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Since I started this blog I’ve been trying to be better at being healthy and I made goals here and here. I still can’t cook (oh but I did join a freezer meal group that I’ll have to tell you about) and I’m on and off on my walk commitment. Eating better is another habit I want to have before I get pregnant. I have a lot of friends who have turned into organic advocates since having kids. I’m not sure I’m with them on everything, I have a lot of research to do (and saving, that stuff is expensive!) but I am starting with small things like Caffeine for example…

Research shows that too much caffeine can reduce your ability to absorb iron, which apparently, you need plenty of for pregnancy, and drinking/eating caffeine increase the risk for stillbirth! Eeek! Lucky for me I don’t drink coffee or tea anyway so it’s the Dr. Peppers and Rockstar energy drinks I’ll need to wean myself off of. Apparently, going cold turkey may cause nasty headaches so I’m taking baby steps. I’m also trying to kick carbonation too. I’m not sure what it does beside make me burp a lot, but I’ve heard it’s not that healthy.

Know of any other pre-pregnancy/ pregnancy eating habits I should know about?

PS: In that picture I’m eating a doughnut, a taquito, a hot dog, and some hot coco. Obviously, I NEED your help!

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  1. The only thing I know of is that you need to become healthier than you have ever been. I’ve always been underweight, and since I had my first baby I am even more underweight than ever, which can actually hinder my chances of conceiving.

    But the one thing people told me to eat more than anything else was stuff with lots of iron. I couldn’t take the prenatal vitamins, so instead I ate a lot of cheese, and drank tons and tons of juices and milk. I was still a little anaemic, but that’s normal in pregnancy.

    Oh, and I have a new blog if you’re interested!
    I am becoming a birth doula, and i am writing all I’m learning and things here…
    Hope you’ll stop by!

  2. When you are pregnant your blood volume increases by an extra 50% (to supply enough for the baby and placenta). Iron is essential for blood, so low iron=problems in pregnancy.

    One thing is the moment you start trying to conceive is when to start taking folic acid. It’s most essential in the first few weeks–half of which will be before you know you ar pregnant. FA is what helps the spinal cord formation, and prevents things like spina bifida. It’s found in every prenatal vitamin I know of, but is also available separately (cheaper) in teeny weeny pills…After researching things I ended up not taking a standard prenatal, but I DID take FA.

    Caffeine is an important habit to kick. Thankfully, being LDS, you don’t have to worry about booze or tobacco which are the other big ones. I think the main issues are lots and lots of veggies. 🙂 and protein–you’ll need a TON of protein when pregnant. the recommendation is 100gm/day (read the nutrition labels for a few days and see how much you are getting, and you’ll realize that you probably currently get half that!)

  3. I truly admire those who try and eat healthier. I might get there someday, but for now I use the “I will exercise to combat the bad stuff.” I don’t think I eat all that BAD anyhow…we cook a lot at home and I drink lots of milk (it’s good for you and I don’t care what anyone else says!). I think it’s great that you want to get your body right before being preggo. I loved all the extra eating I had to do during pregnancy. Those hunger cravings are MAD.

  4. I’d worry more about that Hot Dog your eating along with that teqito and donut before I’d worry bout the caffeine in take.
    For me it was about what the baby let me eat that determined if I was eating healthy or not when I was pregnant. My G let me eat super healthy all the way down to no meat. But my Shawnny he wouldn’t even tolerate me eating a salad.
    I say do what you can and don’t forget those prenatals! Congratulations on being pregnant. Your going to LOVE being a mama.

  5. Oh no hunni, let’s not spread that rumor… Not pregnant YET! haha!… Not trying yet either. haha. But stay tuned and you’ll know when the “future” is exchanged for “to be” :o)

  6. Ok face turning red here. Open mouth insert whole foot. Thanks for the visit at my blog. I guess I should of stalked your blog more before leaving a comment. Good luck to you. If you need any baby making tips just ask.

  7. I noticed something weird when I got pregnant. It seemed as if the muscle in my legs and arms melted away and became CELLULITE. By the end, I was a walking container of cottage cheese. It was strange, though, because it eventually went away after I gave birth (I still have cellulite, but I had it long before baby).

    I guess my advice is, start working out now so you can continue to work out while pregnant. Build up lots of muscle and make yourself strong so your body can hold up all the extra weight. My back really suffered during pregnancy because it was doing all the work. Don’t get me wrong–I was skinny before I got pregnant, but I was NOT in shape. I am definitely going to do things differently this time around.

  8. Just wanted to clarify–the cellulite I have now, I’ve had for a long time, just a little bit on my thighs and bum. But the crazy pregnancy stuff that appeared on my arms and calves is long gone.

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