The Baby Makin’ Machine Status Update

I know there was a lot of freak out over this post. I had been giving my updates on my whole IUD situation via Twitter and wasn’t sure if I’d get around to blogging about it. I hadn’t held back before so I figured why stop now?

There were a lot of questions and assumptions. One of my friends went as far as saying:

“Did I just miss something really really important– you’re OFF all forms of BC??? Wowza! That’s amazing! I think I will just live vicariously through you right now because if one more person tells me right now is the perfect time for me to have a baby, I may kick them in the nuts.”

Hunni, I know how you feel, and no, my baby making machine isn’t “on” yet, therefore I am NOT off all forms of birth control if ya know what I mean (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

My baby makin’ machine is warming up. Since The Removal, it’s draining of it’s old oil and getting back to it’s eco-friendly state. I’m not brave enough to leave it on and running unattended yet… I’m still keeping a close watch and protecting it for now. Although I’ll have to tell you I tried these and I hate it. No… I think I’m allergic or something cause it’s no fun AT ALL. So instead I’m giving the NFP (which I’m going to have to do a whole ‘nother post on) a little try as well as some of this.

I guess the chances of a slip up are higher now… That makes me think if a baby is what God wants me to have, he’ll make it happen anyway. Although I know He can make anything happen… I’ve made that “anything” easier to achieve now, so “Bring it” I say, (If you want though, oh please, only if you want).

I will say though, I’m already paranoid up the Ying-Yang that I could be… Ya know–(I’m worried if I type it out it’ll be true). Before, it felt like there was no chance it was gonna happen… I mean, technically there was a .01% chance, but I’m not one to beat the odds… Unless it’s something bad, which in this case I guess I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen. ANYWAY… Yea, I’m not sure how great that stuff mentioned above works, but I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks… Wish me luck (no, don’t wish that I’m preg–AHH I almost wrote it!).

I can feel it already… My nervousness… I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of pregnancy tests again *sigh.* No No… I won’t let myself. Not until I’m like 2 months late!

No, the IUD coming out did not hurt. That’s an FAQ I get a lot. I heard rumors it would hurt way worse than getting it in, but I actually didn’t feel a thing. A lot of people ask how I even got one before having a kid… I think it depends on your doctor. I have a couple other friends who have them too. And the biggest question of TTC?!?! And if it wasn’t implied enough above, the answer is “No.”

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  1. You do realize, and I’m as spiritual as the next guy, that God does not necessarily “give” us babies… we make them.
    In other words if you do “A” and it equals “B”, that does not mean God wanted “B” it simply means you did “A”.

  2. A friend of mine had an IUD and she said it burned something terrible. Me – I’m Catholic so we go all natural around here. Of course that would be how we got Baby Sister…

  3. Ch-ch-ch-changes!!! I like the new layout, although it’s gonna mess with my head the next dozen times I visit. (I don’t always adjust to change very fast. LOL!)

    Just fyi, there are places online where you can get like 40 pregnancy tests for $20…just google ‘cheap pregnancy tests’ and see what comes up. I know several women who just take one every week because they have irregular cycles or a history of conceiving the next baby before getting their period back after the last one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love all these new banners you’ve been doing! Do you have photoshop? You do a great job! The first mentioned barrier that you mentioned is something I really don’t like either. I also think I have an allergy of some sort to them. I’ve never tried the second one but I’ve been told they aren’t really that effective. The ‘spilling’ method has been whats worked for us for two years. I get pregnant pretty easily when we’re trying so my favorite way NOT to get pregnant is the natural way. In the end its better for both sides (in my opinion).

  5. Love that picture you put with this post and the new look! Anyways, I wanted to jump in and comment on the “condominiums” method of BC. And I’ll try to be as PC as possible (but I’m not very good at softening my rough edges) I could never use the latex kind. I’m not necessarily allergic to latex but I also would end up ouchy from the experience. There is another kind I’ve used in relationships where I was certain about the STD factor cuz they don’t protect against that. Try lamb skin but you do have to be a little more diligent to make sure they stay, um…on.

  6. I got an IUD put in and I was a virgin when I got it in- and I LOVE IT. Call me denying my “natural” order, but I could only be so blessed as to not be able to have kids. Labor, pregnancy, etc. C’mon science make that process easier. It’s disgusting!

    And Jen, you are so brave. My IUD expires in 3 years, and I am already thinking about getting that new one in ASAP.
    Good Luck!

  7. Completely agree with the dollar store test comment…Do not spend more money than you have to…go cheapo! They all tell you the same thing!

  8. I am DYING right now at you quoting my comment! HA HA HA! Maybe I was secretly (okay, obviously NOT so secretly) hoping you were trying to get knocked up to give me the courage to take the plunge. Oh, what to do when your unexpectedly unemployed and stuck in an unfamiliar state with nothing to do but dream about future babies and life’s next step. (PS, I’m thinking of trying the “pioneer” method too– I guess we’ll know how it turns out for the two of us in a month or two!)

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