The big, FUN shopping cart: He Says/ She Says

She says: “Should we maybe leave it for a bigger family?”
He says: “No, we got it first.”
What say you?
shopping cart

Jasmine says:

LOL! I agree with hubby on this one 🙂 We use those cool car carts for our one child all the time…

Brandi Elam says:

It’s very considerate of you to leave it for a bigger family, but as a mom who had two little ones under 2 at one point, I still say first come, first serve. I only have one child who needs a cart at this point but we still pick the cool buggy for him when it’s available.

theconners4 says:

Having 3 kids, it always ticks me off to see one child in those big carts and I have to use a regular one. I get that your kid wants to have fun, but it is inconsiderate in my opinion. Especially when someone uses the Target big ones. I saw one person using one of the extra seats to hold their popcorn and soda. Really? I just would never do that to another mama when there are only so many of the bigger carts.

Erin Marie says:

I totally agree with your husband. However, if I am unable to find one for ME to use with my three kids with me, I will (silently and unfairly) judge you for being selfish. Mostly, I’ll just be annoyed, but first come, first served.

I guess the first come, first served line of thinking is probably the fairest way. Although as a mom of three little ones (and a fourth on the way), I have to admit that it does grind my gears a bit when I’m struggling to keep all my ducklings in a row and see a big cart being used by one child.

I totally agree with your husband. Its first come first serve. Its nice of you to think of others but your child deserves to have fun just as much as a family of 2 or 3. If eveyone just thought to leave it for someone with more kids no one would use it.

Jessica says:

I agree with your hubby…as long as I don’t have to push it. Those things are so hard to steer!

First come, first served!!! I’m with hubby on this one!

Jennifer says:

Dude, I’m not above kicking out a 10 year old playing a Gameboy sitting in the fancy carts, when I’m lugging around twin 3 year olds and a new born.

I’d say first come first serve too. My daughter got really upset that there were none left one day. She pointed out a kid in it and I made a point of saying how nice it was he got to use it this time and how much fun he was having. I have two kids and they both love it. I don’t necessarily judge a single child using it because we have before…still do if I only have my younger. I don’t use it if I just have my 4yr old…she can deal without and walk the trip. I do, however, get annoyed when I see someone with no kids using it. Same for a family bathroom…please do not take the stall when you have no kids “family” with you.

melifaif says:

We do that all the time. LOL. I always say keep it too. 🙂

I’m pretty sure that most parents feel justified in putting their sole child in the fun cart, until they have a bundle of kids. And then you realize how hard it is to contain all those preschoolers, and you get miffed when you see one kid riding in the big cart while your breed kicks and screams and runs down the aisles and away from you in 5 different directions.

If I ever have the luxury now of only shopping with one of my kids, I always leave the fun carts for moms who need it more.

able mabel says:

I personally would leave it for a larger family, but I can see both sides.
I don’t use the ones we have at our stores because when I have an infant car seat, I have to take the car seat off the stroller to put anything in the basket. Annoying.

Christi says:

Help us twin mamas out and leave them for a bigger family! It helps us so much to have those available.

Jessica, they are dang hard to drive! haha.

And I should add, these carts don’t have 4 seats, just 2. But so do all of the other shopping carts in the store (I guess the families are bigger in texas). I can’t remember but maybe some kids could ride on the inside of this car thing too, which in that case I guess would fit 2 more kids and I was a jerk for stealing it.

M says:

wow….we dont have these in the UK, but if we did, I would be on it! Little Miss O would be in it everytime… I agree with your Hubby!!!! How awesome!

I agree! She’s so cute!

Hildie says:

NO WAY do I ever take the carts for multiple children when I just have one. Just wait until you have three little ones and you can’t get your groceries in your cart because it’s filled with babies all because some lady with one kid didn’t know how to tell her child no.

Sorry to sound riled up but I’ve literally left target in tears because it’s so hard to go shopping with three kids and one regular cart.

Yes, obviously it’s first-come first-served, but it’s good manners to leave them for people who actually need them.

Notsomuch for the carts for two kids as for the Target Limousine.

Hildie I’ll never steal your target limousine. I can’t stant that store.

I say if there are a few of the “fun” carts then yay, I say it’s way ok. But if it’s the last fun cart, then maybe take a regular cart this time. Only because I have 3 kids, and it is a pain in the butt when I go and there aren’t any around. (yes, we are spoiled in this day and age 🙂 but if there are several there, then let that little girl have great time in a fun cart. 🙂
BTW, I can’t believe how big she’s getting….so adorable

I hate em, they are bg and bulky and I run into things and people with them. I’ll leave it for a bigger family. Besides Sol always has a break down when she has to get out of the carts the few time we ket her ride in one fun huge burden (I mean cart)… On early I’d rather her run around the store than lug this cart around,,,

I hate em, they are bg and bulky and I run into things and people with them. I’ll leave it for a bigger family. Besides Sol always has a break down when she has to get out of the carts the few time we ket her ride in one fun huge burden (I mean cart)… On early I’d rather her run around the store than lug this cart around,,,

YUMMommy says:

First come first serve. I get the big buggies all the time when it’s just me and Moo because it helps to keep her entertained and me from being that mom with the screaming 3 year old.

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