The 6 Month Blogiversary!


Yay! I’ve officially kept this blog up for 6 months now. Wow, has it flown by! This month had been the first month I’ve cooled it down a little and stopped posting DAILY! While I still think of enough things to write about EVERYDAY I’m having fun posting when I really feel like it. …Though trust me, I think I’ll be picking up the pace again soon.

For my 6 month Blogiversary I want to bring back something I haven’t done for a couple of months. Mommy Moment of the Month! But I’m going to do it a little differently. For now, instead of nominating others, I want you to submit your best post of the month that is an example of motherhood. You don’t have to be a mom to enter. The winner will get a pretty new button that I’ll be revealing soon, as well as a little feature about your blog! So will you enter? Yes, please do! No specific topic this month except Motherhood! Look back in your archives for something you wrote this month or write something up (or months past if you want this time) that displays a classic “mommy moment” be creative and have fun! Feel free to nominate someone else if you’d rather.

And in true Future Mama style I’m gonna give away something special for any lady! A beautiful tile necklace of your choice from CarrieAnneJone’s Etsy Shop. My personal favorite is this one:
But she also has a really cute one that says “Hot Mama” I’ll definitely have to get one of those one day… If I’m still hot after being a mom that is.

In the comments section just let me know which one you want if you win (or parents with little girls you can choose one of her adorable headbands instead) and I’ll draw a winner via on June 8th.

You get extra entries by letting me know if you:
-Have asked me a question for a Q&A
-Have nominated a post of yours/a friend’s for Mommy Moment of the Month
-You follow my blog

-You have my blog button (now two entries)
-You subscribe to my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest
-You post about this contest (now two entries)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 3 entries!)

Good luck! And don’t forget to let me know your favorite post.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. I have the same anniversary coming up. So cheers to you for a lovely blog and all the joy and guidance that it brings.

  2. You rocked the blog world in a short six months, my friend. I’m impressed. This is definitely a reason to celebrate.

    I also wanted to mention that I just watched your BlogRollers entry. I must say that I am impressed! When the BlogRollers asked me to be a guest judge, I never thought the decision would be this difficult. However, I have mad respect for anyone who is as driven as you are. Tell me, are you still working as a newscaster?


    PS: If you ever want to do another vlog, let me know. We host a regular feature called Chick Chat and are planning a segment on 20-something bloggers this summer. It would be fun to have you join us.

  3. First and foremost, Happy 6 month blogaversary!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!! 😀

    Now on to the contest (lol)

    1) My favorite mommy moment was Chase’s first feeding, that I “thought” would go well and then ended up being a disaster that was captured on YouTube for the world to see. Lmao. That was my post “(Mis)Adventures in Eating Solids That was so embarassing! LOL!!!

    2) I follow your blog

    3) I have your button

  4. Congrats on the 6 months!
    I follow you on twitter and have added you to my roll as a follower of yours.
    I know EXACTLY where you are at in terms of deciding what to do baby wise. I wish you well deciding.
    I work with bereaved mommies with a site called “Whispered Support” but I also have my own blog where I blog about motherhood.
    The post I’ve nominated is one I did for Mother’s Day honouring all the mommies who are without their babies on that day. Hope you like it.
    Because I’m overseas I won’t choose anything but it would be lovely to win an award button to put on my blog. I’ve never been nominated for anything!

  5. I think the red and white tree one is just delightful, but secretly can’t get over the lovliness of the blue and green flowers that looks all paisleyish. if i won, i’d actually rather be surprised!

  6. i now follow your blog, having just figured that out too. it never ceases to amaze me how different viewing/web surfing on a phone is from a computer! and then at times like this, when i figure something otu the proper way, i’m thankful that i can occasionally get my laptop to sorta function!

  7. happy blogging anniversary! Yahoo! And congrats on winning the road trip!
    I love the same necklace you do!

    Ok…I am follower too!

  8. ACK…I was supposed to enter seperatly (did I spell that right! Mommy dumbness!)

    Anyhow…the baby is crying so I gotta make this fast. Here is the second entry because I am follower! Thanks future mama

  9. OK, so somehow I missed the date on this post when I was reading the RSS feeds. You’ve already picked a winner of Mommy of the Month. But read my post anyways. It might make you want a baby even more.

  10. Oh my gosh, I just realized I never entered your contest! I just blogged about hearing our fetus’ heartbeat with a regular ol’ stethoscope–that was a pretty cool (future)mama moment for me!

    I love all of the necklaces on CarrieAnneJone’s Etsy Shop, but I think my favorite is the one that says Soul Mate. Reminds me of my hubby! 🙂

  11. For extra entries, I did the following:

    I follow your blog

    I have your button (on both of my blogs 🙂

    I subscribe to your blog

    I tweeted (kjfilkins)

    I’m getting ready to post about it now

    I’m too scatterbrained right now to do anything else!

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