The Big Goal

light switchI feel like I have so much to say and I haven’t said it for fear of changing my mind, not sure if it was going to pull through, and other reasons, but I’ve decided to just LET IT ALL OUT today!

First off, I want to add a disclaimer to those who know me in real life (99% of you can probably skip down two paragraphs). “What happens on Baby Makin’ Machine, STAYS on Baby Makin’ Machine.” And I’m not just talking about copyright issues or plagiarism. No, as far as I know I haven not fallen victim to this. I’m talking about what I’m saying here. Yes, I know it’s a public blog and anyone who wants to read can read it, but I’d like to keep it at that.

Got a question? Ask me in the comments section, or in an email, I’d be more than happy to write a post answering it. I write about these things because it is easier to write about than talk about.

I wanted to get all of that out of the way before I said this. After six months of having this blog, going back and forth on when to try to have a baby. Debating whether or not I’m willing to sacrifice sleep. Getting off of hormonal birth control:…


See that switch at the top? Well my mental picture of my baby makin’ machine switch looks a little like that and I’ve set a date to switch it on. I wasn’t planning on blogging about it because I always thought when I turned my baby makin’ machine “on” I’d want to keep it secret so everyone is surprised when they find out I’m with-spawn. Well, after much contemplation I’ve decided I will write about it, because it not only is a part of my journey but a HUGE part. And I think so many women are going through the same thing and hopefully what I go through, and what I learn can be helpful to them–AND women who have been through what I’m going through can share their tips–Yay!!

As for the date–Well, I said it first yesterday on Conceive Online. Oh yea, did I mention I’m the magazine’s newest blogger? Check it out. If I’m not open enough here… You’ll get all of the dirty details there. And join the “My Conceive” community and show your support for me there! The website was EXACTLY in my ballpark. I’ve never seen a more helpful site/magazine for where I am right now. It’s ALL inclusive helpful information on before AND during TTC. The blog’s name (which hubby helped me choose) is “Ready or Not.”

But like I’ve said… The date… August or September. That’s when I’m planning turning my baby makin’ machine “on”. I have been known to change my mind before–In fact, I didn’t even blog about my last two goals… May and June. I sorta chickened out. Plus, there are a few things I’m trying to get done first.–For one, I’m going to the dentist again to get my cavities filled. I’m doing that in a few weeks. But this time, hubby and I are both working for this goal and feeling good about it. So I’m hopeful and planning on pulling through this time. I’ll have been off hormonal birth control and taking prenatals or five months, and I’ve already for hubby hooked up with vitamins… Someone told me Zinc is somethin’ a guy’s gotta have so I went out and bought him some vitamins the next day. I’m hoping once I kick the machine into action it works, and that it isn’t broken, but I’m taking steps to help with that too.

If you read this post last week, you’ll know I’ve been a little nervous about being able to produce a baby. I mean… I haven’t gotten pregnant on birth control and it seems like so many of my friends HAVE! I’ve also talked about my fear of turning into a Sex Natzi. Now that I know the rules to making a baby, and what helps, I plan to follow them to the best of my abilities to make a baby FAST.

In consequence to that, I know that can cause added stress and can cancel some of my progress. SO… I’ve decided to do something that will help lower stress, help with fertility AND cross something off my Baby Bucket List all at the same time… I’m going to try FERTILITY YOGA!

Cool, no? I have tried meditation once before, but never anything like this. I’ve been in touch with the wonderful women of Pulling Down the Moon, and (hopefully next month) I’ll be starting a fertility yoga class here in Austin, and learn exercises I can do to help stimulate fertility, while lower my stress-level in the process.

I started reading Fully Fertile. Their book. It’s a 12-week process to achieve optimum fertility. I’m suppose to read the entire book before starting the process, and I’m hoping to just be completing the process the same time I switch my machine “on.”

I just finished reading the first section about breathing and yoga positions. I am DYING to get to it! I also read some good tips about good exercise and what’s “too much.” And another good cleansing tip I learned that I am SO starting ASAP is to drink a thermos-full of warm water and lemon daily. I don’t normally like water with lemon but I think it’ll be a fun experiment knowing it could help a little with getting ready for baby makin’! I’m also hoping to learn a lot more about good nutrition, healthy living, and things like that while reading this book.–I’ll keep you updated on it!

