My first ticket

It’s like a dagger to the heart the day you realize your sexiness is wearing off and you can no longer smooth talk your way out of a ticket. (I’m not talking about parking tickets because I’ve gotten plenty of those, and they don’t count.) That’s what happened to me today as I was driving to work. First I should preface this with my five warning experiences before my first ticket.

(This is a really long post, sectioned off into 6 parts. I’ve included eye-candy for your viewing pleasure. Good luck making it to the end!)

Warning 1:

I was driving home from work with a friend after the 10pm show. We were in a heated conversation and I got a heavy foot. Just as I realized how fast I was going, I saw lights flashing in my rear-view mirror. A quick peek and I realized I was going something like 23mph OVER the speed limit.

Oh shiz. I was a Driving While Black, in Utah, and I’d heard enough stories of cops going loco to know this could be bad. Plus, 20 over, isn’t that a felony?

I had a plan if I ever got pulled over. If I was having a bad day I’d cry. If I was feeling witty, when the officer came to ask me if I knew why he had pulled me over I’d simply reply “DWB?”

Well tonight I wasn’t feeling either. I was shocked, and a little excited… This was personal history! The Utah Highway Patrol officer shined his bright light in my face and approached my car.

When he came to my door he told me he clocked me at going 88 MPH. (That was probably generous) I tried to tell him I saw him coming behind me and was trying to move out of his way but he didn’t buy it. It was true though! I didn’t know what else to say but “I’m sorry!” He asked for my license and registration. I had no idea what my registration was, I just prayed I had it in my car. My friend helped my find it in my glove compartment (and helped me hide my parking tickets).

Officer: “Where were you going so fast?”

Me: “Home, we live in Springville and Spanish Fork.”

Officer: “What are you doing up here?”

Me: BINGO! Was my next thought. “Work, we work at ABC 4.”

Officer: “Oh, I can’t give you a ticket, you’ll give us bad press!”

“That’s right!” I tried to follow in his joking manner.

“Ok I’ll be right back,” he told me.

“Do you think he’ll give me a ticket?” I asked my friend.

“No, it doesn’t sound like it.” She apparently was a pro at getting out of tickets.

My heart wasn’t pounding like I expected. I wasn’t even really nervous. I was really enjoying the moment and excitement. I guess it hadn’t hit me yet. As I sat there, I began to wonder if my unpaid parking tickets deserved me a warrant. I guess I’d find out in a moment… ‘Tonight could be my first day in jail too,’ I thought.

The officer came back with my license and a piece of paper… Oh that was just my registration! Hallelujah!

“Now I’m not going to give you a ticket but you need to slow down, you could get hurt…” and he proceeded to give me valuable advice about crashing into the side median etc. etc.

I know I shouldn’t have done what I did next but I couldn’t help it.

“Can I have a picture with you?” I asked. “It’s my first time getting pulled over and I want to put it on my blog.”

“No way, I’m letting you go when you were going 23 mph over, I’m being nice enough. I don’t want to have my picture all over the Internet.” I understood and agreed with him.

“And you’d better give us some good press!” He jokingly added. At least I hope it was a joke cause that would be going against my journalistic ethics if he was being serious. Then my witty side came out, but I wished I could take it back right after I said it.

“Yea, thanks for not shooting me with a Taser!” (It was the hot cop story at the time)… But luckily he just laughed and told me how to get back on the freeway.

That’s when the strangest part of this whole experience happened. I stuck my hand out the window, shook his hand and said “Thank you so much, it was nice meeting you!”

That was probably my best warning encounter with an officer. My next was slightly more scary.

Warning 2:

We were moving to Texas. My husband had driven the entire way and we only had about three hours to go. I offered to drive the last stretch, so we switched positions.

Not ten minutes into my drive, in some small Podunk Texas town, I saw a speed trap, and I fell right into it.

I think my husband was attempting to catch a few Zzzz’s but my “Oh Crap!” woke him up.

“Uuummm… I think I’m getting pulled over.”
“Are you serious? Why do I even let you drive?”

