The Cat’s Out of the Bag

The Hub-a-lub knows about this blog now. I was saving it as a… Err, surprise but I guess he saw the links somewhere on my Facebook account so no more secret! It’s kind of nice now too since this thing is consuming so much of my life right now and I can actually talk to him about funny tings I come across and interesting comments I get. It also explains why I don’t have to bug him about kid stuff 24/7 now… I have a NEW outlet! So thank you all again for being my support group right now…Even though I’ve only had it for 2.5 months!!!

This blog has really turned into a fun composite of great advice from so many women! I know once you become a mother you’re always a mother and that’s something I’m really using to my advantage right now… Time I have to pick your brains of things maybe you didn’t think of and wish you did, or just to learn about the things I have to look forward to. Either way, I’m learning a lot and making so many friends. You make me laugh and cry on a daily basis. I do have a few questions for you… What do you like about my blog? About blogs in general? I tend to post daily, is that too much? I’m already nearing 100 posts and I worry I’ll either 1. Soon run out of things to say or 2. Overload you!.

Cheers to the world of blogging! I only wish I had known about this four years ago!

Jess says:

I like to read your blog because your so honest and open with your feelings.. plus I love your sense of humor…

Daily posting is fine with me… Im not always able to keep up.. but thats why I have the blog roll going on in my site.. so I can then go back and see what I missed… =)

I admit to being addicted to blog hopping/stalking.. whatever you want to call it.. I work hard, and am always busy with my family, my work and so forth….and I dont get to go out much.. lol.. so by hopping around my online friends and reading their blogs.. I still feel connected… I still feel like I have some me time.. and outlet so to speak to visit and share with other adults. =)

Hope your having a great weekend.. and congrats on getting to 100 posts….

Josie says:

YOU run out of stuff to say…… jk! I love your blog, we may have different oppinions, but it is fun to see what you have going on inside your head! Keep up the good work!!

I absolutely love your blog!! Everyday I come home from work hoping you posted again. (As that came out, I realized how sad that truly sounded…)

But I love how open you are about everything. I wish I could say half the things you do. It would definitely be a great venting!

So, whatever you do, please don’t stop posting!!

I like your blog because you are honest and open, that is refreshing. The first post I read was the Brazilian one, and it was so funny I made my daughter read it and we have followed ever since.

Jenna says:

I love your blog for a number of reasons, mostly because you’re so refreshingly honest. And hilarious!

I don’t think once a day is too much. I always look forward to reading it.

Cascia says:

He never knew about it? How did you keep it from him? Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at Healthy Moms.

Angela says:

I love your blog because it makes me remember the days when I was wondering what life would be like with children. I never thought to blog about it. I enjoy your stories.

Blog as much as you want. I try to blog daily and sometimes post more than one. It has become an obseession.

Bren's Life says:

Hi! I came by your blog & wanted to say Hi. My husband & I have adopted 4 kids & I so know the wanting to be a mom..
I also was hoping we could chat about life. How long have you been a member? I have so many questions. You are the first black woman I have found that has a blog & is LDS. ( We adopted 2 black girls) And I am just wondering about life & challenges & all that..
Hope I am not throwing to much at you. I’m so excited to hopefully make a friend that believes the same as us & can also give me advice..

I could never keep a blog that long from Hubby LOL he’s job is internet and all that 🙂 he would have known 🙂

I really love your blog, and I’m so glad you found mine so that I could find yours 🙂

tara @ kidz says:

Amen! I LOVE blogging. There is no way I could keep it from my husband, it’s all he sees me doing, but he’s grateful that I have an outlet too. Cheers to blogging and bloggy friends!

heather says:

I love blogging. It’s like reading a ton of good books! And I don’t think blogging every day is bad. It’s like an outlet, if you want to talk about something then you just post. It’s awesome.

Mallory says:

I’m surprised your hubby didn’t know about your blog! I can’t stop talking to my husband about mine…and everybody else’s! It’s sad. I’m always like, “So, this lady who’s blog I read….” or “So, I read on this blog…” or “I have a friend…well, really I just read her blog, but…”

Yeah, sad. I have no life…other than blogging apparently. Anyway, I like your blog because of how you blog. It can be funny, serious, refreshing. Blogs are interesting because they can be so different from one another.

Brittanie says:

I love daily posts. And, I love that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and just lay stuff out there.

Nichole says:

I like your blog for a couple of reasons. I like how you explore things from a personal perspective – like your concerns about biracial children. I have similar concerns (my hub is Hispanic and I’ve never known what that is like).
The other is that I’m currently obsessed with all things baby/baby-making and your site feeds this obsession. So, thanks!

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