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In my quest of “what’s crunchy?” I got a HUGE response… Actually my biggest one yet. A lot of women gave me their opinions of what makes a woman crunchy and why they choose to live that way. Some things REALLY intrigued me, and others made me think “No way!” I talked to my husband about a few of the ideas and one of them was the notion to try using cloth diapers. His answer was pretty much an immediate “no way.”

If there’s one thing I’ve heard over and over in my pre-pregnancy state it’s “diapers are expensive.” And “start stalking up once you know your pregnant.” Well unless I want to keep a towel around my baby or invest in a lot of carpet shampoo, I think I’m obviously going to with some form of diaper… But which is cheaper? I’ve heard people say cloth diapers are WAY less expensive more eco-friendly, and better for the bottom. And I’ve heard others say the water and energy you use cleaning them make up for the difference. Now time is money, so if I’m spending hours upon hours cleaning dirty diapers it probably will get old…(evil grin) But I do have a husband, and I’ve only done laundry a handful of times in my 4.5 years of marriage… So I’m counting on the fact that I won’t have to worry about that, if we so choose this path.

The next item to consider is appearance. When I imagined cloth diapers I pictured literally a soft washcloth-like material safety-pinned around the baby’s bottom. Something like this:Well little did I know things are more advanced nowadays, and cloth diapers can actually look like REAL diapers, and have nice velcro, patterns and tags, the whole nice yards! I recently learned how to sew. I learned because I wanted to make matching dog collars and leashes for Snoop. That’s all I can make though. The thought of sewing any kind of clothing item terrifies me, much less a cute diaper. But it would be SO FUN to make diapers for my kids… I think. Probably until they poop in them, then I’d probably want to throw it away.– Then again maybe I wouldn’t because of all the TIME it took me to make!– Now I’m on to something… If I MAKE the diapers I won’t want to throw them away (cause I’d probably throw away something I bought).

I came across Amber’s website and honestly, I think I could do this… And if I can do it, anyone can do it! What I hate most about sewing is all of the cutting, and what’s nice about these is that all the material is already cut and ready, you just sew it together! The kits start as low as in the $5 range. Imagine how many diapers you could make and wash and save and use on future babies! Hmmm… Whatdoyathink?

I know there’s quite a few women who read my blog who are ALL for cloth diapers. I’ve also connected with quite a few on Twitter and I’m really interested in why you choose (or don’t choose) this path.

Either if you do, or are considering it Amanda and I have a little gift for you. Anyone who purchases one of her diaperkits or pre-made diapers between now and May 21st will get a 10% discount. She also donated an adorable pre-made diaper that is so cute it actually made me think I am going to try these things… At least one. It’s worth a try right? How about you win it and give it a try! It’s a size small so it can fit babies 10-20 pounds. It’s white, 100% cotton, and super absorbent! You don’t need a diaper cover with this cause it’s all in one! It also has an adorable little tag on the front that says “I Love Cloth.”

So shop around, leave a comment here and let me know what kit or diaper you like best and why you use or would consider using cloth diapers. That’s your entry. I’ll draw a winner from on May 9th! If you don’t and don’t want to use them, still tell me why! I want to know both sides 🙂
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Rixa says:

Hey cool! Please enter me for the diaper giveaway. I made my own cloth diapers (all-in-one style by Chloe Toes) and have really liked using them. My reasons for going with cloth, starting with the most important first:

1) Cost: I made a full stash of 2 dozen each of 3 different sizes (newborn, small, and medium, which still fit my 2 1/2 year old) with super nice materials like hemp fleece and organic bamboo velour and still the overall cost was just a few hundred dollars. This will likely last me through all of my kids, however many that ends up being. And of course if you’re resourceful, you can make diapers for much, much cheaper. If you search “cloth diapers” on my blog, you’ll come across some posts & links that talk about frugal diapering.

2) Environmental concerns: yes, washing (and hot air drying diapers if you’re in a cold or wet climate) does use some water and energy, but really it’s insignificant compared to the huge amount of waste generated by disposables. Plus, if you’re really into being “green”, you can make your diapers out of recycled or second-hand materials. When babies are little you wash every 2-3 days, depending on how many diapers you have. It’s really not that much.

3) Cute factor: I mean, how can you resist some of the amazing diapers out there?

4) Comfort: If you’ve ever felt bamboo velour on your bum, you will know what I mean. It’s like silk velvet…

I also think from an LDS perspective, cloth diapers are a great way to increase our self-reliance and to be stewards over the earth. Not saying that if you use disposables, you are bad and lazy or whatever–just that cloth is a great way to cut down on waste and to be less reliant on buying and then throwing away “stuff.”

Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is doing elimination communication (aka infant potty training) with cloth diapers as backup. It really cut down on how many diapers I washed, even when my daughter was a newborn, since pee and poop went right into the toilet.

Anyway I’m glad you’re thinking about this. If your husband does the laundry, then it’s really not much work at all. If we were hand-washing all our clothes, I would definitely not be as keen on doing cloth diapers. But if you have a washing machine, it’s really easy.

Josie says:

Darnit- I could have used a plug too lol!! I love cloth and it really does not take any more energy to throw your pail of diapers into a cold soak in the washing machine. I dont know of anyone who scrubs their diapers with a scrubbing board or something- it is no different than regular laundry silly!

Lalapoo says:

I would love to start using cloth diapers.. I actually only started thinking and researching this recently (shame on me), why I am thinking about it: well, less expensive(in the long run) and way better for the environment!

Lalapoo says:

I put your button on my blog

Heidi says:

My mom used them for all four of us some 27 years ago and she had three of us in diapers at one time – they have gotten way easier since then. Have you ever considered a diaper service – call it lazy or busy or whatever – but I call it convenient and AWESOME! You leave the dirty ones on the porch in a bag and they drop off a clean new stack! Gotta love it!

Tori says:

I am a blog follower 🙂

Tori says:

And I RTed your twitter post with the link @ToriMichel 🙂

Mommy Bee says:

As someone who started out making diapers for my own kiddo, then for my sister’s kiddo, and who now sells them on etsy… also as someone who has sewn diapers out of almost every fabric out there (PUL, microfleece, flannel, suedecloth, cotton velour, bamboo velour, hemp terry, hemp fleece, microfiber…) I definitely have some thoughts about what fabrics I like and which ones I don’t. This link has a lot of that info on it:

If you are a beginning seamstress, and want to make your own, you will want a kit with flannel or suedecloth for the inner. Velour is LUXURIOUS but it is stretchy and trust me, you don’t want to deal with it. I’d buy a couple of velour diapers, but you don’t want to sew with it until you get good.
Another thought on sewing your own–diapers are a GREAT project to learn how to sew. After all, if it comes out cute, yay, but if it comes out ugly, well, remember that you made it *to*catch*poop*!!! That is its reason for being! Poop Catcher! And it’s ok if some poop catchers are ugly. 🙂 Babies usually wear clothes over them anyway. 🙂

FYI, the premade kits cost you twice as much as buying your own yardage…yes, having everything precut is terribly convenient, but really you are paying quite a bit for that…so it’s something to consider. Perhaps do a little of each?
Concerning which diaper kit I’d get if I were you? I’d get the flannel AIO for smalls, but probably a pocket style for larger sizes, and here’s why…
Style wise, my favorite style of diaper for little babies (up to 6m) is the all-in-one (AIO). They poop frequently–especially if they are breastfed–and need to be changed very often too. So the diaper rarely needs to hold very much at a time, but you do go through a LOT of diapers in a day. I like the convenience of AIOs for that age because they don’t have to hold too much, but you don’t have to stuff/unstuff the 10 diapers/day!
In the older ages (when they start eating solids) they tend to pee/poo less often, but when they go they make a lot…so you won’t be changing diapers as often, but you will need them to have more absorbency. I prefer either pocket diapers or some kind of flap-system AIO (such as the butterfly-fold one at that site). Regular AIOs in larger sizes either don’t hold enough pee to be worth it or else take ALL DAY to dry, and may be difficult to get clean (ie, they’ll start stinking). Another option for the larger sizes is to do fitted diapers with a separate cover…this is more pieces, but plain cotton diapers can be washed harder than PUL can, so you can use heavier washing techniques on them to get them really clean, without wearing out your nice PUL covers. (Personally, I go with the pockets, but to each his own!)

SO, there are my thoughts about which kit i’d recommend!