I know a lot of people would see something like this and think that it’s for people dealing with infertility.. And I thought that at first too, but then I realized that something like this is perfect for someone who is trying to get ready to have a baby. I know for some people it’s just easy to do the freaky-deek and get pregnant, but for other’s it takes work. I also know a lot of women who are going through “baby fever” and aren’t sure what to do with themselves while they wait to finish school, or for their husbands to come around, or to accomplish a certain goal… I think stuff like this is great to do while you’re passing the time.

I’ve said before that I don’t think I’ll have the “in-between” stage of “not trying, not preventing.” In my eyes I either want to have a child, or I don’t. And when I’m not preventing anymore I’m going to be trying to get pregnant.

I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment, but I’m going to do some experiments the next few months. I’m going to try to do everything I can so I can get it right the first time. Worth a try right? We’ll see! I will try my best NOT to be disappointed though if it doesn’t happen right away–I can’t control EVERYTHING. So I’m going to try not to stress in my planning, but have FUN in my planning. Make sense?

I’m going to be blogging about fertility yoga, and a lot more things I’m trying, reading, and experimenting with. I’m surprised by seeing the results of my poll, and seeing that so many future mama’s like myself are reading my blog! It’s nice to know I’m not in this boat alone… And I have lots of great stuff for future mamas and other women looking to make additional babies. I’m so excited for this commitment I’m making and the turn this blog is taking.

Hopefully this will not only continue my detailed diary, but also be helpful for others. So stay tuned for updates! And let the countdown begin!

Any advice?


To my real-life friends: If you read my blog–Thank you! But if you’re a member of my family or a co-worker, I’d appreciate if my writings stayed with you and didn’t become family/newsroom gossip. I only say this because I think sometimes things can get misconstrued, and all of a sudden, just because I want a baby one day, or have a dream about my child the next, I’m all of a sudden the “kid obsessed” person, or being asked if we’re “trying to make a baby” in places I’d probably prefer not to talk about it. Sure, I’m an open person, and I’d be more than happy to talk with you about it in private.–I like to keep this blog (and my blog Twitter account) as my ONLY “public” forum. Thanks!

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  1. OOOH How exciiting!!! Congrats on the decision, just be calm about it – it all comes on someone else’s watch 🙂

  2. Let the games begin. Baby Makin is lots of fun 🙂
    I saw your new blog on Twitter this morning and left a post over there as well.

  3. These are exciting times! Just a personal experience, it may take several months (7 in my case) to become pregnant off birth control. My body took quite awhile to adjust not having birth control. Some people have no problem, and I hope you fall in that category!

  4. I’m excited for you! JuJu and I TTC for nine months and I got tired of taking the damn ovulation tests and counting and basically taking the fun out of having sex. Once we stopped trying is when it happened. Yes, we were still TTC but we didn’t worry about it anymore. So my advice is to just relax. If after a year you still aren’t pregnant then I’d start looking into things. My advice (unsolicited, of course) is to just have fun and that baby will come when he or she is ready.

  5. Congrats on TTC and sharing your journey! Congrats on having such a detailed plan to get preggo..never thought of taking that route 🙂 Hope it goes exactly as you want it to.

  6. My advice? Roll with the punches. You may get pregnant in one year, or in one decade, just roll with the punches on this one. Remember, you have no control over anything, which by the way is a great thing to prepare you for motherhood when you relinquish most all the control over everything in life. Did I scare you? I hope not. It’s all worth it.

  7. My only advice is to relax and enjoy it! Also, I would wait as long as you can hold out before you take a pregnancy test. When you find out really early, that first trimester seems like it lasts years!

    If you ever decide you want a doula, just give a holler!

  8. Thank you for posting this! My husband and I have been talking a lot about TTC as well, but keep putting it off. We are tentatively thinking of getting off the pill this fall. Congrats on your decision! 🙂

  9. We tried for about four months before we were successful, and I have to say that in a way I’m kind of happy that we didn’t conceive right away for a couple of reasons. I was a little iffy about the whole idea of starting a family. I mean, I wanted to, but I also experienced some fear that maybe I wasn’t ready (kind of like everyone else who plans a pregnancy, right?). But when I got my period and found myself disappointed, I knew that we were making the right decision. Another reason is that by having to work a little bit for what we wanted, I think we appreciate it more. We’ve always been more of the ‘work for what you want’ type of people rather than the instant gratification type, and I think that always helps you appreciate what you have. Now I’m 26 weeks pregnant and we’re thrilled and thankful.