The officer walked up to my car, obviously noting our huge dog crate in the back, dog inside, and loads of stuff along with it.

Officer: “I pulled you over for speeding… yada yada… Where are you going?”
Me: “We’re just moving here, to Austin!” Hence the dog and moving boxes chief.

I handed him my information and waited while he ran my information. I also got a lecture from my husband who told me we were switching spots immediately.

The nice man came back and gave me a warning. We were free to go. YES!

Warning 3:

I was driving home from work. It was late, I was tired after the evening shift, and just ready to go to bed. I turned left off the freeway onto the main street near my house as the light was yellow. Sometimes I cut it close and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach like “Oh crap I just ran a red light” but that didn’t happen in this case. So I was totally surprised when I noticed flashing lights in my rear-view mirror again.

Officer: “I pulled you over because you ran the red light back there turning onto Riverside.”

Me: “Umm, no I didn’t.”

Officer: “Yes you did, I was right there and I saw as the cars coming the other direction had to break for you.”

Me: “No they didn’t. The light was yellow.”

Officer: “It was red.”

Me: “Ok, whatever, I’m sorry.”

Officer: “Where are you coming from?”

Me: “Work, I’m an anchor at one of the stations.”

Now if there was one time I thought I was going to get a ticket it was this time. This guy obviously had nothing better to do and he was seeing things. I was ticked.

When he came back to the car he was holding a warning.

Officer: “I’m going to let you off with a warning this time…”

I thanked him and was actually really excited. This is when it all started going to my head.

Side note: I follow an officer on Twitter years later and he DMs me saying he remembers pulling me over for running a red light! Small world! I told him I still swear it was yellow.

Warning 4:

Texas State Trooper.

I’m on the phone with one of my BFFs about to pull into my station when I realize I’m being pulled over. I tell my friend I’ve gotta go and I rack my brain trying to think if I ran the stop sign or what.

Officer: “The reason I pulled you over is because your tail light is out.”

Me: “It is? Oh no! Thank you so much for telling me!”

He asks for my license, I reach in the back for my purse and realize my wallet isn’t in there. No license.

Officer: “Oh, did you forget it in the diaper bag?” He gestures to the car seat.

Me: “Yes! Oh no!”

He asks for my name. I tell him and then he asks where I work and I point to the sign above him.

Officer: “I thought you looked familiar!”


Warning 5:

The other tail light. This time an Austin officer pulls me over.

Officer: “Your right tail light is out.”

Me: “Really? We just got that fixed. Oh wait, I think it was the left one. Dangit the other must have gone out”

Officer: “License, insurance…”

Lil’ J is asleep in the back and we are in my neighborhood. No way I was getting a ticket.

Cop comes back.

Officer: “Yea, usually they go out back to back, get your husband to fix that for you. Here’s your warning.”


After this, my only other random encounter with an officer was when my car broke down in a major intersection. A hot cop came and rescued me. Pushing my car into a nearby parking lot. He was seriously hot. And my hero. he may or may not be one of these guys. I loved cops. And they loved me. … Until today.


I wake up early, I’m ready to get a head start on work so I can come home early and spend the afternoon with The Hubs (who has the day off) and Lil’ J. I head out just after 7am, turn the radio off, and let my mind wander.

Hmm, I should write a schedule when I get to work.
I’ve got a shoot at 10:30, don’t forget that.
What do I think of Lil’ J’s new school?
Ooh, I’ve gotta pee, I should hurry.

No sooner than the last thought came to mind, I pressed on the gas and simultaneously noticed two motorcycle cops waiting ahead.

I slam on the breaks as one of them points straight at me, arm stretched out, following my motion past him (how rude!).

Where was Lil’ J when I needed her? This would have been the event of her lifetime. She LOVES police officers and she LOVES motorcycles. This just would have made her day. Instead, it ruined mine.

