The Big ‘O’ When You’d Least Expect

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One of the scariest parts of having a kid… Labor! I’m not going to get into all of the different ways to have a baby until–Let’s say at least not until I’m pregnant. But when I came across a crazy story on 20/20 I couldn’t help but think this would be the best way to go.

The idea of a natural birth never seemed appealing to me.. That is until I heard about Orgasmic Labor… Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Although drugged-up and pain-free sounds fun, this way could be even better. Apparently some people try to have an orgasmic delivery while others it just happens for.

I told my husband about the story and told him I thought it was a great way to go but he brought up a good point… While you can try, it doesn’t happen to everyone. I’m not sure how common it is but I can only imagine how angry I’d be if I purposely didn’t get the epidural–Thinking I’d have a euphoric delivery, but it instead turns out excruciating.

Orgasmic labor also brings up the question of the “birthing video.” It’s bad enough having one of those to begin with (although I’m not gonna lie I actually think it’s awesome) but a delivery video like THAT may be mistaken for a kinky sex tape.

If you like to read it here’s the whole story. But you can watch it below.

To prove that it is possible to have pleasure in childbirth, Pascali-Bonaro made a documentary called “Orgasmic Birth.” After seeing this story I just had to learn more, so for those of you who are as curious as I am… For your viewing enjoyment, here is the trailer for the documentary.

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  1. Wow…thanks for enlightening me on this subject. The thought of it made me giggle just ‘cus the thought of having an orgasm in front of an audience just weirded me out. I have to say tho I am not one for the natural birth process, but if this works for those then awesome. But why didn’t they share this technique in the birthing education class I took? I was robbed! I am SO going to share this post cus it’s just too awesome not to share!

  2. Wow, that is too funny. I don’t think I’d want to try that one. Fortunately I had very healthy and easy deliveries for all three of my babies. And I did not need an epidural for any of them. Interesting post, though. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I read about this recently, too, and unfortunately am somewhat skeptical…I mean, there’s the whole blood issue (i’d pass out), and then the pain issue…which totally exists. I mean, maybe she has a euphoric moment right during the birth, but what about the hours before???

    maybe i’m misunderstanding something?

    I guess, I figure, I’ve been blessed to live in this century – in other words – BRING ON THE DRUGS.

  4. Okay. I’m totally the person to chime in here.

    My first birth was reluctantly at a hospital. Natural. I knew about orgasmic births ahead of time and IT HURT LIKE HELL. I thought I’d be able to handle it a lot better. I didn’t scream or cry. I relaxed into it but it just took over.

    My 2nd and 3rd were born at home in pools of water. My other kids were there along with a midwife and the same doula I had for all four of my births. It was a beautiful experience having my 2nd. We went for a walk along the river and it was a windy day. Labour happened slowly at first and we just talked and listened to Canon in D for a while while the sunlight filtered in through the tree outside, dancing shadows on the water…. Then the pain picked up and my back hurt so badly. Then again, I have some mildish scoliosis. I got a fever in my head and couldn’t bring myself to talk. I had no energy for anything other than managing the pain. Overall, it was quite excruciating.

    It burned even more with number three. She’s the only one I think I screamed with.

    I would say that there was the slightest feeling that reminded me vaguely of an extremely intense orgasm. But it was way over-rided by pain. There IS a great feeling of relief, sort of how orgasm can be a feeling of physical relief. But make no mistake– it was so painful that I went to the hospital and got an epidural at only 3 cms dialated with my 4th baby. I had no desire for an “experience”. Been there, done that. I had no energy to deal with that kind of pain. And you know what? Even with the most epidural meds they could give me, it was STILL really painful. And I totally believed it wouldn’t be. So, it’s not all about your expectation.

    C-section aside and unassisted birth aside, I’ve tried it all. For most women, it hurts and I don’t think it is because they’re not womanly enough or they have fear-based expectations. I really believed orgasmic birth was possible. Who knows, maybe my back issues caused me pain which then caused me to expect pain altogether. But I really thought I’d have a pain-free birth with that epidural.

  5. Labor is a lot of mind over matter. If you can genuinely believe in ‘pressure’ or ‘sensations’ rather than ‘pain’, then you can have pressure rather than pain.
    I had an unmedicated birth with a huge-headed baby. I was very tired at the end of 23 hours of labor (he got stuck), and it was hard work–like a good workout at the gym, or landscaping all day–but there were only about three seconds of actual pain (when that massive head burst through). 🙂
    It was not orgasmic, but I think that if I had not been so tired it might have been. It certainly was intense, and as the program pointed out, the baby moving through is stimulating all the same places that lead to other orgasms. 🙂

  6. Oh this just makes me laugh. Can you imagine if you did orgasm with one delivery, and not the second child’s delivery… that second child sure would feel like you favored the first one the rest of their lives!

    Thats just weird Jen. You do NOT want labor and sex to be equivalent… no, no, no! I mean, I had to have a c-section, so I’m free and clear, but still, thats straaaaaaaaaaaange.

  7. Hi Jenn,
    I Love your blog!!
    So feminine, so funny, so orgasmic..LOL
    Girl, thank you so much for leaving a comment at my blog.
    I came by to see your blog & let you know the picture on my post of the `beautiful girls` is a picture I got from `5 Minutes for Mom` blog party. I actually don’t have any girls, but 3 boys.

    Anyhoo, I was reading your post about the party.
    Then I read about orgasmic labor. I just had to come read about it. BWAHAHAHA!!
    My first son was completely natural no meds & absolutely no orgasmic labor. This is a first for me.

    Thanks for posting it.

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