    I agree with the comments left by your readers–relax, have fun, and wait as long as you can to take that pregnancy test. It’s more accurate, you decrease the chances of getting a positive result and then being disappointed by an early miscarriage, and the first trimester definitely doesn’t feel as long. Good luck and congratulations!

  10. Enjoy the journey. I think it’s wonderful that you are going to document it.

    I had never had a scare before deciding to have a baby so I was scared maybe I wouldn’t be able to, but it worked out.

    I took a meditation class before “trying” and I think it really helped.

  11. Awesome!!!!!! Okay, my best advice is to just do it as much as possible! I’d go with that for the first little while and if that doesn’t work then get into more serious monthly mucusy planning (which is much easier to do than you would think) Sheer quantity did it for us though. (Sorry, I guess that’s a little personal but I’m excited!I love the idea of new life!)Start off just having fun though and enjoying what you are creating! Happy Baby Making! Yay! I will pray for your success!

  12. Congrats on your decision!! I wish you all the baby dust in the world. I will enjoy reading your blog as the time gets closer. My only advice to you is to remember yourself through the process! Remember who you are, and that you are your own person. During this time people will give you millions of “it worked for me to..” advice. Take what you want and leave the rest. When you are pregnant people will tell you not to eat this or that, etc. Listen to yourself and your doctor and ignore the crazy lady who tries to rub your tummy on the bus.

  13. I am so excited for you! I really like the idea of fertility yoga. I need to look into that. My only piece of advice is to relax and enjoy the journey toward motherhood!

  14. Congrats on the decision! You’ve read my history, so you know how much I plotted and (tried to) plan. You’re way ahead of my curve in that department though! I’ve never even heard of “fertility yoga” or the book you’re currently reading. Love it! And gotta admire your penchant for forethought. . .

    I second all the advice to roll with it and let things happen as they will. It’s SO much harder than it sounds, I know. But you’ll save yourself a lot of worry and grief. I laugh now at how nothing has worked out how I “planned” – but that’s not really new. One thing I’ve always admired about myself is my adaptabiliy when things go differently than I thought they would in life. . .

  15. Congratulations on picking a time frame. That was what helped me with deciding now was the time for baby number 4. I had my birth control removed (end of March) because I wanted to conceive before I was 30 (mid December). I also didn’t want to stress so we just had fun and figured it would happen sooner or later.

    To our surprise only 2 months later we are expecting. I thought for sure it would take longer. I think as long as your not stressing about it – it just happens (most of the time, our first child took 6 months to conceive).

    Just remember to have fun and count everything as “practice makes perfect”. I think the yoga class sounds like fun and a way to quiet some of those loud thoughts that can get in the way of your goals.

    Again congrats and I hope you have a wonderful and stress free journey!

  16. LOL! Glad you’ve reached that place, but there is such a thing as over-thinking and over-doing it (although you can’t do that “IT” too much, ha!). I’m talking about planning to have a baby like its something you can schedule (trust me when I say God always has other plans). I’m speaking from experience because I am a planner (and notorious control freak). Since you asked for advice here’s mine: once you’ve decided to go for baby, let nature do it’s thing. Have fun “making” your baby. Go ahead and do yoga if it helps you relax because stress can inhibit fertility. But please don’t get caught up in the TTC (best positions, temperatures, herbal teas, examining mucus, charting) it can do a number on your head and drive your hubby crazy. You shouldn’t be worrying about infertility anyways unless you don’t get pregnant after 6 active months of trying. If that happens you both go see you doctors.
    I enjoy reading about your journey to mommy-hood and it should be a fun one!

  17. Congrats on the decision, it is a hard one to make! I know that it will all work out one way or another. This is a big decision and I think you will do just fine! Congrats

  18. Congrats on the decision. The yoga sounds interesting and has other healthy benefits as well I am sure. It will be interesting to keep up with your blog and see how things go! Don’t stress about fertility, my sister had to have one of her ovaries removed because of a huge cyst (non cancerous thank goodness). When she started having unusual symptoms a couple years later she went back to the doctor convinced it was the same problem again..only to find out she was pregnant at 33 years old and after that surgery! It was a surprise but she is due in July. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t worry about something that isn’t even something to worry about yet. I am sure now that the switch has been flipped you will be with spawn in no time. 😉

  19. I am glad you let it all out today! And believe me the time will be here before you know it:) I hope that all of your friends and family can respect your request which I am sure they will do. I am so excited to read your journey as well and I didn’t find that book at Target so I have to look elsewhere for it:)

  20. Congrats Jen! Are you REALLY gonna beat me?! 🙂 jj Also, congrats on the magazine as well. That is really awesome. At this pace you could have no problem makin millions from home, but then again, this doesn’t surprise me in the least bit 🙂 XX

  21. YAY!!! Im so excited for you!!! Thanks for the book recommendation and the site as well, i’ll hustle on over there to see whassup.