I was tired, stunned, and honestly–Feeling like there was NO WAY I’d get a ticket. Usually the officers make small talk but this one just told me I was speeding, going 13 over, asked for my license and walked away. No clever lines for me. But I hoped the little sticker on my back window which basically says “I’m one of you” would get me out of it.

Let me tell you something… If you’re going to get out of a ticket you need to plead your case before they walk back to their car. And if they’re in training, or walking back to a bike, good luck.

I kept glancing in my rear-view mirror. He sure was writing a long warning.

When he came back to my car he started explaining this long piece of paper to me.

Me: “I’m getting a ticket?”

Officer: “Blah blah blah… You gotta do this and that… blah blah blah”

Me: “My husband is going to kill me!…” (Why didn’t I pull that card out earlier?)

Officer: “We’re doing an initiative because people have been complaining about people speeding on this road… blah blah, ticket ticket..”

Me: “This is my first ticket.”

Officer: “Really? How old are you?”

Me: “26.”

Officer: “Well, you did better than I did… You can do defensive driving…Court date…”

Me: “I’m not going to remember anything you’re telling me…”

Officer: “Well, slow down, we’re gonna be out here tomorrow.”

Ok, I’ll remember that as I throw a doughnut in your direction. You know you like it.

I called my husband and told him what happened.


Me: “I don’t know…”

Hubs: “I saw them on that road yesterday using the radars!”

Me: “Well, you coulda told me that yesterday. That would have been useful information!”

Hubs: CLICK.

The rest of the day I was fuming. I lamented to my friends, replayed the stop over and over in my head and thought of ways I could have done better. I regretted not throwing out classic lines like “I pay your salary!” “Why you being so squirrely?” and “Killer boots man!”

Then, I thought of a hundred scenarios of how I could make myself feel better. Maybe I could bring him a box of donuts tomorrow? With a congratulations letter for breaking my ticket virginity. Maybe I’d stand a hundred yards up the road holding a sign that says “SLOW DOWN, COP AHEAD!” Or maybe I’d drive obnoxiously slow and they’d clock me going 5mph.

I went with a variation of the latter and drove about 15mph back and forth down that road, four times, flashing my lights warning the on-comers about the speed trap ahead.

My husband eventually came to his senses. He called me back and asked if I had calmed down. I wasn’t the one hanging up on people but whatever…

I cried and cried and he made me feel better, told me about his ticket while going 25mph, that I’m still sexy and my lack of makeup wasn’t the reason I got a ticket. In fact, he told me it’s really REALLY hard to get out of a motors cop ticket. Because that’s all they do, is write tickets.

Sure, there are exceptions, and I’m sure if I had played my cards right I could have been one of those. But I think this is good for me. Now I know what it’s like to feel like a normal person who gets tickets. Now I understand why it makes people so angry. And I now know how disappointing it can be when you think you’re not getting a ticket and then BAM! You do.

I can take drivers ed for $25 (class recommendations would be appreciated, I’ve heard pros and cons about the comedic one) and get the ticket dropped. But it’s not the same. I’m forever changed.

I know I had it coming. My luck was bound to run out sooner or later, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Now I have to resist the urge to get pulled over again to just see if I’ve still got it.

 **UPDATE I drove by the SAME motorcycle cops this morning but I went 15mph. The one who gave me a ticket looked pissed and he made a big “MOVE ALONG” motion with his arm while yelling something like “Pick it up!!”. But I kept putting along at 15mph, looking over my steering wheel like a confused grandma, while flashing my lights and slowing down everyone behind me.

I was hoping he’ d hop on his bike and pull me over again so I could talk my way out of a “driving too slow” ticket… “I didn’t know there was a minimum speed Mr. Officer, I was afraid your radar would say I was speeding again” … but he let me go. Dangit. Maybe next time.**


Have you ever talked your way out of a ticket? Or failed?

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  1. It took me forever to finish reading this because I couldn’t get passed the group picture of pure hotness. Hahaha! I had a fabulous streak going too. I was 32 before I got my first ticket. It was a sad sad day but at the least the cop who finally broke my streak was a woman. No getting out of that one. She was unaffected by my fluttering eyelashes and asked me if I’d had that twitch checked out by a doctor. snort.