I basically just have to say ‘ditto’ to Rixa’s entire post about why I cloth diaper. Comfort is #1–would you rather have cloth undies or paper/plastic ones? How about if you knew you had to wear it every day for 2+ years? Really, I think putting our babies in cloth is one way to respect them as people. just because they can’t say “this disposable diaper feels awful,” well, that doesn’t mean they don’t think it. 🙂
The financial side is very nice too, and the treehugger side of me appreciates the green aspects…but really, comfort is #1, convenience is #2 (no late night runs to the store–just throw them in the wash and I never run out). (The same two reasons I use cloth for me actually.) Finances is probably 3 and the greenness of it is way down at 4. 🙂

by the way, at least by the time your baby starts eating solid foods, get yourself a diaper sprayer. It’s like the little spray nozzle on your kitchen sink, only it attaches to your toilet. Use it to rinse off the diaper over the toilet (no dunking/swishing/touching poo) and then drop the dipe in the pail. Very easy, very fast, very clean. I adore my sprayer. 🙂

Mommy Bee says:

oh, you already know i follow you too. 🙂
and i’ll post the facebook link, though you won’t be able to see it unless you’re my friend on there…

AND, if you want to see some more of the darling diapering options out there, check out this blog (the top post–made yesterday–happens to be mine, LOL!)

Mommy Bee says:

Oh, I also wanted to mention about diaper styles…I don’t really like the ones that use sergeing on the edges, or fold over elastic…I’ve had problems with leaking from those. I prefer the ‘turned and topstiched’ which means that it’s sewn inside out while leaving a little space open, then turned right-side-out and the little space is sewn shut…that’s how I make all of mine. I believe it’s more comfortable as well as more effective, even if it is a little more work. *shrug*

Mommy Bee says:

oh, did I mention, I’d love to win. 🙂 I have made lots of diapers which I love, but it’s always fun to try out one from somebody else too. 🙂

Peggy says:

I was kinda weird about cloth diapers too until I did the research. About 2 weeks ago I bought some and am in love. We are useing prefolds and fuzzi bunz. Im not really doing anymore laundry than normal. And Honestly I think they stink less than disposables. When a baby pees in a disposable it stinks so bad!! You cant even smell it with the cloth diapers. Oh and as far as the poop thing goes. We bought a sprayer that hooks up to the toilet and its great. you can find them in the diaper accerssories area on most store websites.

LaCee says:

Wow I guess I’m the only one NOT a fan of cloth diapers! But Like I said before I’m an ultra “soggy” mom. Really I dont think diapers are that expensive. $30 a month at costco. For me it’s worth it. I Hate laundry and know I wouldn’t like to constantly wash diapers.

Mallory says:

I’m an on again/off again cloth diaperer. Now that it is getting warm out, I am on again. I just slap a prefold (they are the cheapest, so that’s what I have!) on Bug’s butt and let him run around without a cover. I can feel when he gets wet right away, and that’s nice to protect his bum from sitting in urine/feces too long. I must admit, diposables can be convenient, but they cost a lot. Cloth is definitely cheaper in the long run (although it may cost a bit to get started). Plus, you never run out of diapers…unless you haven’t done the laundry in a long time…

Christie says:

I have bought MotherEase one size bamboo diapers, I have them all washed (you have to wash bamboo 3x to get rid of the oils that effect absorbency before the first wear – who knew?) and ready and waiting for baby to make her arrival. I don’t love laundry either and imagine hubby will pick up the slack, but we are committed to cloth diapering 🙂

Alicia says:

Baker’s dozen all in one flannel is what I’d be interested in. This post makes me think about trying cloth diapers. I never put too much consideration into because I always thought it seemed gross… but I really like all the ideas like the sprayer and how it is cheaper. I’d love to win so I could try the cloth diapers out!

Alicia says:

Oh, and i just became a follower.

I think it is awesome that you are considering cloth so far in advance. I don’t need diapers, so no need to throw my name in the hat, but I wanted to add my own info for those considering cloth.
I have meen sewing / using cloth diapers for six years ( on three babies) and haven’t missed using disposables at ALL! There are many debates about the energy / water use, but the facts are these:
You can use a simple and effective wash routine with natural detergents and line dry ( using the dryer to fluff, if you choose) and you have done no more than add 2 or possibly 3 loads of laundry a week. You are going to be adding a lot MORE than that by having a baby! Regardless, the energy cost (reduced by using more efficient washers) and the water cost in no way compare to the thousands of disposable diapers your baby will add to a landfill.. that will sit there for hundreds of years.
As for cost, well.. cloth diapers can cost as little or as much as you are willing to spend. Making your own diapers from recycled clothing costs nothing more than some time and thread! Of course, there are hundreds of WAHM made diapers out there that are reasonable and the bigger manufacturers often have great package deals.
When your child has outgrown the diapers or you no longer need them, they can be resold ( there is a HUGE market!) or donated to an organization like Miracle Diapers.
The system(s) of diapering you choose will depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences. I have used them all at one point or another and some diapers work better for certain times ( we love pockets for outings, AIOs for other care givers and prefolds or fitted with wool for around the house!). The possibilities are endless and SO much fun to explore!