  22. Congrats on setting a date, that’s absolutely amazing! And I know how you feel about people that you know in real life taking something you’ve said and turning it into “gossip.”

  23. I’m thrilled to hear you are turning “the machine” on! It sounds like you are in the right mindset and have prepared yourself so good luck!

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don’t have lots of advice for baby-making, as it happened kinda quickly for us- but I do have a good book recommendation: Taking Charge of Your Fertility.. I read it and followed the advice, and two months later, bam- triplets:) I’ll have to check back with you and see how everything’s going:) Good luck!!

  25. thanks for stopping by!!!!!!
    good luck!!!!! i will be cheering for you!!!!!
    i think you have a great plan… can not control everything!!!!!
    so just go about your new life of changes and see where it takes you!!!!
    hang in there i am sure there will be ups and downs but it sounds like you are ready for your journey!!!!!

  26. Ok, I know I’m outta the babymaking loop and all, but you gals make me TIRED just thinkin’ about all the planning stuff you’re doing!

    I have had 3 children, (the last one a major surprise). The other two? Me: “Hey, let’s make a baby!” Him: “Ok, let’s!” (Close adult activity ensued, not just for babymaking, but because we wanted to). Then time passes (a couple of months or so), and voila!, pregnant. There was no stress or performance anxiety. I’m too old for this stuff now, but if someone told me I had to jump on the prenatal vitamin/planning/fertility yoga bandwagon, I think it would take some of the mystery and miracle out of it.

    Remember, you make plans, and God laughs!

    You’re young, you’re healthy, you love your husband…just relax and enjoy yourselves. Let God decide the rest.

  27. That’s so great that you’re doing yoga! It does all kinds of wonderful things for your circulation, digestive, and muscular systems which will all come in handy once you’re pregnant. Plus, it lowers stress levels which will make it so much easier to enjoy and fully experience the process. One breath at a time, that’s all it’s about! Good luck!

  28. great post… my best advice for you as someone who has now been in TTC mode for almost 2 years is to tell you this… this road is a chapter, a journey all on it’s own. I have learned a ton about myself, relationships, what I want my life to look like… do not start down the path that so many of us do with charts, saliva scopes, OPKs, fertility monitors and all that jazz.. just have fun baby making for now and if in 6 months you want to see that BFP pregnant test then just go buy the ov watch… I know I don’t even have mine yet but it feels like the most perfect tool for TTC as the stress will decrease and we can get the timing just right.

    Yoga is awesome! It will teach you to just trust your body and let things just be as they are and that that is still good.

    Thank you for following my blog I hope that I will be singing praise for the ov watch from the mountain tops in the months to come! LOL

    Happy TTC!

  29. Congratulations! You’ll be trying the same time I’ll be having my baby. I’m excited for you.

    Other than everything you already know, I think the yoga will be good because it can help you relax. Stress does not help ttc or being pregnant. Good luck!

  30. Congrats! Visiting hear for the first time, MyBrownBaby sent me over. What fun! Zinc? Good for future daddies as well?? LOL. Did not know that.

    Look forward to more wonderful stuff on your journey.

  31. Congrats! Visiting hear for the first time, MyBrownBaby sent me over. What fun! Zinc? Good for future daddies as well?? LOL. Did not know that.

    Look forward to more wonderful stuff on your journey.

  32. Fun! Girl, you’ve got a long road trip ahead with three mamas full of advice. Can’t wait to chat it up!

    Winks & Smiles,

  33. I am glad you let it all out today! And believe me the time will be here before you know it:) I hope that all of your friends and family can respect your request which I am sure they will do. I am so excited to read your journey as well and I didn’t find that book at Target so I have to look elsewhere for it:)

  34. Awesome!!!!!! Okay, my best advice is to just do it as much as possible! I’d go with that for the first little while and if that doesn’t work then get into more serious monthly mucusy planning (which is much easier to do than you would think) Sheer quantity did it for us though. (Sorry, I guess that’s a little personal but I’m excited!I love the idea of new life!)Start off just having fun though and enjoying what you are creating! Happy Baby Making! Yay! I will pray for your success!

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