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There’s no question telling people has been one of the most exciting parts of this whole process right now. Especially family, because they’re so happy for us… And close friends… And you of course! I wrote down the experience of telling our families the day after we broke the news so I’d remember.

5 Weeks 3 Days written October 26th and saved for today.

We told our parents last night. I’m SOOOO much more excited now, it feels real, and I’m feeling more confidant about it all! I do worry a little still about having to share bad news. Believe it or not I feel like it would be easier to share with you than with family just because I know so many strangers out there know what it feels like… And I wouldn’t feel like I was letting you down. I worry about letting family down. It seems easier to express my feeling with people I don’t know sometimes.

Anyway, I’m sending those negative thoughts away and bringing positive ones in!

It was so fun hearing the excitement in our parents’ voices! In no particular order of reenactment:

I called my mom and was passed around to a few of my siblings before talking to her, then when she took the phone I said “Hi grandma!”

“Grandma?”She said. “Why are you calling me that?”
“Cause I’m 5 weeks pregnant!”
“5 weeks?! Why are you just now telling me?”

I’m glad we didn’t wait until Christmas… I wouldn’t have been able to do it… I’m not secretive, I’m not private, I want to talk about it and get excited!

My dad kept saying “Wow, that’s all right, that’s all right…” But picture that in a happy grandpa-sounding tone. And he told me how proud he is of me, and how happy he is to see how things have turned out for me. It made me feel so good!

It was so fun telling my husband’s parents. We knew Sunday night the family would be spending the night together watching their current favorite television series. It’s a tradition started a few years ago when 24 first came out. I’m not sure what they’re watching now, and I knew we’d be interrupting but I also knew it would be worth it.

My husband thought of a clever way to tell his mom while she was on the phone and she yelled the news back to the rest of the family… I heard the applause.

A few key phrases stick out from that conversation:
“It’s about time”

“She’s in labor RIGHT NOW!”

“Your prize is going to be one spoiled grandchild”… Followed by a loud response from my SIL “NOOO!”

And one of my favorites: “She’s probably updating her blog as we speak.”

Yea, you’d think so, but look how long I kept this in! I told family first… And I’m proud of myself for that.

How did you tell your family?

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  1. That’s so exciting!

    With our 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, it ended up that we told my husband’s family on Halloween (for both). So, then it became a running joke for a few years – every Halloween when we went to my MIL and FIL’s house, they would ask “are you pregnant?”.

  2. I called my mom “grandma” to tell her about our pregnancy, too! She got it right away and started yelling and hooting it up for joy! lol. You should be proud of yourself for telling family first! Figuring out the right order to tell people is hard…especially to those who can’t keep secrets very well (like myself!)

  3. OMG, telling people was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I will cherish everyone’s reactions FOREVER.

    I know what you mean about being a little hesitant about sharing news so early; but honestly, we told EVERYONEINTHEUNIVERSE about both our pregnancies the day after we found out. Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and the support and love we got from our families and friends was so overwhelming, I cannot imagine having to go through something like that without support. We made the decision to tell right away with this pregnancy so in case things did go south, we’d have the same support.

    Plus, we couldn’t keep our big fat mouths shut.

    Positive thinking is the way to go!

  4. So much fun! Excitement…I can feel it! And what a nice surprise to see my giveaway featured too at the bottom of the post. Still working in the art….thanks again!

  5. One of the highlights of being pregnant! I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret either. In fact I wasn’t able to with my first OR my second! It’s just too exciting not to share!

  6. I loved how I shared the news this past summer and am a bit sad that it’s ruined now after the m/c…but I took 3 HPT over 3 days (digitals) and the YES sign stayed on for LONG time. I took a picture of the positive tests..then I bought grandma and grandapa frames and put the pictures in them. My parents were in town and I had them and my inlaws over for dinner. Before dinner my husband and I gave them the gifts. They were confused at first then sooo excited when they realized what it meant. It was such a wonderful memory!

  7. Great story! Here’s how I told about our first: My parents: We were playing Guesstures and pretended “pregnant” was one of my words. To tell my Grandparents and inlaws we gave them “baby” ornaments for their xmas trees (lucky thing it was that time of year.)

    Best wishes!!!

  8. Great stories! It’s so fun hearing how happy people are for you. I was lucky because I took my pregnancy test while my mom was in town and she went with me to my first doctor’s appointment. My mom, sister, and aunt were all waiting outside the door when I peed on my dollar store stick. I called everyone else on the phone after getting the pregnancy confirmed.

  9. I love reading these stories. With my first child my husband and I had just celebrated 1 yr of marriage. We were out of town visiting our family and I had a feeling, so I called my aunt while she was at the store and she picked up a test. My SIL was pregnant as well, so I clued her in on my situation. My husband, aunt, and SIL all shoved my into the bathroom to pee on that stick! 2 lines apeared in NO time! They all yelled in excitement, so of course family within ear shot wondered what was going on. We went into the garage where they were hanging out and I showed them the test. I had to tell my mema and granddad who were on the other side of the house. The suspected something when I had 20 other people follow me to their room! Everyone was excited.

    With my 2nd child I told a few family member right away because despite my kids being 16 months apart I knew they would be happy!

    Cograts to you!

  10. That’s great they were so happy for you both! When I told my mom she was going to be a Grandma she said “to a four legged child?” She was joking but I think that was her way of covering up her shock! She wasn’t very hip on being a Grandma (because she and I are both young) but she can’t get enough of my son and embraces being one now!

  11. It was sooo hard for us to wait, but we waited until Christmas. We conceived on Thanksgiving Day last year. I guess we were really “giving thanks.” I found out a few weeks before Christmas and tried my hardest to keep it in. My husband and I typed up letters to give one to my mom and one to my dad. With cute pictures and all, we said that two years ago we surprised everyone with our engagement and last year was the surprise of our pregnancy. They were floored. This year is no new excitement…but the excitement of having our new baby for his first Christmas.

  12. With our first. hemmmm hemmm… I was not married, and I went to a planned parent hood to take the test. lol when my bank statement showed up at my moms house for some reason a state away.. She called me and said.. Why?! lol

    But after that we are just plain jane, I am pregant again.. lol after a few, they just say.. Again? lol

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