The 23rd Birthday


I woke up today thinking “Well how did I do in that poll?” I went to bed last night seeing I had about a 14 vote lead. I woke up this morning seeing I had lost by 6 votes! 6 votes! We tied with a 31% lead… More than 200 votes ahead of the 3rd place blog.

I turned in a couple of hours early last night. I finished my campaigning around 10 pm…I was secretly hoping one of the other blogs would pull a Mitt Romney and endorse me. I’m pretty sure most of my work friends who voted for me either didn’t know what a Mormon was, or didn’t know what a blog was.. so thank you guys for chipping in! Thank you everyone else too who voted for me, and voted from multiple computers! I’ll forever love you! The blog that beat me by six votes is a very crafty mommy blog, so if you’re into that…

Anyway, I was happy with how I did. I’ve only had this blog for a month and a half and look at all of you wonderful people visiting! This is great! Maybe one day when I’ve been blogging for years and years and ACTUALLY have kids, I’ll be more popular and win the dang contest. Anyway, I’m not bitter or anything.

I worked today. After work I went for another trip to Brazil. I almost chickened out but the receptionist talked me into sticking to my plan. I still requested the bite towel but I didn’t need it as much this time. I’m telling you ladies, a lot of you say you couldn’t do this… If you can have a kid you can do this! I can’t imagine it being the same amount of pain. Plus, this is over in about 15 minutes!

My hub-a-lub surprised me with flowers at work today! Pink roses! If you couldn’t tell pink is my favorite color. We went to our spot, Olive Garden, for dinner. Yum!

That’s about all! Feeling a little under the weather and hoping I can kick it before my CRUISE Saturday! Woo! I recommend one if you haven’t done one before! Went on one for my honeymoon, it was a 3 night cruise, a blast, and I’m super excited about this one.

You know how when you first get married you think everything is going to be all cute and perfect… Oh, that was just me? Well the whole time I was on our honeymoon cruise I couldn’t wait to get home and decorate out apartment, set up the appliances and start cooking. Three weeks later I was ready for another vacation and four years later I’m finally getting around to it!

Guess what?!? I successfully made some cute baby bows! I’m soooo proud! You guys are going to love them! Want to see a picture of my first one? Ok!

I like the interchanging flowers and I’ll do at least 2 per set! I am excited to have homemade stuff as a part of my first giveaway while I’m gone… Details posting on Saturday!

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my birthday, thanks again for your continued reads and comments… I never stop loving them! And once I get back I’ll be a full-fledged replier too!

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  1. Hey, happy birthday! I meant to say it on Facebook but got too caught up with other things. I’m not too late, though! It’s still 11:30 in AZ.

    Those headbands are DARLING. I would love to put them on Audrey if she didn’t immediately yank everything cute off her head. But yeah, they’re fantastic. Good job!

  2. I voted for you! I even went and checked out all the other blogs and STILL voted for you. And I blogged about you–so I tried! I’m sad you didn’t win, but I guess you still get a little feature for being second place, so it’s not all sad, right?

    Enjoy your cruise, I look forward to your return to bloggyland. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! And enjoy the cruise. We have been meaning to take one for years now and haven’t gotten around to it. I’m sure it will be great!

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy life while you are still young. I miss being in my twenties. Such fun times. Have a wonderful time on your cruise as well!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Brazilian and all! Love the bows, btw. My girls would look super cute in one of those!

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