The 400th Follower Giveaway Part 2



Well, Day 1 seems to be going well! One thing I forgot to mention is when all of these are ending. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be a week from now or two weeks from now. I’m thinking it’ll be a week from now, cause I’ll be out of town again in two weeks… So we’ll see.

I hope you’re having fun with this! I know I am… And this is really a fun way to thank you for all of the advice and encouragement you’ve given me… You ROCK! I’m hoping one of the days to have a LIVE giveaway, and the 5 or so items I give away that day will be given to random number commenter. The only thing is that goes better with comment moderation “on” and I’m visiting with family so I’m not sure I’ll have much time to do that, we’ll see! If I do do it, it’ll probably be either Thursday or Friday… Just an FYI.

But on to day #2, which are mommy-themed items or gifts!:

Our first prize for you today…
6. Is “Baby’s First Journal” from Lindsay at Glow Baby. It’s an amazing idea… A comprehensive place for you to log your baby’s schedule. You can track their eating, sleeping and diaper-changing schedules for your newborn. It’s easy to use, and portable, and if you’re one for a routine… This can help in developing that daily routine I often here is important for babies! And guess what? This is only the beginning for this company, Glow Baby will soon be launching a full suite of scheduling tools designed to help both parents of newborns and families simplify their lives. SO… if you’re thinking of having a baby soon, or you have a friend who is.. This could be great for getting them started!

Lindsay has been kind enough to donate TWO of these journals. So check out her site, and let me know which color you’d like to win!

Speaking of just getting started… So is this giveaway. The next item we have for you..
7. A year subscription to Ever wonder what you baby is thinking or why he or she keeps crying? I know I wonder all the time what they’re thinking when they’re staring at me. Just Ask Baby’s enlightening videos on babies’ feelings will give you insight into your baby’s social, emotional and intellectual development during their first year. Each video also gives you tools for good parenting to help you guide your child from milestone to milestone through their early childhood development.

This website is a unique website that let’s parents see from a baby’s perspective, and they say it’s all based on science. You can also upload your own logs and milestones for your family to see! I’ve been browsing the site out myself, and you can get a free 15-day trial too. So if you like it, you’re going to want to get the hook up with this giveaway! Let me know one interesting thing you saw on the site and you’re in!

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, I have a few more things for you… Have a little girl, or a friend having one? Then listen up!
8. Heather from GeorgiaBlue’s Etsy makes BEAUTIFUL little clippies for little girls. They don’t slip. And trust me… She knows that works. She has a two year old and an eight year old herself, and both wear them. She says her two year old Georgia has some pretty fine hair but when she wears the clippies she looks so cute and they even stay in place!.. From what I hear that can be a challenge with some kids. her eight year old wears them too, to accent funky buns or she picks out sassy clippies to pull her hair to one side in. They are well made and all ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying. I looked at her site and couldn’t pick out my favorites cause there are SO many.. But guess what? She’s not going to limit you either! The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to her shop and can buy all the cute clippies they want! Check out her site and let me know which style or set you like in the comments section!

Still haven’t had enough? This one is great if you have a little boy or girl or have a friend who’s having one!…
9. This next prize is from Hippo Baby. With stuff you HAVE to have… No really, they have some CUTE stuff! The boutique offers unique, useful, & memorable gifts for Baby, Mom, & Daddy too. One thing I thought was cool was a chew-toy necklace that mom can wear… Now why didn’t I think of that? But what I have for you is also cool.. and one of their newest items… A BandanaBib… That’s right, your little guy OR gal is going to be eating in STYLE! I really like this striped one pictured but there are so many cute ones! So go check it out, and let me know which one you want!

This next prize is so adorable I literally can’t stand it!…
10. A little giraffe-shaped rattle from Bundled’s Etsy Shop. It’s a sweet little giraffe rattles in bold prints make for tons of gentle fun for your little one. Soft cotton fabric bodies are easy for baby to grip, shake and chew. Little jingle bells on the inside and soft fabric loop ears and tail make for a “not to loud” distraction too! Mix and match with a Roll-Up or washcloth set for a perfect baby shower gift… Seriously, I kinda want to get one for Snoop. I’m SURE he’d love it! So… Have a baby or dog you want to get one of these for? Check out her site and let me know you’re favorite color and if I draw your number it’s YOURS!