    1. Oooh woman cop! I didn’t even think about that. Yea, I surely woulda been doomed had any of those others been a woman. And yes, that photo is HOT HOT HOT huh? Thought I’d stick it in there for ya’lls viewing pleasure.

  2. My first (and only, knock on wood) ticket was the DAY BEFORE MY WEDDING. Grr. I was driving down main street in St George (the south end, where there’s NO residences and it’s behind the shopping center, so 30 mph is RIDICULOUS). I was going… oh, probably 40? 45? I can’t remember. I was just swinging by to show my mom the temple, and got pulled over. I handed the cop my license and registration, and he had lots of questions because the car was registered to my then fiance, but my license was not only still my maiden name (cuz it WAS my name at that point) but it was also a California license, though I’d been in Utah for a couple of years (had just gotten that car a few months before). After I got the ticket, THAT’S when I cried. Buckets and buckets. Oh, it was horrible.

    And my SIL got her first speeding ticket the week before she was sealed to my brother. Go figure.

    One time I was driving from St George to Cedar and was just listening to my music and thinking about visiting with my BFF, when I look in my rearview and see flashing lights RIGHT behind me. I freak out and try to pull over, but there’s a car, so i speed up, switch lanes, and the cop zooms passed me. Phew! Or so I thought. He pulled over the car he had been chasing, but then stood on the side of the freeway to wave me over when I passed. This time I cried the second I saw that he wanted me to pull over. No ticket, though. Just a very nice “hey, I was behind you for a long time and people in front of you were pulling over. Pay attention.” Also a, “no reason to cry” to which I responded, “I’m pregnant, I cry at everything” though it was really the authority figure making me cry, not the hormones.

    no beuno. cops make me nervous. However, since that first ticket, I do NOT speed. Ever. (Unless I don’t realize I am.) Even on the freeway; I just can’t do it. It freaks me out. (okay, maybe, like, 2 mph over) I’m that lame person driving the construction speed limit. 🙂

    1. Good for you!! See you’re a good person who actually takes it as a really good learning experience and obeys the law. I just get grumpy. I HAVE slowed down the past couple of days but I think I’ll try to keep it under 10 over, actually that’s usually what I do, I’m not sure what got into me those other times…

  3. I can’t believe I did this but when I was 16, I was driving my boyfriend(now husband) home around 1 am. I was speeding and didn’t know it because we were having a funny conversation. The cop flashed me. I then decided that I would try to out run him. I spead up and was laughing hysterically. I don’t know….I guess I got a rush.I didn’t want my parents to find out I snuck out with a boy. I tried to duck into a side street. The cop found me and thought I was drunk. He said he saw me laughing. He said he could tell I was a good girl so he let me go with a warning. Whew!

    1. Ok, I was reading this as I was walking off an elevator and literally laughed out loud. Oh my goodness, your stories are good therapy for me. Thank you! So glad you didn’t get a ticket for outrunning a cop! (or trying to).

  4. (Knock on woodI haven’t gotten a ticket yet and I’m 31. I got pulled over twice both in the same road late at night. I was on my way home from my now MIL’s house where bf (now DH)lived. It was only a 5min ride or so. The first was a broken tail light which my brother did and I pretended I didn’t know. I told him it was my Dad’s car (it was) and my brother also drove it (he used to.) He told me I needed to fix it. I put red tape over it to “fix it.”

    The 2nd time on the same road about the same time within a month I got pulled over again. He mumbled something about speeding which I wasn’t. Actually, I thought the speed limit was lower than it was, so I definitely wasn’t speeding. He changed his story and said my license plate light was dim. Really? So…I (well bf/dh) replaced those. I think they were just finding anything to pull people over to make sure they weren’t up to no good. It was pretty late.

