The BIG Ooops!

This morning, I woke up kind of wondering why I haven’t been having my normal monthly signs that I normally do a day or so before she shows up. Well, I got a little curious and decided to bust out one of my dollar store pregnancy tests and pee on it… You know, just for fun (Yea, I do that from time to time).

I was a little sad I was about to break my streak. I’ve gone YEARS without pregnancy paranoia and I was about to ruin it!

When I opened the box all of this stuff fell out… a small test, a packet of some stuff to keep it fresh, and a droplet thing that I was apparently suppose to use but didn’t. I didn’t have time to pee in a cup then dip the droplet thing then drip a little in the little hole… So I just peed straight on the stick, trying to get a good amount in the hole.

As I watched the ENTIRE screen turn pink I wondered if I 1. was WAY pregnant or 2. put WAY too much pee in the hole. I think it was the latter.

After a few moments I saw the line I was waiting for cross the screen and display one…tw?.. No one line, and exactly what I wanted to see. I put all of the contents back in the box and hit it under a few things in the trashcan. No need to freak hubby out… Yet.

I went on through my normal day, at work. Come afternoon, I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone. We were talking about our paranoia for illness and I was explaining my hypochondriac-self, and how I had taken a pregnancy test in the morning and quickly threw it away. That’s when she brought a good point to light.

“Well did you wait three minutes?” She asked me. “You’re suppose to wait three minutes… Go brush your teeth or something while you’re waiting, then go back to look at it.”

I’m pretty sure I only waited about 30 seconds before seeing one line and throwing it away.

When I was done with work I rushed home and up the stairs to the trashcan and dumped the contents of the box out on the counter (eew I know, but don’t worry I cleaned it up!)

The test looked different than it did earlier that morning. That can’t be two lines… No. I’m hallucinating. One line was dark, the other very faint, but not exactly over the little letter that it should be over to signify pregnancy. Wait.. Was there a third line? What does that mean? Or is there just a second one in a different spot? My eyes are playing tricks on me. I broke the test! No, I don’t want to take another one, then I’ll really be crazy! And I can’t take it to my husband to examine cause… Well that could just be ugly. I’m pretty sure I either left it there too long or I peed on it too much, cause I know I’m not pregnant.

Now I’m tiptoeing around. Waiting for my visitor, aka “witch” to some but for now “goddess” to me, to show up for her appointment. If she’s not here waiting for me tomorrow morning I just. may. freak. !

I must add though that since this morning I’m starting to feel my usual symptoms I feel about this time so I’m sure I’ll feel worse/better tomorrow and that I didn’t just announce my pregnancy to the world-wide-web before I did to my husband/ myself.

PS: Today is still my half-blogiversary, celebrate with me on the post below!

Lynn says:

If you wait longer than 10 minutes, the test is invalid. The line you see is most likely an evaporation line.

I would stock up on Dollar Tree tests. At $1 a piece, it’s okay to take multiple ones if you do question it!

Anonymous says:

I truly enjoyed reading this blog, girl you going thru something there. Good Luck

Hahahah!! I have to admit I rolled on the floor laughing at this one, hahah!

Jess says:

that exact same thing happened to me with I believe my 3rd son and I WAS indeed preggo!!! 😉 take a test in the morning & wait the full 3 min lol 😉

LegalChic says:

HAHAHAHA that is funny but at the same time, I have been there before lol. Definitly take the test again and wait the right amount of time.

Thanks for sharing 🙂


Tori says:

Don’t worry too much. I’d swear those things do play tricks on your eyes! Wait a couple days, see if “she” shows up, and if not test again and follow all the directions. Good luck!

Jessie says:

Ah, yes. The dreaded evap line that I always feared when I was ttc. The dollar store tests seem to almost always get a weird line after 10 minutes or so.

heather says:

Oh, I wonder if you are. But if you say you are getting your signs then you must not be. Thanks for sharing though. It was entertaining.

Great story. You are always so entertaining. Pregnancy scares can be . . . well, funny/scary/exciting/nerve-wracking!

