Technical difficulties

I’m SO angry right now.

The day started out ok. Yesterday I was as sick as a dog but fought through work anyway, then turned in to bed early.

Today, I had a great day with Lil’ J. She’s been asking “bus? bus?” since we went on a school bus ride a week ago as a shuttle to the kite festival. So today we took the city bus to the park, had a mini picnic and took lots of photos of the experience.

Well, I got a new card reader for my new CF card that I’m using for my new camera and I think it messed up my card because no only did it read it but now my camera won’t read it and says it’s not formatted with my camera. I want to scream because there are at least a couple hundred photos on there from the past few weeks that I want and I will be so sad if they’re all lost.

I also finally took pictures of my fabric organization, and other domestic things I was hoping to share with photo demonstrations now that we’re finally feeling better but that’s not happening today.

I’m hoping to take it someplace tomorrow to see if I can get the photos off before I reformat it in my camera and I’m praying I can. I used to be so good about importing them all right away but I had stopped while I waited for a new card reader. Little did I know it would lead to my demise.


If you’ve been through this and know a solution please share. I want to cry.

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  1. It very well be the card reader, not the card. I had the same thing happen with the built in reader on my PC but when I put the card in a different reader I was able to get the pics off of it. I did have to reformat the card afterwards to work in the camera again though. Maybe go to Best Buy and see if they have a PC/reader that can see the card? And bring a flash drive to put the pics on just in case 🙂

  2. So sorry you aren’t feeling well! This happened to me, too, oh right after a huge work shoot. Fun times. It was the card. I only buy and use high quality cf cards now. Some of the cheaper cards are more fragile. It was never the reader in my experience. But, I’m sure you’ll get your photos off. Once I made a mistake and erased images off my card and was so upset. All I needed to do was download a software and the photos came back, nothing is really gone!

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