    I did just get my 1st parking ticket a couple weeks ago. I was in DHs car so does that even count? I accidentally parked in a 15 min spot when I thought it was a 2hr. I took the kids to the museum and it was the raises to parallel park in. There were other 2hrs available, so I didn’t do it on purpose. It was $15. The museum just cost a little more. Lol

    1. Jennifer 31 and no ticket is great!! Man, you rock! that’s funny the random things you got pulled over for, glad they realzied you weren’t up to no good and let you go. parking tickets totally don’t count in my eye. I had like $200 worth in college. I had to pay it all to get my diploma. BOO!

  5. I’m amazed you had gotten 5 warnings before the real thing! The one and only time I’ve been pulled over I got a ticket (going 14 over, not even excessive or anything). Virginia doesn’t allow you to take driver’s ed to get out of tickets. I did end of spending an entire morning going to traffic court and the judge reduced my sentence from “speeding” to “failing to obey a traffic sign” (which had a lower fine, but by the time you added on the court fees, came out to same amount!) and was also 2pts instead of speeding which was 4pts.

    I did get lectured by a cop once for going the speed limit when he was behind me flashing his headlights to pass. I didn’t know it was a cop at the time and wasn’t going to reward a jackass. He claims I made him late for a call because I was going the speed limit, but if he was running late, why didn’t he just turn his flashers on? Hrumph.

    1. Hahaha Delora! I don’t like to let jerks pass me either. Apparently they only use their lights/sirens on super serious calls, so weird he was mad that you were going the speed limit though. We can’t win!! 😉

      Oh, and I didn’t realize going to court cost money on top of it! I was considering going to see if I could get it dropped for good behavior… or something. Defensive Driving just doesn’t feel the same.

  6. I got out of my first accident ticket on my 17th birthday because the guy I hit begged the cop not to cite me on my birthday and I didn’t do any damage since I hit him going like 2mph (and I got to pet the K9 in the back of his cruiser to make me feel better because I was sobbing hysterically… lousy birthday). The second time I rear-ended someone, the cop actually apologized to me for writing the ticket because the jerk actually admitted to him that he cut me off and there was no way I could have stopped in time, and then cussed at the officer. The officer said if there was any way he could have passed it on to the other guy, he would have, but he had to cite me for assured clear distance per the law. My first and only speeding ticket I got in a speed trap (hidden at the bottom of a curving hill)… 71 in a 55, even though I was going with the flow of traffic. I told the cop it was my first speeding ticket and I’d never do it again (I still slow down in that particular area almost 7 years later), but he said “well, everyone gets one sometime” and threw the ticket at me. Jerk. Knock on wood, I haven’t gotten one since. My poor DH got one from an airplane radar who said we were speeding 3 miles back where they clocked us, but we had just gotten on the highway less than a mile before. The cop that pulled us over said “well, my plane got a silver sedan, and that’s what you’re driving”… because, you know, there aren’t like a bajillion of those on the road at the same time. We could have easily fought it, but it wasn’t worth the court costs and driving to a different county (we were at the Ren Faire about an hour away from home). Ticket cops suck. Period.

    1. Haha Tori, I agree! Although my sweet hubs writes tickets and keeps remindnig me this as I keep telling them off as we pass them down the road. I have a whole ‘nother perspective now that I have one myself. GRRRR! I’ve never heard of airplane radar though, that’s NUTS! And doesn’t seem fair at all! I’m so glad you didn’t get a ticket on your bday though 🙂

  7. This is hilarious!! I love the update at the end! I’m 26 too but I got my first “ticket” at 23 for window tint and a baby blue license plate cover (PETTY end of the month quota ticket). I went to court to protest the ticket (first in court) and they took both of the tickets off. I had to pay was court fee’s though. Court fee’s: $100, Ticket: $250, The feeling of getting out of paying for my first ticket: PRICELESS ha ha

    1. Seriously? A ticket for a license plate cover? Wow!! I didn’t realize court fees were so much! Wow! I guess I should just do the $25 DD class. But YES!!! I almost want to pay more just so I can say I got out of the ticket and go back to my ticket-free record for realz! (but I don’t think it would work in my case).

