The Baby Makin’ “Do’s”

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One thing I think I have on my side with this whole reproduction planning is feeling empowered by knowing my body and “what works.”

It’s not about stressing to me or over-planning, it’s about going for what I want. For some reason I don’t tend to do anything half-A (if you know what I mean).

I came across an article on Conceive’s website about 14 Simple Changes That Enhance Fertility (aka becoming with-spawn), and I was surprised to find I’m already doing most of them. A lot of them I’ve read about in Fully Fertile too… Which has a holistic approach to achieving optimal fertility.

Let me share:

1. Get regular exercise.
Ok ok, it depends what you count as “regular” I’ve been pretty bad about my daily walks with Snoop lately, but I promise to do this better next month. Nothing too heavy, just stimulating the body more and making it think “baby makin.”

2. Avoid artificial lubricants.
For now this isn’t a problem, but did you know stuff like KY Jelly could keep the swimmers from getting to their destination? I did! So I got some Conceive Plus, I’m going to try. It’s suppose to not only NOT prevent them from getting there but HELP them get there and survive a little longer. (A review and giveaway is coming).

3. Lose or gain if you need to.
My BMI is pretty much right where it needs to be for now but again this is about making your body think “baby makin'” so a little bit of exercise can help.

4. Don’t forget the folate.
I’ve been taking prenatals for months now (and I’m getting a new natural one soon too that I’ll be reviewing and giving away). I’ve also been taking a calcium pill daily since I know I’m not getting enough (I don’t drink milk) and that can cause fertility problems for some women. The Bellybars I eat daily too also help with folic acid… Yum!

5. Have a bowl of full-fat ice cream.
I have to admit this isn’t one I’ve heard before. The fat can help your body get all dosed up for baby! Since reading this I’ve been chowing down on cookie dough ice cream. I try not to eat too much though.. Or eat it with something warm (like a brownie… Yum!) Because digestion is a “warm process” according to Fully Fertile, and giving your body too much cool stuff causes extra work to warm it up.

6. Do it on the right days.
Well, umm… Yea, I’m doing everything but IT (without the blockades) once I remove the barriers hopefully we’ll be in the clear. I was tracking my BBT for months but I lost my thermometer and I’ve promised not to buy another for a few months. I think I’ll be ok though cause I know other signs.

7. Avoid trans fats.
No french fries? Is that what this means? Ok honestly, I haven’t heard of this before and I am a little sad about it!!

8. Kick the butts.
Not as in booties, as in cigarettes… Never smoked, nasty stuff if you ask me.

9. Relax.
I’m getting better at this, trying to be happy, pray more and meditate more, still hoping to try yoga soon too… hopefully fertility yoga!

10. Keep it cool (for men only).
I have been yelling at my hubs about this and he seems to be doing his own research too, saying exactly how much caffeine he’s allowed to have before it effects his boys… Either way, I’m keeping an eye on the bath tub temperature… I’ll turn off the water heater if I have to!! ..Ok, for real though… I think it’s pretty much ok as long a he doesn’t go hot tubbing daily.

11. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol.
Never drank, so I don’t miss what I haven’t had. Caffeine I have COMPLETELY eliminated (yay!) … Minus a few hiccups here and there when I’ve had a REALLY early morning at work.

12. Choose vegetable sources of protein.
I am a meat eater, which I think is also important for fertility, but I’m TRYING to choose more organic stuff, so I can avoid meat pumped with steroids and what not. I’m also eating more vegetables just because it makes me FEEL healthy.

13. Don’t Douche.
I use this as a term, not a product… When I’m yelling it out my car window at the jerk who cut me off.

14. Assume the right position.
I’ve heard missionary works pretty good, then you’ve gotta stay that way for about 15 minutes after, or just go to sleep that way. I may get up after awhile to avoid a UTI, but we’ll have to see how that goes!!

So there ya have it! Helpful right? I’m surprised I’ve been doing most of these things just for practice rounds, hopefully when games are in for real, I’ll be set to go!

One other think I want to mention that I remember from reading Fully Fertile that I think is REALLY important and that I want to try to focus on is getting enough sleep. Our bodies need to recoup from the day and that takes time and a full nights rest. One of the challenges in Fully Fertile is to get at least 8 hours sleep every day for a week. I’m not sure I’ve gone a week straight yet, but you’d better believe I’ll be using that excuse next month when I don’t want to get up to let Snoop out.

Any others you can think of? What do you think of this list?

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  1. I’ve read a couple articles that say the position thing isn’t necessary… but heaven knows it won’t hurt. I hadn’t heard the lube thing before, but that’s a good one to keep in mind. Great list!

  2. Good luck. It took me MUCH longer than I wanted to get pregnant. I remember ALL of this. I finally got pregnant miraculously when I was teaching Dance 8 hours a day with only 1/2 hour break. Who knows why that worked for me, but it did. My other two babies were conceived with Metformin.

  3. As far as #10 goes, I’ve told DH that he won’t be riding his motorcycle in the az summer during certain times of the month. He thinks I’m kidding, but I’m dead serious….

  4. goodyear..your comment made me laugh. Agree with #1 and #9 the most. no smoking/alcohol just seem like no brainers to me. Again good luck!

  5. *sigh* im so bad at taking prenatals/folic acid like honestly the last time I took either was 2 weeks ago except I the last 2 mornings I ate a belly bar thanks to you 😛

  6. Okay… we have tried the “sperm-friendly” lube before. Ummm… sometimes friction is a good thing. Just saying. (don’t use it if you don’t need it).

  7. great topic. Awesome, tips…I can’t wait till the day you tell us your pregnant! I’m living vicariously through you right now 😉

  8. Good list! I love how you threatened to turn the water heater off on the husband! LOL! I can’t wait until you announce your pregnancy. You’re going to have a cute baby bump!

  9. Great list! You are on the right track.

    I also recommend pre-seed lubricant. good stuff.

    You will get a crapload of advice, and most of it is “assvice.” So rely on your doc, your medical books, and common sense.

    But IF you care, here are a few other things that I did:
    -Take a low dose aspirin daily to increase blood flow to your uterus. (stop when you get a positive test)
    -If you have trouble, try prenatal acupuncture!
    -If you have little CM, take a mucinex around ovulation and drink a LOT of water.
    -In fact, always drink a LOT of water.
    -During the 2WW, eat pineapple to aid in implantation.
    -It is great for men to take vitamin C and L-carnitine to help their swimmers.

    Like I said, even mine might be “assvice”… take it or leave it!

    I can’t wait for you to get started!

  10. This post was very interesting to me. As I think it is great that you are doing all that you can to inspire fertility and get yourself ready. I couldn’t help but wonder goodness are you serious? But to be honest if I had planned my pregnancy I would have probably been doing the same exact things. So keep up the good work and don’t forget to do the most important step (Relax). I feel that it is harder to get pregnant when you are not relaxed (just my opinion, I don’t know how valid it is)

    1. OMG why did I not write that in? Ok I should add it. I just downloaded a blank sticker template. Then used photoshop to cut and paste the characters I want. I did one row then copy/pasted across the others. Easy peasy!

  11. I just heard this morning on The Doctors that a female orgasm (probably right before of after male) can aid the swimmers in their journey because as the uterus contracts it will pull the swimmers in 🙂 I don’t have a ring on my finger (yet) but I do most of these things too! Yay!

  12. This is a wonderful list! Yay, I’ve got most of the list covered. I definitely have to keep reminding hubby about the baths, cause he definitely enjoys hot baths often since they’re relaxing to him. I love the icecream tip. But hello, what women wouldn’t? The exercise tip….hmmm, does having an LA Fitness membership count?

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