Everything You Need to Know Before Taking Your Kids to See ‘The Bad Guys’

Wondering if The Bad Guys is too scary for kids? This spoiler-free review will help you decide. 

The Bad Guys is an animated DreamWorks movie adapted from The Bad Guys graphic novel series. My kids and I actually hadn’t realized that when we went to the movie. But if you and your family are long-time fans, you’ll probably get more enjoyment seeing the familiar characters on the big screen. No prior knowledge of the cast? No worries! We didn’t have any either and my kids were totally delighted. 

We brought 3.5-year-old Lee Lee, 9-year old Ty, and 11-year-old Jayda to see it and thought it was hilarious. A movie that got us talking about friendship, morals, stereotypes and if people can really change. It’s entertaining for the whole family. 

‘The Bad Guys’ Parent Review

is the bag guys scary for kids

A few things to note: The Bad Guys has no shortage of fart jokes. Something you may be familiar with if you’ve read the series. There were some butt-jokes too, though not about actual butts just calling out something that kinda looks like a butt. 

Going into the movie we didn’t know what to expect and thought the mix of characters looked a lot like Back to the Outback. I watched the trailer and wasn’t any more excited about it but I must say the preview didn’t do it justice. There was a surprisingly good amount of depth to the film, a diverse cast of characters with great qualities (and some who made improvements, some who didn’t). It might not be Best Picture material but we all had a great time. 

Is The Bad Guys Scary for Kids

Is The Bag guys scary for kids?
DreamWorks Animation’s The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys does have a few fight scenes, brief moments of darkness and suspense where you wonder if characters might get hurt. The animal characters are more human-like, similar to movies like Sing or Zootopia (though Zootopia had scarier moments). My kids didn’t find The Bad Guys to be scary (it’s more tame and less realistic than Sonic 2) but keep in mind everything can seem more intense when it’s on a giant screen in a dark room with pumped up audio. 

As a parent I coulda done with a few less fart jokes. But my kids sure enjoyed it. Here’s more of what they thought. 

‘The Bad Guys’ Kids Review

What did you think of the movie?

J: It was really good, good for the whole family. 

T: I liked it because I liked the animals. The wolf, shark, snake and fox. 

What was the funniest part to you? 

J: Whenever the snake didn’t want to share the ice cream with the shark.

T: The fart parts. 

Would you recommend it to your friends? 

J: Yea. 

T: It depends if they like wolves, snakes, piranhas, spiders and foxes. 

What lesson did you learn? What message was the movie trying to get across?

J: Don’t judge a book by its cover. 

T: If you’re doing bad stuff, it’s not too bad to change and you can just fix your mistakes and try undoing it. 

Who was your favorite character?

J: The fox. 

T: The snake. 

Who would you recommend this movie to? 

J: Families. 

T: Maybe my friend Jaren because he likes snakes. 

Do you think it’s for older kids? 

J: Yea. My friends might like it. 

T: I think you need to be at least 4 or 5 years old to watch it. 

Did you think it was scary?

J: No. 

T: No! 

Would you want to watch it again? 

J: Yes. 

T: Yes. 

How would you rank it compared to other movies we’ve seen recently? 

J:  I liked this more than Back to the Outback and more than Turning Red. I liked this more than Encanto. 

T: Sonic 2 way more. I don’t like any movie more than that. I liked The Bag Guys more than Turning Red. Back to the Outback I liked more than this. They both have spiders and snakes. 

Q: What was your favorite part? 

T: My favorite part was whenever the [spoiler taken out] and the ending.  

J: The fight scenes. 

How many stars would you give it?

T: Out of 5 I’d give it 3. Out of 10, 5 and a half. I liked The Bag Guys more than Encanto. 

J: 4 out of 5 stars.

Is it worth going to the movies to see/picking it for movie night/paying $30?

T: I would say theaters two times then you can wait for it to be at home, but it depends how much you like it.

J: Yes, it is. 

Will you be watching? When you do, come let us know what you thought!

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