The 400th Follower Giveaway Part 5

My vacation is still going well! A big thanks to those who have been asking. I know my husband is wishing I didn’t bring my computer right about now, and I’m surprised with how much work goes into writing all of these features! Yikes! …But it’s fun, and I’m so happy to see you’re all enjoying it!

Before you get all sad thinking this is the last giveaway I’m holding… Hold your tears… I’ve decided I’m going to do one more after this… This evening, another LIVE giveaway! The last one was so fun and I was expecting it to last a week or so and so many people missed it cause it went so fast! SO… I’m planning on doing another LIVE GIVEAWAY tonight at 7pm MST. …Be there (here) or be square!… Although my giveaways are open to enter through next week tonight will be the finale of me posting them!

I’m still trying to round up a few more sponsors for it to end with a BANG, but I also wanted to do one more traditional giveaway for those of you who are traditional. So, on to the tradition…

Learning is fun right?–Sure, but making it a game can make it REAL fun.
23. That’s exactly what Emily at Second Story Window has in mind when she’s creating games for kids. They are teachers designing unique, colorful, and exciting activities for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and most importantly, kids. All of their games are in the form of PDF files which makes it wonderful because you can get it right away! I browsed through her site and spotted this cute rhyming game to play cops and robbers… What kid wouldn’t think that’s a fun way to learn to rhyme? But there are LOTS more games! And the winner of this prize gets a $20 gift card to the shop! So check it out and let me know which games you’d pick!

Ok, I’m really trying not to be bias, and it could be my baby fever talking, but this next prize is SOOOOO cute!
24. You love little babies in Swaddles right? Oh man I know I do… They look like little baby burritos! Well, now you can make your own baby burrito at home (or help your friend make one) cause Loving Baby Inc. Is giving you the choice of your very own swaddle blanket!.. And let me tell you these are CUTE! Oh, and there’s even some evidence that swaddling is good for babies.
The Perfect Swaddle!” Guaranteed to soothe your baby to sleep. This blanket is crafted from high-quality, luxurious 100% cotton flannel giving your baby a higher quality of life by providing a soothing, secure, comfortable and cozy environment. It promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, increasing the quality of sleep for both parent(s) and baby. It contour’s baby’s head, neck, shoulders and body for a secure, comfortable and long lasting wrap. Reduces crying and increases depth and length of sleep. Promotes “back to sleep” position reducing the risk of SIDS.
Sold yet? Enter away!

The next item up for grabs is something I SO wish I was winning, cause seriously I’m going to buy some…
25. Menstrual Beads from Doulahara’s Etsy Shop. …And before you look at me on the other side of the screen all strange (yes I get that reaction when people read the name of this prize) hear me out! Ever lose track of where you are in your cycle, want an easy way to remember when you’re fertile so you DON’T do it on that day… or so you DO cause you wanna make a baby? Well, this is a unique and natural way to keep track! Here’s how they work…
It’s really simple! Every day, you move the charm over by one bead on the strand, beginning with the first day of your period.
-The strand of beads begins with one bead, that represents the day your period begins. There is a low likelihood of becoming pregnant on this day.
-The next 6 beads represent the infertile days of menstruation. There is a low likelihood of becoming pregnant on these days.
-The next 12 beads represent days when you are very likely to become pregnant if you have unprotected sex.
-The final 13 beads represent days when there is a low likelihood of becoming pregnant.
-In this final section of 13 beads, the 8th one represents the 26th day of your cycle–if your period ends before reaching this bead more than once in a year, you may not be a good candidate for this method of fertility awareness.
Note–These are set to work for women who have cycles between 26-32 days. So check out her site and let me know what other cool stuff you find!

And last but not least in my LAST “traditional” giveaway post for my 400th Follower Giveaway… Something for Jr.
26. I can’t help but think of my puppy when I see things like these, but I’m so happy to know that chew-toy-like things don’t go out of style just cause you have a human baby! Ok, I’m kidding, but really… I know from my younger siblings and working in daycare that teething can be a beast! Well, Krista from Discovery Toys is coming to the rescue with this prize– A Yummy Teether. This prize with help your little one with those little pains coming through the gums! It’s five teethers in one that will encourage sensory exploration as it soothes and comforts your teething tot. Stimulate baby’s gums and ease the pressure that builds as teeth begin to appear. Five uniquely textured heads and light scent provide a range of sensations. 4″ (10cm) long. Appropriate from Birth-Toddler.

So there you have it! Just leave a comment for your first entry! That’s it!! No requirements, just leave one comment and you’re in! BUT if you want something specific for one of these prizes let me know which color/style you like. Go ahead… Leave a separate comment for each choice, that’ll up your odds! Here’s other ways to up your odds:

You get extra entries by letting me know:

*NEW* Tweet: “LIVE Giveaway tonight at 7pm MST on @babymakinmachin’s blog! 25+ Prizes already! (Please RT)!
-You subscribe to my blog
-Become a Facebook Fan for my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
-Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs (just click the link) and click my link again.. (It’s a little too simple.)
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest (every day you tweet is an extra entry!) Please say: “Check out this 400th follower giveaway by @babymakinmachin 25+ prizes! (Please RT)!
-You follow my blog (worth 2 entries so leave 2 comments)
-You share your favorite “mommy moment” post you wrote this month (2 entries) – please comment on the “mommy moment” post with your link then let me know you did it here!
-You post about this contest (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for Conceive Magazine (2 entries for each comment on a different post)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for MyBrownBaby (2 entries for each comment on a different post)
-You have my blog button (3 entries, so leave 3 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 5 entries! So leave 5 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards (worth 5 entries!)

Again, Please leave a comment for each extra entry! That way you up your odds!

**I’m using to choose the winners. This contest closes midnight Friday July 17th**

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  1. My 2.5 month old could totally use the swaddler & the teether…

    *kiss the dice & rolls them*

    ~stopped by via SITS~

    I also have a giveaway running for personalized name decals… Maybe we could run a giveaway together. Just a thought.

  2. I tweeted with the new message…oh can’t wait for the live giveaway tonight – my boys will be in bed and I can dedicate my time to it….and this time my hubby won’t get the computer until I’m done!!

  3. I have to laugh at those cute swaddlers. I did love mine because they were so much easier than just using a blanket, but the baby only looks that neat and tidy in them for about a minute. At least mine did. Then he began squirming and an arm popped out here and an arm popped out there.

  4. I like this: Menstrual Beads – Aqua and Purple Glass Bead Necklace
    by doulahara

    but uh those cards are pretty special eh 😉 I got sceared

  5. haha i love the entire doulahara site! what a great idea with the menstrual bracelets! i am unable to take birth control pills–and am currently 4 mo pregnant 😉 –and would love to keep track after pregnancy with something like this.

  6. I’d love to have the Printable Alphabet Games Set 1 Three Games, Chart, and Three Skill Sheets from Second Story Window!
    bs.webster at sbcglobal dot net

  7. snapdragon would love the teether. it’s bright and teetharific, and i can already see the ridges where his teeth will be! yipes.

  8. The Alphabet Fish Printable Game, Alphabet Chart, and Skill Sheet would be the game I’d choose. My oldest learned his alphabet from PBS shows but my youngest isn’t learning as quickly since they’ve changed the shows line ups. He’s really trying though and I bet this game would totally help him out!

  9. That Discovery Toys teether looks awesome! I love how it not only has a bunch of different textures but how they are all shaped differently too. Defenitly a great shower gift!

  10. i actually really like the earthy necklace you have posted… so much that if i dont win i totally have to buy it! how gorgeous!

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