The 400th Follower Giveaway Part 3


Day one and two are still going well, and my vacation is going well too! I went to a waterpark today with the hubs, my sister in law and her husband… It was a fun little double date. We also took some fun family pictures this morning, I can’t wait to see how those turned out. AND guess what I’m doing later today?!… Getting drilled drilled baby! That’s right… I’ve never been SO excited to go the dentist and here’s why! I’m not sure how I manage to find time to write real blogs on vacation but that post just came to me last night. So… If you’re missing my ramblings here this week go read that one… And please leave a comment so they know people read my blog and want to keep me 🙂

But it looks like you all are still having fun with this contest, and I’m glad cause it’s been quite a task putting this together. But worth it! I’m so happy to be able to give back a little in a creative way. So enough of my chit chat… On to day 3, back to classy things for all women… Moms or not!

To start it all off today I have something pretty and unique for you…
12. Erica from Garden Goddess Mosaics is donating a beautiful custom ceramic necklace to one of you! Right now she has some beautiful new summer colors flying through her shop. But if this combination isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can mix and match the colors you like and put your own initial on there to sport your stuff–And she also had pretty flower and butterfly designs to choose from. I think it would go with with your favorite bathing suit or summer dress, and you could parade around in matching jewelry. She has many beautiful vivid colors that just POP and guess what?… She hand paints it all!! She’s a busy woman but she’s offered to make a custom one for the winner of this giveaway! So check out her site, tell me some colors you like or what you see that you like and the design you’d like on your necklace.

The next prize will come in such handy you don’t even know…
13. At least for me that is, because I LOVE having cases for things… Especially if they’re matching! Meghan’s Designs Etsy is giving you not only an adorable checkbook cover but an adorable business card holder to match! Want a stylish way to keep your business cards organized in your purse? Want a place for your credit cards? Or do you want a nice gift card holder? This checkbook cover has two pockets. One for your checks and one for your register. Ok ok, it may seem dorky to you… But I think it’s SO great to have a place for everything… And if my checkbook had a cute case to sit in, I’m sure I’d treat it better.–Same with my business cards! So if you’re anything like me than take advantage of this opportunity NOW! Check out her site and let me know the fabric you’d want your covers to be in.

I’m really honored to be giving away this next prize, and I’m really thinking you’ll love this…
14. Diane from Iris and Lily makes BEAUTIFUL photo albums, and and she’s giving one of you a CUSTOM album which holds 100+ sleeves for 4X6 photos with memo space. When I looked at her work… Especially this sample pictured, I was stunned! I want preggo pictures one day.. Maybe that’s why this one caught my attention, but don’t let that alarm you! You can take what ever picture you want to go on the front and she’ll hook you up! She’ll let you send your own photos, choose the fabrics, personalization, and she’ll put it all together for you. Iris & Lily albums are custom-created with your photo and choice of fabrics when you order. You get to design the perfect album for new parents, grandparents, anyone you choose. It’s a completely one of a kind keepsake. Normally these cost around $59 from her shop. Yes yes, you’re welcome! Well don’t stop here… Go check out her site, and come back and let me know what kind of picture you’d want on your book, and what you’d be getting it for as well as any fabric ideas you have for it.

Well, you know how I’ve been talking about starting yoga soon… If you’re interested like me you’ll like this next prize.
15. Michelle from Chella Bella Designs makes the CUTEST yoga mat bags and when I saw them I nearly flipped! Ok… So I admit, I haven’t been to a yoga class yet, so I don’t have the mat or anything yet, but you better believe, once I start it’s going to be like the first day of school all over again when I walk in with my cute yoga clothes, a mat and matching bag… Oh yea, that’s me. Well, if you’re a dreamer like me, I’m going to help you out with fulfilling that dream by giving you the chance to win one of these adorable yoga mat bags. This one is probbaly my favorite right now but I change my mind daily. Check out her site and let me know which one you like! The winner gets a $15 bag of their choice.

Are you a home decorator like I think I am? If so… Check out this next item, and last but not least one for today.
16. JK Vinyl Designs makes all sorts of beautiful vinyl designs and sayings for your home, and they are giving away one design to one Baby Makin(g) Machine reader! I’ve browsed through their site and there is SO much to choose from. Twilight sayings, family names, love inspired family quotes… Oh I love it all! I could put those things all over my house and be happy with it! If you haven’t used this stuff before, it’s really easy to apply and remove. No painting or gluing necessary! And the winner gets to choose ANY of their vinyl designs… So check it out and tell me which one you’d want for your house (or a gift for a friend’s home)!

So there you have it! Just leave a comment for your first entry! That’s it!! No requirements, just leave one comment and you’re in! BUT if you want something specific for one of these prizes let me know which color/style you like. Go ahead… Leave a separate comment for each choice, that’ll up your odds! Here’s other ways to up your odds:

You get extra entries by letting me know:

-You subscribe to my blog
-Become a Facebook Fan for my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
-Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs (just click the link)
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest (every day you tweet is an extra entry!) Please say: “Check out this 400th follower giveaway by @babymakinmachin 25+ prizes! (Please RT)!
-You follow my blog (worth 2 entries so leave 2 comments)
-You share your favorite “mommy moment” post you wrote this month (2 entries)
-You post about this contest (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for Conceive Magazine (2 entries for each comment on a different post)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for MyBrownBaby (2 entries for each comment on a different post)
-You have my blog button (3 entries, so leave 3 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 5 entries! So leave 5 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards (worth 5 entries!)

Again, Please leave a comment for each extra entry! That way you up your odds!

**I’m using to choose the winners. This contest closes Wednesday July 15th**

Is this your first time visiting? …Don’t forget to check out the giveaways below from Monday and Tuesday! A LIVE giveaway is tomorrow for lots of fun stuff! Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Add me in too….question…did you purchase all these things to give away or are companies providing them…I would love to do more give aways from companyies that want me to post about them.

  2. I would totally want this album: Personalized Photo Cover Baby Accordion Album, Journal

    I am about to have baby girl #2 and would love to put a photo of both girls on the cover.

  3. i like this SHADES OF PINK ART Pendant Hand Painted WEARABLE ART FLOWER & also the flip flop one! from garden goddess mosaics

  4. I love JK Vinyl Designs – so many cute sayings! I especially like the Laundry room – loads of fun. I think that would be cute in my laundry room – thanks!

  5. I would love the yoga mat or business card holder! Just two more things that I’m hoping will make my college experience even better. The yoga mat for obvious reasons and the business card holder so that I can get another job – fast!

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