LOL! False positives are scary! Even though you aren’t ready for a baby yet, did your heart leap a little for joy when you thought you saw two lines?

Myra says:

Absolutely awesome post! I can totally relate! Hope your “friend” comes to visit!

Tracey says:


Crystal P says:

I find this whole situation amusing for the entire fact that you also have a random stack of pregnancy tests and you pee on them from time to time for fun… lol

My two best friends BOTH do that!!!!! hahahaha
As soon as I read that I just about lost it, I’ve been through this scenario a few times both from my own perspective and from the friend watching her best gal freak out as she battles with the test that detects babies.

Anyway! Hope that it works out which ever way you want it too…. it still sounds like it could go either way! Keep us posted!!!!

jennie w. says:

They are even more accurate after ten minutes. I’ve had some where it said I wasn’t pregnant after three minutes, then I’ve fished it out of the garbage a little while later and there is the faintest line (and sure enough it’s true). Any time there’s a second line it counts, even if it’s super faint. If it’s negative it will stay pure white.

I would never go with the dollar store tests. Do you really want to trust this incredibly important thing to chintzy Chinese workmanship?

I have peed to much and it doesn’t work! I tried the dollar ones before and I don’t like them, now if I am freaking out I use the ones from Target, but not the Target brand, because those don’t work they give a bunch of people false positive.

I have a whole stack of these in my bathroom and I am on the depo shot, like it isn’t going to happen and I am still out of my mind crazy about it.

Can I say I LOLed, too?!?! =) Been there, done that. Twice. And guess what. I’m pregnant with #2. Not to, you know, freak you out or anything… because I totally know what you’re feeling! Never has the monthly visitor been so welcome! =) I agree with buying a bunch of el cheapos and keep checking until one or the other of the two things happens. =)

Jenna says:

1) With the dollar tests, you MUST use the dropper. If you oversaturate the stick, it can invalidate the results.

2) Wait 3 minutes to read it. After 10 minutes, results are invalid.

3) For all things POAS, go to 🙂

Oh ha ha!! I have taken many a pregnancy test in Hubby’s absence. As a matter of fact I need to hit the dollar store so I can have a supply for when the paranoia hits me. I have no visitor due to nursing but that just makes the paranoia worse sometimes. Like lately. 🙂

Mama Nut says:

The instructions for all the ones I used, say you can get a false positive after 10 min. I would do a new one.

Good luck!! I hope it works out to your heart’s desire!

Natalie says:

I always do the best 2/3! I hate that panic feeling

Jennifer says:

Not to freak you out, but I took pregnancy test for two months – I was a bit obsessed – and NEW I was pregnant, but it didn’t show up until I was 8 weeks along. Go figure.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling you this to freak you out. At. All. 🙂 I hope your ‘goddess’ comes quick!

Yakini says:

Omg!!! Even though i know you arent ready JUST yet, or you a tiny bit excited that this could be “it”? Kinda like, it may be in God’s plans even if not in yours yet??!!! Not to make you nervous though. 🙂 False positives happen all the time.

LeNesha says:

Whoa girl, I’m standing on edge here waiting to know what the scoop is today!

Definitely keep in mind that tests are not valid after 10 mins and you’ve got to follow the instructions precisely.

As FYI, the first time I took a pregnancy test when DH and I started trying, I got a false positive. I was excited and nervous all at once. Later that day and the next morning, I took the test again to be sure, and both times got negative results. Not pregnant, but definitely awakened us to the reality a bit more.

Definitely keep praying that you get results according to God’s plan.


Anonymous says:

Pregnancy tests work by measuring the amount of a certain hormone (HCG) in your urine. But there’s ALWAYS a little bit of this hormone there, enough that it can show up in a test if you leave it long enough. So the leaflets always say not to read the test later than 10 minutes after doing it, because it can easily give you a false positive.

Seconding the recommendation 🙂

Lynn says:

Jennie, the dollar store tests are only cheaper because they don’t have the marketing costs that others do. It’s usually considered more accurate.

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