you for it. Absolutely nothing. You will be as clueless as everyone else when the little bundle comes out. (Probably not as nervous, but still clueless.) LOL.

    Nothing prepares you for the time your daughter poops on the mechanic’s desk while you’re getting your oil changed (oops). You’re also not prepared when your son bites your nipple while you’re feeding him and you start bleeding (true story). You’re just kind of making it up as you go along. LOL.

    That’s why you’ll be able to come over to my blog and join the convo! 🙂


  4. I read your post. It’s awesome. The blog seems pretty interesting. Also check out my latest post on my blog. I posted about biracial children. The comments were pretty helpful. Check it out.

  5. I loved that post. I really do love how you put so much thought into having a family. The thing about it though, is that it’s not a mental thing. You have to feel it in your heart that it’s right. You can think and think and think, but it won’t get you any closer to making a decision. Probably why hearts and minds are always at odds 😉

  6. Good post. And I think you have to do what is right for you. Although looking back on my life I wanted kids by the time I was 26 and now I think to myself – Good Lord! Thank God I didn’t do that! I was still so lost back then. I guess I was a late bloomer. 😉

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