The Best Part About Having Kids

It’s fairly quiet. Well–No one is screaming or crying in frustration. That’s a win in my book.

I hear giggling in the other room. Completing the task I’m working on is temping, but the lure of my children’s’ happiness pulls me in like a siren’s song.

I walk to the room they’re in and peek around the wall. If they see me it might disappear before I can catch it, soak it in.

They’re playing together. Laughing together. Helping each other. They actually look like… Friends.

It’s hard for me to pin point the best part about having kids. But in this moment I’m going to vote and say it’s their friendship.


kids jumping on the bed

What’s your favorite part about having kids?



Yvonne says:

They bring out the best in me. That has always been the best thing about them. That’s not to say that I haven’t blown my stack/lost my cool at times, but that just gives me a chance to demonstrate humility, and gives them the opportunity to see that I am human and deserving of their forgiveness. Practice makes perfect. 😀

The fact that they are each other’s first best friend is really neat. Our daughter is the middle child and she bridges the age gap between the two boys. When she wants someone to chase and have pillow fights, our oldest son is the one she turns to…and he obliges nicely. Yesterday though, she couldn’t get enough of playing with the little guy and he her. He would run behind a curtain and squeal. She ran up to it, pulled the curtain back and said boo! Peals of laughter and squeals all around. Rinse and repeat 3-4 dozen more times. They had a blast…which tends to eventually draw in the oldest even though he is more independent and solitary. Alas, there are times when legos can’t sufficiently produce “fun.” 😀

Cute pic!

I’m a mother of two and I love to watch when kids are playing with my husband. So I have wrote the post about fatherhood and the role of father on my blog

Candace says:

I can’t say there’s one part that’s better than others, but I do love to hear the oldest teaching the youngest how to do something. Or when my youngest yells from the other room, “Ari (sounds like Ouweee) come on!” as she motions for her to follow to the next room. They do play together well. And then there are moments when they must learn to negotiate. I don’t use the word “fight”. They have gotten better at negotiating and not just giving up to share. They have to talk it out. I think that’s another great thing.

It helps as we are expecting baby #3! I do love when they think the baby is talking to them. HA!

AmyRyb says:

My boys don’t get along at all and it breaks my heart. I had dreams of them walking hand in hand, helping each other, playing together…despite the almost-five-year difference between them. However, my older son has never warmed up to the youngest one and it kills me. He’s afraid his brother will break his toys, among other things. The younger one is obsessed with his big brother, of course, and never wants to leave him alone. Sometimes that shows itself in rough play, trying to jump on him or inadvertently whacking him with a mini baseball bat or hockey stick. The constant refereeing is enough to make me crazy. BUT…what I do love about parenting is watching them discover the world and achieve things. Milestones are always so exciting, and I love discovering their personality as they learn to talk and express themselves. I love taking them to new places and experiences and seeing the wonder on their faces as they take it all in. I love that my older son can read and I marvel as I watch him play sports. I just love watching them find their place in the world…even if some days it scares me to death!

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