  8. My friend’s husband is a police officer here in UT, and she says there’s some kind of unwritten “code” that keeps cops from writing tickets to other cops’ wives– apparently you REALLY don’t want to be the dude who breaks that rule. You should look into that where you live. 🙂

    I’ve been pulled over a couple of times, but never for speeding (knock on wood). I’ve only gotten one ticket that really pissed me off, though–crossing over the double solid line when exiting the carpool lane. I was pregnant, about to miss my exit, and I REALLY had to pee; so even though I’m generally a huge stickler for obeying traffic rules I thought I was justified just this once. It still irks me, 5 years later, because NO ONE in Utah uses the carpool lane correctly and no one is ever cited for it…except me. Argh.

    1. It’s TOTALLY an unwritten rule. Maybe I shoulda told him sooner, maybe it didn’t matter, but either way, that guy totally sucks. Oh, and I’m so sorry that you got a ticket for that double line thing. You’re right, people always cross it. It’s a dumb rule if you ask me.

  9. I’m not sure about your state, but I know in a bunch of states, it’s illegal to flash your lights to warn other cars about speed traps/cops. And you CAN get a ticket for driving too slowly. It’s like an endangerment thing or something… so I would be careful otherwise you could be looking at your 2nd and 3rd ticket!

    1. I’m not scurred. Flashing lights to warn people isn’t illegal here, and I don’t think 15mph on a 35 is too slow but who knows. I didn’t get pulled over by the jerk cop though, so I guess not.

  10. Never had a speeding ticket. 🙁 I have been in the car with other people who were driving and that was nerve wracking every time. But honestly, I am pretty careful not to speed unless it’s on accident and I am very grateful that I always notice before cops do. At least so far. I think if I got a ticket, I would cry. Not to get out of the ticket, but because I wouldn’t be able to help it. Because I am a dork.

    I seriously doubt you no longer have “it”. And I would definitely advice against getting another one to test that theory. I say, trust your hubby. 😀 Lol.

  11. I’ve only been pulled over once, and that was because my husband (boyfriend at the time) convinced me to pull a u-turn in the middle of the street to go to a restaurant was decided we wanted to stop at but had already driven past. I told him I’d find some place to turn around and he said “No no it’s ok there’s no one on the road.” It was 2am or something. So against my better judgement I turned around in the middle of the street, and who did I turn around to face but a cop parked on the side of the road RIGHT in front of me. I was freaked. The cop pulled me over and thought I was drunk because he couldn’t see how a sober person would do that right in front of a cop, but as soon as I stared talking he could tell I wasn’t drinking. We honestly didn’t see him there. I was 19 and probably looked like a horrified deer in headlights. In Hawaii everyone older than you is “Uncle” or “Aunty” so he talked to me like an uncle and asked me what the heck I was doing. I said “Sorry…we just wanted to go to Zippy’s and since there weren’t any cars on the road we thought we’d just turn around really fast.”

    All he said was “Well next time you decide to turn around find a legal way to do it.”

    What a relief! I was all “Thank you thank you thank you!” while simultaneously slapping my husband who was silently laughing at me. Punk. It took me a while to calm down and relax. I was so mad at him. Nothing good happens after midnight. Ever since then I’ve had no run-ins with cops.

  12. I am terrified of policemen. I’m a very safe driver–literally, I don’t speed. Not even by 1 mile over. But one day I had gone out and wasn’t even five minutes away from my home when I made a left turn onto a road and immediately got pulled over by a waiting cop. I’d seen the cop, figured he was waiting for people speeding, and thought I had done nothing wrong. Turns out that they’d just randomly changed the sign, and left turns were no longer allowed at that intersection. I didn’t see the brand new small sign–and what do you expect? I lived in that neighborhood since childhood and everyone has always made a left turn right there? You don’t expect thing like that to change with no warning. The cop didn’t give me a second to explain or even question, “Really? YOu can’t turn left?” But gave me a ticket right away. I cried the whole rest of the trip….and did I mention I was on my way to a final exam???

