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Last week amidst my down days I received a few gleams of light. Several of which were left in your nice comments! I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking what I’m thinking, but I’m so glad that expressing what I’m feeling is also helping some other people, I love the women I have connected with through blogging, and friends I have gotten to know better though it. It’s so great to be uplifted by such great people, so THANK YOU!

Another cool thing that happened was I got this Kreative Blogger Award! I’ve been eyeballing this thing for awhile and I feel SO happy that Joy from Mommy’s Joy gave it to me! So thank you Joy! And as a part of this award I’m suppose to list 7 things I love and bestow this award to 7 others. I’ve tried to write a little description of each blog so you can see which ones interest you, however I recommend you visit them all!

Here are 7 things I love (in no particular order):
1. Chocolate covered strawberries: I can’t think of anything I like to eat more. Ok… Maybe Cafe Rio, but I can’t eat that anymore. So I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries.
2. Writing: I’m not the best, most eloquent writer, but I love to do it anyway. I’m glad I get to write news stories for a living, and I love writing here for fun. I hope I can keep writing for money my whole life.
3. My dog Snoop: I don’t care what everyone says… He is like my child, for now at least. And when I’m sad and crying he comes up and snuggles with me. He loves us 🙂
4. My husband: I didn’t purposely put him after Snoop, it just so happened to fall that way. I may talk smack about him every now and then but I love him more than anything.
5. My faith: It’s a way of life but I love it, and I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for it.
6. Austin: I really do, there’s great weather, lots to do! I love this city.
7. Babies: But couldn’t you tell?

And it’s soooo hard to choose just 7 blogs to give this award to, and I hope I can choose people who haven’t gotten it yet. Please pay the award forward ok? :o) So without further adieu, in no particular order:
1. Sunshine— Marly has such a beautiful family and she chronicles their daily lives. She’s also pregnant with her 3rd boy! I love catching up on what’s going on in her life as well as reading her helpful comments here!
2. The Poor College Student’s Guide to Raising a Family— Josie is so talented and makes all sorts of craft stuff, she has a couple of blogs but I especially love this one because it has helpful hints about saving money.
3. Mom the Intern— Jenna has an adorable little baby girl, and she’s also about to graduate. She is working at an internship at a news station in Phoenix. Since we went to school together and I work in the broadcast industry, I’m always curious on how she balances both work and baby, she writes about it here.
4. Liberal Mormon— I don’t have much of a political bias myself, I consider myself pretty middle-of-the-road actually, and to some LDS people, that makes me “liberal.” This blog is a cool look at a different LDS perspective.
5. The Healthy Moms— Cascia found me and my blog when I first started and her blog has provided some helpful tips for me regarding planning for motherhood. She also leaves the most helpful and encouraging comments.
6. Musings of Mommy Bee— I’ve told you about Jenni a few times! She opened my eyes to crunchyness and has such a creative way of thinking. I love reading her blog and seeing what her family is up to way up there in Alaska.
7. The Young Mommy Life— Tara has a great blog about just that… Young mommy life! And I love it because it’s a fresh perspective from a young woman experiencing motherhood. Oh, and she also taught me the great phrase “Stay out of my uterus!” haha!

And it doesn’t stop there! I also got the Attitude of Grattitude from the lovely LeNesha from My Business Adventures. I feel so special to get two awards in one week and I’m going to pass these on as well! One thing I’m grateful for is your comments, so I’m going to pass this award on to some of my loyal commentators. Please do the same, and visit these great blogs!

1. The Bobby Pin— I love this blog. Natalie is a journalist gone PR, and even though she’s switched to the dark side her and I have a lot in common. For one… We’re both contemplating motherhood. I wonder who will make the switch first.
2. Grace Comes by Hearing— Tracey just welcomed her first baby boy, and boy is he a cutie! I love reading about all of his firsts, as well as hearing her honest opinions about my crazy thought on this blog (she opened my eyes to some of the difficult parts of being a SAHM!)
3. Pure Dove— Jennifer also adds her future mama opinion here on my blog but I love reading about her adventures.
4. Life With Randi and Hudson— Randi has been following me for quite a while and she always offers the best advice. She’s a single mom documenting their beautiful lives.
5. We Keep Choosing Us— Tori has a growing family and she writes about “anything and everything that strikes her fancy” I especially love her beautiful poems.
6. Kayce’s Doula Journey— I love Kayce’s family blog but I also love this new blog she started about her adventures in becoming a doula.
7. The Firefly Shop— Such a helpful website! But not only does she have great stuff there, she brings her great advice here! Thanks so much!
8. My Brown Baby— Denene has such a great collection of posts from wonderful women around the globe! I love her new site and all that I’m learning about multicultural families. I love reading stories about things I may face having my own brown baby.
9. My Name is Not Molly— I love Gabrielle’s new blog about being a young modern LDS mommy. She’s always making me laugh. So if you need to smile.. Read her blog!
10. Creole Wisdom— Katie has such a beautiful blog! She’s not a mommy or a wife yet, but she’s been blogging a LOOONG time! I love her and her beautiful photography. She’s one of the main people who got me into blogging. When she pops in here she always has a great new perspective to add.

There are soooo many more blogs I want to add here but I think the awards people may get mad at me if I keep going, and not all of them are open to the general public. Know I love you regardless if you’re on this list and I’m SO grateful for your advice, encouragement and comments 🙂

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I didn’t even realize I was one of your top commentators. Hmm, I guess I have a big mouth and a lot of opinions or maybe I just like to be heard. Probably both.

  2. Thank you so much! This was my first award, I definitely feel very special!
    Thanks for reading both my blogs. They aren’t that intersting, but they’re fun to have!

  3. Thank you so much for the award. I will post about it soon. I do enjoy your blog.

    PS…how did you make or get the button for your blog…did it come with your design?

  4. You are soo sweet! Thanks soo much! I do love your blog because I feel like I’m in your boat, but I can chat with you about things I can’t talk about my friends with!

    I think you might beat me to the punch if (for right now) you’re thinking June! You’ve been married longer than me, and I selfishly want more time with my husband!

    But who knows — did you hear about that lady on CNN – who just went into the bathroom and started having a baby!! You should blog about that.

  5. Congratulations! I love your blog and you deserve these wonderful awards. And thank you for thinking of me! I will try to get it posted sometime this week. And check out those other wonderful blogs that you recommend.

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