The Best Breastfeeding Posts You’ve Ever Read!

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It’s a topic I know draws LOTS of controversy. I’m not sure why to be honest… We are all adults right? We can choose what’s best, and what works for us. Well, I truly enjoyed reading through these amazing post from (men and) women who spoke their minds about breastfeeding.

I love reading about things I have no clue about, so this was definitely a great experience for me! Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful posts and for helping me learn a little more about this beautiful process, and for getting me even more excited to have a little one, and that bond of my own!

I’m really so glad I didn’t have to choose a winner between all of these posts because they were all so wonderful. Sweet Wifey from Prissy Mommy was wonderful enough to help me out with this task. Please check out her awesome blog too! She has the most adorable little boy and I love reading about her “first” with this cute little baby. She also is a successful woman (a clinical psychologist) which really just inspires and proves to me that you don’t have to choose one or the other, and you CAN do it all if you want to!

Also a big thanks to LaDyLaDukes Etsy who is donating a feeder frock to this month’s winner!

Prissy Mommy said she loved all of the posts, and had a really difficult decision but she said “The post that I thought was the sweetest and most endearing and poignant was by Krystal.” So congratulate Krystal with her post: “Thank you God for This Child“! She wins a Feeder Frock from LaDyLaDukes Etsy, and I’ll be featuring her on my site later this month!

Honorable mentions:
1. Mami to Mami: “Mamí Exposed: A Personal Look at Breastfeeding“:Please don’t be misled by the title of this post. I have no plans of showing off “the girls” but you might be thinking some of this is still T.M.I. – Too Much Information. Sorry folks but you’ll have to deal. It’s time to expose the underbelly of breastfeeding…
2. Reiza: “Life, Death and Nourishment“: On the first anniversary of my brother’s death, I nursed my daughter while praying and I will be eternally grateful for that experience.My brother was given six months to live. He never made it that far. Cancer stole him from us the day we found out we were pregnant with twins…

Other wonderful posts I hope you’ll read (in the order they were received):
3. Mom of Three: “When Did I Become My Mom?”: I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have been able to spend this much time at home with my baby. Her brothers are 6 and 8 and was back out to work early on with them…
4. Rebecca: “Mommy Moment“: I knew the moment I was having a baby that I would breastfeed this little tike inside of me. I just knew it would be so lovely, such a wonderful bonding experience that only he and I would share. So why pray tell did he and I both feel like this while doing it?…
5. Ang: “Mr. Smiley Gave Mommy Boo Boo“:The baby commonly is known around this full house as Mr. Smiley. Every child has had a nick name through their first year. Mr. Smiley got his as soon as he started to smile, why?, because the little cutey does not stop smiling…
6. The king family: “My Breastfeeding Post“: When I got pregnant I knew I was going to have to take any route I could to do it as cheaply as possible. This meant researching cloth diapers, breastfeeding, making my own baby food ect…
7. Jenn: “I Love the Mechanics of Nursing“: The whole supply and demand thing. It blows my mind. I love it. Sabine has, I believe, hit the six month growth spurt. For the past few days she has been in non-stop nurse mode…
8. Jake: “What to do When a Woman Breastfeeds Near You on and Airplane“:Seems odd to me that people are confused about what to do when a woman is breastfeeding her child on an airplane. If you have ever walked on a plane with a small child, you know that look on people’s faces – that look that says “please, please don’t sit next to me.”…
9. Mommy News: “My Journey Through Breastfeeding“: Weaning begins when your child starts to take something other than your breast milk as part of his diet. For most of us, that is around the six month mark. Weaning for some happens quickly, and for others lasts for a very long time…
10. Amanda: “Classy Never Trashy“:Last week, I got a question: “Mrs. Hebert, what’s the definition for classy?” (apparently some kind of language arts assignment… I get these questions a lot to be a science teacher. It makes for interesting times.)…
And “Bff Probaby Not“: So… I’ve been getting a lot of straight-up questions, round-about questions and unsolicited “advice” (opinions) from friends, family, and (real shocker) complete strangers about breastfeeding…
11. (A dad’s perspective) Daddyclay: “Public Breastfeeding“: Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay tackle the baby nursing issue. How do you feel about women breast feeding in public? Is it okay for moms to breast feed their baby in front of others?… (A video)
12. Monicasalazar: “Is it Possible to Nurse in a Back Carry?“: Is it possible to breastfeed while wearing the baby on your back? You might think this is impossible because of the location of our breasts, right?… WRONG!…
13. Marketingmamamn: “How to Pump Successfully at Work“: Pumping breast milk at work can be overwhelming for many new mothers. Especially when you consider that you are separating from your baby for the first time for more than a couple of hours, hormonal, sleep deprived, all while trying to transition back to the workplace…
14. Milk and Honey Mommy: “It’s Been a Boobiful Ride“: Wow! It is an entire week devoted to the boob…all boobs…okay, just boobs. Yes, I guess I could be a little more tactful. It is a week of awareness as the issue of breastfeeding is promoted. Before I had children, I never realized how important the issue of breastfeeding would become to me…
15. Mrs. Bri: “Due Date(Explicit): I am glad to be back, a bit worse for the wear, highly traumatized in the nipple and abdomen areas and a bit traumatized in the overwhelmingness of life area as well…
16. Cberbs: “What is the Goal in Breastfeeding?“:The other day, I was looking at the search results and I found this one: “What is the goal in breastfeeding?” I loved that question, because I think it is such an open ended question…

Thank you to everyone who submitted a breastfeeding post! It was a great way to recognize World breastfeeding Month, and so fun learning more about it!

This month I’m going to do “Mommy Moments” a little different. I set up a Mr. Linky so it’s easier for you to submit your posts to me, and easier for people to read them all month!

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I love reading the stories! They get me excited to start TTC and having a little one!

I didn’t win belly bars 🙁 bummer! Oh well. I’ll have to remember to investigate those more on my own. Thanks for the tip!

scrappysue says:

here from sits! your blog design is very cool!

Yakini says:

Congrats to all the winners!!! These posts were so awesome to read – I loved them all, really!

This is so awesome! My third baby is due in a few days, and I just posted a long diatribe on my blog a couple weeks ago about needing breastfeeding advice. I’ve tried it twice and hated it both times – but for some reason, I’m hell bent on trying it again with this one, because I KNOW I’ve just been missing something.

By the way, I’ve got my fingers crossed for your two week wait! We tried for FIVE YEARS before we had our first, so I’ve had more than my share of those … I know how nerve-racking they can be. 🙂

Mom of Three says:

Yay! I’m honorable mention #3! 🙂
Glad you guys enjoyed the post. I feel very strongly about being able to breastfeed and I talk to people about it all the time, because there’s so much disinformation out there. I couldn’t believe some of the wrong information that I saw being spread out there as facts. I was lucky to have a great paediatrician to my kids who was very knowledgable and put me on to a wonderful volunteer group of educators, lactation experts and just great listeners.

Anyway, thanks again, and hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend!

[whendidibecomemymom at gmail]

I didn’t win belly bars 🙁 bummer! Oh well. I’ll have to remember to investigate those more on my own. Thanks for the tip!

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