Talking Princesses With My Princess

My Little LadyBug,

Your room is really starting to come along. I got your dresser this week for a great bargain (that’s how your mommy rolls) and I ordered your fabulous bedding. It should be ready for you in just a few weeks and I can’t wait to put it up in your room. I think that’s the most exciting part for me out of everything in your room… Getting your princess bed all ready for you, and getting the style I like… No matter how outrageous others will think it is.
Speaking of princess, there are some classic princess movies I think we’ll have to watch together as you grow up. The Princess and the Frog, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and one of your dad’s favorites… Princess Bride.
You’ll find that your family is big on movie quotes, you’ll fit in great if you catch on.
Last week we toured the hospital where you’ll be born, we saw some newborns in the nursery and it was pretty crazy thinking we’ll be meeting you there soon. I’m so excited and so nervous at the same time. I am just hoping everything goes smoothly with taking time off work, going into labor in an non-embarassing place (though I’m sure in the moment I won’t really care where I am), getting to the hospital without you coming out in the car (a fear of mine with all of the traffic we have here) and of course getting you brought into this world safe and sound.
You’re getting so much bigger. You now weigh about as much as a butternut squash and you’re probably over 15 inches long from head to heel. Your muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and your head is growing bigger to make room for your developing brain.
I’ve been making sure I keep taking my vitamins cause you need more calcium now because you’re bones are soaking up a lot. I don’t like milk so I take a calcium supplement for you, and I try to eat yogurt and cheese throughout the day.
When we saw you on the ultrasound last week you were head down. My OB said you still have room to move around, but I think you’re enjoying being head down. I saw your legs all stretched out like you were making yourself comfortable in there. That’s my girl! Just be nice to my ribs ok? Sometimes I feel you stuck under them when I bend over and it gives me the weirdest feeling. You kick them sometimes too and that’s not pleasant at all.
Guess what baby girl?! Our baby shower is this weekend! I ordered a dress online but I’m not sure it’ll be here in time. I’m going to go to Ross today to look for another just incase. You can’t ever have enough dresses anyway, especially in my condition. And you will know this first hand since you already have so many.
I can’t wait to meet you baby girl! It’s so hard to imagine what you’re going to look like, every time I have dreams about you, you look different. I’m sure you’ll look completely different when you come out too and that you’re even more beautiful than I can imagine.
Keep growing baby girl!
Love you,
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  1. Wow you are still so small and cute compared to me. lol. We got our little ones carseat today, and thanks to, and a major WTE discount we got it at a great price. (chicco and we love it). Hubby couldn’t wait and put up the crib today, and it’s taking all I have not to wash and put away all this ones clothes. lol. We will towards the begining of next month. Hope you are feeling good. Hugs to you. You look absolutely fabulous.

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