    That was so sad. My husband went back to the intersection later that day, and saw that the same cop spent the whole day pulling people over who kept making the exact same mistake. He probably gave 50 tickets for the same innocent mistake that day. We thought we’d have a case to contest the ticket, because really, when you’re driving in your own neighborhood, you don’t expect the rules to suddenly change on you?? But nope, they didn’t accept my reasons and I had to pay the ticket.

    And a week or two after my ticket, I guess they’d made enough money off of ticketing normally good drivers and put up a HUGE warning sign with flashing lights saying “NO LEFT TURN” and that sign stayed there for months. Literally. Why couldn’t they have warned us when they first changed the rule?

    It just doesn’t feel like justice.

    So I’m terrified of police. Been pulled over with my husband driving for apparently no reason before, except “Driving with black hair” (he’s mexican). We weren’t speeding, the cop made him get out of the car and interrogated him, asked him if the car belonged to him, and then thought he was lying because it was registered to a “Rachel.” That’s me, his wife! My husband didn’t think he had to differentiate between whether the car was his or mine–he’s the one who does all the work on it anyways. And then the cop asked him where he was coming from and he said “the beach” and the cop thought he was lying because it was a stormy day. But we’d really gone to the beach in a storm! Oh dear….

    Hate those blue and red lights…..

  13. WOW! You are lucky! 5 warnings before a ticket! That is awesome!

    The first time I ever got pulled over I was 16. The officer told me I was going 85 in a 75. I couldn’t believe it because my odometer only went to 75 and my car starting shaking if I hit that. ha ha (I had a POS car 🙂 ) Needless to say I got a ticket. At the time I was pretty proud of myself…I called my mom to share the news. Unfortunately that shoes I was driving to St. George for cost less than the traffic ticket.

    Ever since then I have had ticket after ticket. When I moved to Iowa I got pulled over. The officer asked me what I was in a hurry and I said I was late to work. He said “Well you will be even later because you are getting a ticket.” Then when I went to renew my license and get an Iowa license I found out my Utah license was suspended because I was out of points. OOPS! Didn’t have a clue. I had to take the written and driving test again. BUMMER!

    Once when I was speeding to get to work (I should just quit…it would save me money 🙂 ) I saw the motorcycle cop pull out. I just pulled over. ha ha By the time he got to my window I had my license and registration ready for him. I wasn’t even going to try for a warning.

    The ONLY time I ever got a warning I was waring a halter top and was on my way to the gym. The cop even said “OH! Going to the gym huh!?” I guess I should flash a little cleave cleave more often. ha ha

    Traffic School Count:
    Provo: 2
    Orem: 2
    Lehi Online: 1

    ha ha You would think I would learn my lesson huh. HEY! I am going on 2 1/2 years without a ticket. KNOCK ON WOOD!

  14. LOL! I enjoyed reading this! You sound just like me trying to get out of every ticket that I almost got. The last ticket I got was over 10 years ago. I guess I was a speeding teen so I got a lot of them before I realized the art of talking your way into a warning. Great post!!!
    I would have loved to see you drive 15mph past him on that day. too funny!

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  16. I know this is super old, but this is hilarious.

    One of the times I got pulled over by a cop, I yelled at him and he apologized and went back to his car without even asking for my name or registration. (Long story)

    Another time, I knew exactly what I’d done (because I did it every day) and when he asked if I knew why he had pulled me over, I said “No”, but because I’m the world’s worst liar, it came out “*snort* Noooo *chuckle, chuckle, giggle*”. He also laughed and let me off with a warning.

    Oh, and once, I was lost, and when I get lost, I tend to drive fast, like I can figure it out quicker the faster I’m going? Anyway, I got pulled over and the cop said, “Do you know how fast you were going?” and I said, “No, but I’m looking for *insert street name here*, can you help me?” He gave me directions and a warning.

    Ah, memories…

    1. I’m dying Monica! This is hilarious. I especially love the laughing your way out of a ticket! haha. I’ll hafta ask my husband if he’s encountered anything like that.

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