Taking a dump

Yesterday evening I randomly started a Tumblr blog. So now I’m officially on every social media site known to man. Don’t ask me why I started it.

Well, ok, you can ask me…

I know I already have too many blogs. Well, this one and my one on BabyCenter, and other ones I occasionally contribute to… But on all of those blogs, including this one, I rarely feel comfortable taking a brain dump and pushing my random and sometimes strange or disturbing thoughts out there. I should though. I mean here at least. Actually, I sorta feel like I’m cheating on this blog, starting that one. I tumbled (is that the term for that blog?) twice this afternoon trying to figure out if it was working and just laying random thoughts out on the page when I had a few moments to post from my phone.

Posts are too long for a tweet but not long enough for a dedicated blog post here. Plus no cute photos and that’s what you’re are really here for aren’t you? Admit it!

Anyway, so I think that may be my new spot for brain dumping. I don’t expect you to read both sites. In fact stay here, it’s better, that one may be pretty lame. Although I’ve turned this post into a big turd itself, it somehow doesn’t feel quite as lame as the ones I’m letting out over there and I’d hate for my boring crap for scare yall nice folk away.

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  1. I haven’t even attempted to figure out what Tumblr is yet… All of these sites have me on complete overload! <3 Jenny (aka Monkey Toes too)

  2. I’ve had a tumble Acct for a while and randomly post pics and video. But u don’t dedicate a lot of time to it. I’m still trying to focus on my weather anchor mama blog. I also on tons of other sites. It’s hard to find time for all. You are a tue supermama

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