Destiny says:

I use disposables, but wouldn’t be against trying cloth.

Destiny says:

I follow you too.

Jess says:

I follow you

Mommy Bee says:

I forgot the other reason I really really like cloth (and this is actually probably reason #1, now that i think about it, LOL!)
They contain blowouts. In 2 years, I think I had one time where anything escaped the diaper…my friends who use disposables tell me that their kids frequently get poo up their backs and down their legs and all over the place…they are washing poopy clothing on a regular basis. If you think about it, it’s not that different from washing diapers…

Tracey says:


Laura Bailey says:

I used cloth diapers for my daughter, who’s almost TWENTY years old now (ACK!) and she never had one diaper rash. Not one. I also breastfed her for 19 months …I was so good back in those days. My son, on the other hand, has worn Huggies since day one. OK, OK, OK I did try to use those snazzy velcro cloth diaper thingies on him a few times, but they just don’t work as well. They’re great for newborns, but once those little peeing machines get bigger, so does their “load.” It’s also a pain in the neck to wash them …and diaper services use their own diapers so you can’t just send your $25 per piece diapers off to them to clean. My advice? Buy a couple and try them out before you invest in a whole lot of them 🙂 PS Thanks for coming to our website! I wanted to share something with you on a different topic, but I’m not sure where to post it. It’s about fertility stuff and what ultimately worked for me second time around.

Laura Bailey says:

Oh! One more thing: Whole Foods carries disposable diapers that are chemical free (no chlorine, etc.)

heather says:

You know, I’m not really a “crunchy” mom, but I have considered using cloth. I mean it would stink to clean up after them, but I was thinking about the potty training that comes 18months-2 years after they are born. If they had cloth diapers on, then it would be easier to potty train since they know the sensation of being wet. Just a random thought I had while reading this post.
Oh and I would love to be entered in this giveaway.

heather says:

oh yes, I’m a follower!

Lisa says:

I would love to win a diaper!

I cloth-diapered my first child using diapers that I made myself. However, I ended up not being crazy about that particular pattern, and also I made them out of flannel, and I think I would have preferred a different fabric. (They just never fit him quite right, and there was no stretch to them.) They were one-size dipes, so they were bulky too.

I did not cloth diaper my second, but now we are thinking about #3 and I just recently decided that I want to use cloth again, and I want to make diapers again. I will have a lot more to make this time. Instead of 2 dozen one-sizers, I’ll need to make several dozen in each of probably three sizes.

I absolutely think cloth saves money! Unless you have exorbitantly high utilities, there is no way that the costs can be the same. No way.

I didn’t think the laundry was all that bad, maybe 2 extra loads per week. I used a soft disposable liner inside my diapers, so when he pooped, I simply took out the liner and flushed it. I think next time I will get a diaper sprayer instead.

We use cloth diapers and I have to say I love them. I have been considering trying my hand at making them myself but have yet to actually give it a go. I think I would go with the Deluxe all in one kit. It is a little more money $7.50 but I really like AIO diapers. I know people say that with all the time you spend washing and stuff it evens out but I have to say I don’t think that is true. The washing routine is not all that much.

Tina says:

Now, I don’t know if this is true or not…but on Earth Day, I read an article that examined some commonly “green” ways to live, ie is paper really better than plastic, etc.

The article said that while disposable diapers fill the landfills, the damage done to the environment is actually comparable to what cloth diapers do through all the detergent and water usage.

Now again, I have no clue if this article is 100% correct, but I thought that was interesting.

I had never heard of the website, and now I’m really excited about it. I already cloth diaper DD, mainly for cost reasons, and I don’t mind it. Esp. considering all the chemical crap that’s in disposables!! Anyway, I enjoyed checking out that website, and will be bookmarking it and passing it along to fellow cloth diaper-ers! I like the Nighttime Cloth Diapering Kit set.


mrandmrsryankolbe @

I am a blog follower!


mrandmrsryankolbe @

I’ve been a huge tree hugger since I was about 10 years old, so I know that my conscience wouldn’t be able to handle knowing how much damage I’d be doing to the environment by using disposable diapers. At this point, I’ve become interested in two things; cloth diapers and gDiapers, but am looking for ideas for other options. I imagine the gDiapers are going to be quite expensive.