And last but not least for today…
11. I don’t know about you but sometimes I did wonder if there was a yummy way to make breast milk better. Well, HardierLime’s Etsy Shop is here to hook you and your ladies up too if you know what I mean! One of you will be winning a small bag of Mother’s Milk Enhancing Cookies. Oh, and I may have to chat with you about your reaction to this stuff too!.. It could make a fun post later. Heidi said her best friend had twin girls a few years ago and introduced her to the basic recipe for Lactation Cookies when she had her daughter last year. She says she’s taken the general recipe and improved it, and has since made it many times. Everyone is different, but as an exclusive pumper, she says she’s always seen good results after just a day of enjoying these delicious cookies.

Now you can make Lactation Cookies yourself with just a few extra ingredients you already have in your kitchen, without running all over town to find the specialized ingredients, spending a lot for the small amounts needed for the recipe or taking the time to measure everything out. It’s all in one mix, from her kitchen to yours!

So check it out and tell me which flavor you want so you can eat some yummy treats and get your baby some yummy milk!

So there you have it! Just leave a comment for your first entry! That’s it!! No requirements, just leave one comment and you’re in! BUT if you want something specific for one of these prizes let me know which color/style you like. Go ahead… Leave a separate comment for each choice, that’ll up your odds! Here’s other ways to up your odds:

You get extra entries by letting me know:

-You subscribe to my blog
-Become a Facebook Fan for my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs (just click the link)
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest (every day you tweet is an extra entry!) Please say: “Check out this 400th follower giveaway by @babymakinmachin 25+ prizes! (Please RT)!
-You follow my blog (worth 2 entries so leave 2 comments)
-You share your favorite “mommy moment” post you wrote this month (2 entries)
-You post about this contest (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for Conceive Magazine (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for MyBrownBaby (2 entries)
-You have my blog button (3 entries, so leave 3 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 5 entries! So leave 5 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards (worth 5 entries!)

Again, Please leave a comment for each extra entry! That way you up your odds!

After typing all of this out I’ve decided each day of this contest will run exactly one week. So yesterday’s will go until Monday July 13th at midnight, this one will end Tuesday July 14th at midnight and so on! Enter away and have fun! Tomorrow I’ll be doing more fun giveaways for all women.. With or without babies! And if you missed yesterday’s giveaway, just look below! Good luck!

**I’m using to choose the winners. This contest closes Tuesday July 14th**

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  1. I have a 2 year old girl – so things like the bows would be great (she has a lot of hair and I’m trying not to cut bangs).

    But also, I’m due with #2 – with a girl – so that journal in pink or green would be wonderful!

    Oh and so hard to pick what color giraffe we’d want – I’d say either pink or green since I think we are doing those colors in the nursery.

    What fun.

  2. What a fun giveaway! I will have to let my friend who just had her first bundle know about it, and now I have ideas for gifts for her! Fun, fun!

  3. My word! How do you get all these goodies for your giveaways? Congrats on your 400th follower! You’re up even more now, chica! Very cool!I’ll be recommenting to let you know what I want/need. Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I would love TWO (for the twins) of the Glow Baby “Baby’s First Journals.” Green and blue would be fantastic. And since you are giving away two, I think it would be great if I won both. HA!

  5. From Hippo Baby, I really liked the cute onesies, chew necklaces, and wash mitts (grippable) for babies. Any color would be fantastic if I won. Well, any color for boys that is.

  6. ARGH… I wanted to leave a comment but I couldn’t figure out how!! Is that sad..

    I love that you have a poll and only 4 dudes have been there!

    Ha.. I don’t know why i think that is funny. But I love it.

    Beautiful blog. Wish I knew how you’ve had so many visitors! Keep up the good work.

  7. I voted Top Baby Blog today! I’d like the baby’s first journal (or the giraffe, or the subscription to the site, so many cool things!)

  8. the georgiablue clips are cute! i can’t pick! i think i’d go with the mix set “fun mix of bows” or i’d pick out individual ones.. like the sassy pink ones.

  9. for the giraffe rattle (and giraffes are a huge deal in my family) i’d be all about the modern lace or the lemon. hmmm…. prolly modern lace though, unless she’d be so kind as to surprise me between the two!

  10. The pink journal would be absoluty perfect for my SIL having a girl this November! I can see her face light up as she sets her eyes on Glow Baby’s creation!

  11. I’ve never heared of lactation cookies before but what a great excuse to munch down some goodies! The chocolate chip ones sound delicious!

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