The 400th Follower Giveaway Part 1

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CLOSED- Winners will be announced 7/14

As I mentioned before, I’m out of town this week… A little family vacation–Yes, even with Snoop to visit Utah, attend a family reunion, and take care of some business with our condo.

I figured I wouldn’t have much time to blog so I’ve set up some great fun for you! A HUGE giveaway to thank my first (an who knows, maybe last) 400 followers! I can’t believe how much this blog–And myself have grown in the past seven months. I went from not knowing for sure if or when I wanted kids, to having a gameplan set… To who knows what (maybe pregnancy) in the near future!
Thank you SO much for traveling along this journey with me.
Just and FYI, I am not reviewing or getting any of these products I’m giving away for myself–So these features are purely for fun and so you can know what you’re getting!
Day one of the giveaway is stuff for my hard working women… All women! Not just mommies! I had no idea so many Future Mama’s read my blog until I saw my poll so I realized a lot of the things I give away couldn’t just be for new moms. Here are the first five items:
Behind door number one…
1. A custom stamped necklace from Sandi of Tiny Token Designs
It’s a hand Stamped Sterling Circle of Names Tag NecklaceSterling silver 5/8″ disc hangs from a sterling silver chain (your choice of a ball chain or snake chain and you select the length 16″, 18″ or 20″). Names (or words) are stamped around the outside edge of the disc unless requested differently. Charms are hand stamped using individual letter stamping tools, therefore no two are exactly alike. Letters and numbers may not be perfectly straight or aligned properly, and spacing may vary. This adds to the charm of your custom piece and should not be seen as a defect, but as a one of a kind item. Check out her site and tell me what you like for your first entry.
And next… A brand NEW CAR! (not)… But similar in the blogsphere…
2. A custom premade layout from Danielle of The Design Girl. If you like my blog design you’ll like her new layouts. She just started making pre-made layouts so there’s a lot to choose from. You may be thinking “oh premade… what’s so special about that?” But they are SO cute and original, plus she’ll add your cute blog name and tag line in an adorable unique font. Ever week this month she’s giving away a free pre-made layout on her site, but she’s been nice enough to donate one to one of my own special readers! So check out her site, tell me which design you like and I’ll HOOK YOU UP!–One of you that is, if you’re the lucky number. If not… They’re normally $35, but $25 right now (through the 8th for you all!)

My next prize just goes to show what I think of all of you…
3. A beautiful “Sweet Petite” pale pink LOVE wall decore sign from Darline of The Back Porch Shoppe is donating this beautiful decoration made with sand lettering and ribbon, and embellished with aged white dots. Measures 7 1/4″ wide x 5″ high. Perfect sign for any occasion…wedding, anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day, or my favorite…a “just because”. Each sign is individually handcrafted.–So check out her shop and tell me what else you like for your first entry!
And the next prize comes in handy for anyone who–Like myself can be forgetful, or have a hard time finding my keys your purse.

4. A cute Wristlet from Michele of SweetIrie. This super cute key chain is handmade with 100% heavy-duty cotton webbing and is accented with designer fabric. The band is big enough to slip on and off your wrist at a generous 9″ in diameter or 22.9 cm long. It contains a split ring keychain, which is big enough to hold a large number of keys. It’s great if you have your hands full with groceries, shopping bags, or babies. I know I’m always trying to figure out where the heck my keys are in the way to the car when I’m leaving work, so this would be great when I’m leaving late at night and want them at hand! Check out her site and let me know your favorite color for your first entry. She’ll send the winner the one they choose! But even if you don’t win guess what? She’s giving my readers a 10% discount off anything from her shop! Just use the code: SAVE10
And finally… to conclude this first segment of my 400th follower giveaway…Something I just love to wear around the house!
5. An adorable BBQ Apron of your choice from Katy of Aprons and More. 100% cotton with one size fits most! This Polka Dot Flowers design is my favorite but there’s LOTS more to choose from. I couldn’t decide on my favorite because seriously, there are SO many! And trust me, she has a lot more than just this BBQ style, and they are all cute! I don’t cook much myself, but wearing something cute like this gives me some incentive! Head on over to her shop, in the BBQ sextion and let me know your favorite! The winner gets the one they choose!

So there you have it! Just leave a comment for your first entry! That’s it!! No requirements, just leave one comment and you’re in! BUT if you want something specific for one of these prizes let me know which color/style you like. Go ahead… Leave a seperate comment for each choice, that’ll up your odds! Here’s other ways to up your odds:

You get extra entries by letting me know:
-You subscribe to my blog
-Become a Facebook Fan for my blog
-You favor my blog on Technorati
Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs (just click the link)
-You Tweet/ Facebook about this contest (every day you tweet is an extra entry!) Please say: “Check out this 400th follower giveaway by @babymakinmachin 25+ prizes! (Please RT)!
-You follow my blog (worth 2 entries so leave 2 comments)
-You share your favorite “mommy moment” post you wrote this month (2 entries)
-You post about this contest (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for Conceive Magazine (2 entries)
-Leave a comment on one of my posts for MyBrownBaby (2 entries)
-You have my blog button (3 entries, so leave 3 comments)
-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards (worth 5 entries! So leave 5 comments)

-Vote for my blog in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards (worth 5 entries!)

Again, Please leave a comment for each extra entry! That way you up your odds!
Whew! Ok, is that fun or what? And can you believe it’s just day 1? Tomorrow I’ll have products tailored more towards moms, moms-to-be, or great gifts for moms-to-be! OR… Just a nice somethin’ somethin’ for a future mama, to save in her stash for her own little one! This is ONLY the beginning!

**I’m using to choose the winners. This contest closes Monday July 13th**

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  1. whew that’s a lot of stuff and i’m a bit tired and got to go to bed, so i will do it all tomorrow. but hey, nice blog. see, i’m so tired i can’t even hit the shift key to make uppercase letters. goodnight!

  2. I just bought one of the keychain wristlets on Sweet Irie’s Etsy shop. I LOVE it and it was sooooo reasonable. She was super fair on shipping costs to. I don’t buy much Etsy, but her stuff rocks!

  3. There should be a reaction button for “awesome!” What cool prizes! Definitely let me know if you do a local giveaway, I would love to get in on it!

  4. Lord girl this blog is fabulous. I love the design and who wouldn’t love to win a free design layout seeing what you have here.

    And those gifts,so much and so darn attractive. I love them all.

    So I’ll be checking out your other blogs and following too.

  5. I’m a facebook fan…are you impressed that I did all of these things BEFORE you were having the give-away!? I’m such a supportive friend 😉

  6. I think the
    Hand Stamped Personalized With Your Childs Name Sterling Silver Keyring…..Keyring is also Sterling Silver
    would be a fabulous gift for my husband! He has a zillion keys to keep track of!

  7. Custom Monogram Initial Signs vintage style shabby cottage french chic 21 x 16 is my favorite along with the sign you’ve pictured. My mom would love one of these for her home!

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