I twittered about your contest! (kjfilkins)

I wrote a note about this contest in Facebook. I don’t know if you can follow this link, but I’ll post it anyway:

(My Facebook name is Kelly Root Filkins)

I added your button to both of my blogs! (Thanks for your help! I haven’t really taken the time to figure out how to use some of the more advanced options on blogger!)

Nikki Cogg says:

I tagged you in my blog! Come check out your award!

Cascia says:

I’ve never used cloth diapers but I’ve heard that they are great for your children and your pocket book. The yellow diaper you have pictured is cute. I’m still debating whether or not I want to make the switch to cloth with my next baby. Good luck with your giveaway and have a wonderful weekend!

Arrica Lee says:

I have previously exchanged links with you using Mocha Remember? Well, I have changed my site to I have added your blog to my new blogroll. Please replace the Mocha Quest with Random Toxic. Thanks a lot.

I like the Organic Velour/Organic Flannel Pocket AIO Kit. I love cloth diapering because it is easy, good for baby’s skin, and saves tons of money!
onlycancan ta hotmail tod com

jacjewelry says:

Haha Husband does laundry most of the time too, but I could easily see how having to wash cloth diapers can push him over the edge and protest… Hmmm. Think I’ll go with disposable ones – as you said, time is money, and with water shortages we’ve been having the last couple of years, it may be better for the environment.

By the way, disposable diapers weren’t around when/where I grew up, and my parents didn’t even have a washing machine!!!

Carrie says:

I had no idea that cloth diapers had come so far. The last time I remember seeing a cloth diaper was when I was changing my little sister… YEARS AGO. They were the OLD SCHOOL style. I remember having to swish it in the toilet to get all the poop out… I HATED it.

I do the laundry at my house, and the thought of adding MORE to my load almost makes me want to cry… BUT, the thought of saving money by not buying diapers makes me happy. I’d like to try a new cloth diaper and see if I like it. Thanks for the info…

Carrie says:

I’m a follower of your blog. LOVE IT.

I love your blog! I had to put in my 2 cents about the cloth diaper thing. Several people have commented about the cloth diapers are less expensive and that you don’t really use as much energy and water. The thing you have to keep in mind is, if you don’t use hot water and a heated drying method, you aren’t killing the germs! Detergents don’t kill the bacteria either so by not using hot water and a hot dryer, you are essentially just swishing the diaper around in water that contains all the same bacteria from their dirty diaper and calling it clean. I am not opposed to cloth diapers, but if you want something clean to put on your baby, the energy costs are something to consider.

We’ve used so many types of cloth diapers. We’re using disposables on our little boys (almost 1 and almost 3) right now because I have four kids and I homeschool the older two. I’m tired lol I do love cloth though.

I did some math recently and I live in an area where water/sewer and electricity costs are high (where isn’t it lol). Since we quit using cloth, our electric/water/sewer bills have dropped pretty dramatically. That is the only difference: not using cloth (and at the same time, the prices per kw hour have gone up, yet our bill still went down). Anyway, it costs us $30 a month to wash/dry our diapers (I choose to use hot water in the washing machine and dry on hot). That’s washing twice a week. Generic disposables (work just as well as name brand for us) cost $35 a month to diaper both boys. That leaves $5 a month in savings. Since the cloth diapers I like are almost $20 each, it actually costs us more to use cloth than to use disposables at this current time/place. When I was diapering my first two (7 and 9 currently) it was cheaper to wash my own diapers. Electric costs then w ove using cloth. My main reason for using them, though, has been to save money and that’s not happening with them now, so we use disposables. And I must admit the ease and convenience is nice.

(And since someone in our ward just gave us a couple hundred diapers for free disposables are all the more savings for us!)

Larky Lady says:

I like the organic all in one velour kit.
I already cloth diaper. I did it because
1. No chemicals
2. It’s cheaper
3. I didn’t want to add all those diapers to landfills
4. They are cute!

Amber says:

I added your giveaway to my blog too – but you don’t have enter me in the contest 😉
Owner of 🙂

Great Giveaway. I found this listed at Sweepstakes Advantage, . Good Luck Everyone!

Hi, cloth diapers are great.

Hi there, cloth diapers are great.

These kits are so awesome. I am thinking of using cloth because it is said that an average child uses 7000 diapers. The landfills are already filled with plastic diapers, so I thought I would try to limit our contribution to it.

I like the Nighttime Diapering Set Kit!

We are planning to cloth diaper with fitted diapers and using the hybrid gDiapers for when we are on-the-go.

Jackie says:

I love using cloth for many reasons (1) no more diaper rashes (2) more economical (3) better for the environment (4) less chemicals on my baby (5) so adorable!!
I have used these kits before (covers and AIO) and I LOVE them!! Please enter me : )

I like the Nighttime Diapering Set Kit and I use cloth during the day currently (not brave enough for night yet, hence wanting that kit! hehe). She doesn’t have diaper rash like she got from the sensitive disposables, it’s SO much cheaper to just to prefolds and covers and it takes maybe 5 extra seconds compared to an AIO or pocket (we save probably $50/month this way and can reuse these diapers on future children for even MORE savings, and their little tushies look SO adorable in cloth! Good luck!

Kathy Eller says:

I cloth diaper (most of the time) and LOVE Fuzzi Bunz. We save money and I like not ahving to run to the store or think about the better price. i ahve two in cloth that where almost the same size so that saves on laundry too (fuller loads)

Carolsue says:

The Organic Velour/Organic Flannel Pocket AIO Kit look interesting! I am going to try using cloth diapers to a) save the environment b) save $$$

Felicia Eis says:

I would love to have the Flannel Pocket AIO Kit and I guess I use clothe diapers (well did use them till we decided that the laundry mat washers were not working to them clean; can’t wait to have my own washer :P) because my family used them on all of my siblings so I was already familiar with them, I wanted to help save my husband money, and use something safe for my daughter.

Liz says:

What adorable products and a great give away. Found you at SITS

Dee says:

This would be AMAZING! I’m 6 months pregnant with my second and said I would never cloth diaper. BUT after some research I have decided that it would save money AND the environment! AND I’m a SAHM so why not do it? BUT getting started can intially be a little expensive so I’d love to try this one!

And I also like the Deluxe Unbleached Flannel All-in-One Kit!

Thanks for the chance!

Dee says:

I just started following your blog! 🙂

icefairy says:

I like the Organic All-In-One Kits best. We already use cloth diaper because it’s better for the environment and more comfortable for the baby. Thanks for the giveaway!
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy says:

New follower.

Amy says:

This comment has been removed by the author.

I’m all about what’s crunchy! Check out for lots of crunchy mama stuff.
We use the BumGenius one-sizers and I LOVE them; total fan. I’ve also considered making some… But haven’t tackled that project yet.

Suz says:

The covers are a must & with flannel diapers they are really great & green

antie says:

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Jennai says:

I like the Organic Velour All-In-One diaper. I am definitely for cloth diapers!
HobartsMama AT

kathy pease says:

i like the Flannel Fitted Diaper Kit and yes i would use them because ching ching they save lots of money 🙂

I had no idea that kits even existed and cloth diapers are my passion (isn’t that crazy).

I love the Deluxe Unbleached Flannel All-in-One Kit because it’s for a heavy wetter and I have one of those.

I’m following your blog!

3rd Wave Inc says:

Organic products are essentially earth-friendly, sustainable and natural, not only in its entity but in production mode. Which makes safer and healthier.

We’ve used cloth diapers from when my daughter was in the hospital. Frankly, I think they are easier than disposables – and I was a nanny for years, so I have purchased and changed thousands of disposables – and had to haul them out to the trash! Cloth diapers are way less yucky! I also love that we never run out of diapers.

If you are not sure what kind to buy, check out

Christa says:

That’s awesome that you’re considering using cloth! I NEVER EVER thought I would use cloth EVER it sounded so freaking gross and plus I’m not really “crunchy” or at least I didn’t think I was. I cloth diaper M part time. Meaning I don’t do it at night or when I travel {although I’ve been starting to do it lately} And to be honest I still think it’s gross sometimes. But the cuteness factor is HIGH on why I love it!

I would try the Flannel Pocket AIO kit. Although I’d probably have to pay someone to sew it maybe you?! lol

Christa says:

I follow!

ooh and I also wanted to say I saw on twitter that you were considering gDiapers. I now have 3 covers and gCloth and the flushable inserts. I like them and I LOVE that you can get it at Babies R Us! Makes it very easy! I also want to try GroBaby which is a hybrid diaper as well! And bumgenius makes Flip diapers which are also hybrids!

Christa says:

I have your button!

and one last thing…Have you considered Rumparooz? I really really like them!

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Hi! I’m Jennifer Borget


I'm a former journalist, and lifelong creator striving to make the world a better place. This is the space where I share my journey in making the most of every day by cherishing our individuality and celebrating our differences.

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