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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge just opened at Disneyland! And if you were anything like me you were stalking various Instagram stories and social media posts to see what it’s all about. If you’re even more like me you may have also been browsing your calendar and vacation dates to see when you and your family can take a trip. Or maybe you’re saving your coin and counting down for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open at Walt Disney World. Perhaps you already have a trip planned and it’s just before the opening. Or your looking for other ways to get your Star Wars fix right now.

Well my friends, I’m today I’m going to share about a little something called Star Wars Guided Tour. It will take you to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, right at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and give you the fix you need while you wait for Galaxy’s Edge to open.

Captain Phasma on stage on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Guided Tour

First, here’s a two minute video of most of the experience. I think it sums it up pretty well, especially if you’re short on time and want to get a feel for what it’s like.

When we attended Disney Creator Days in March we had the chance to participate in a Star Wars Guided Tour so we could see what it’s all about. I hadn’t ever tried one before but I was raised by a huge Star Wars fan and was excited to give my kids an up-close look at what it’s all about. My kids are 6, 8 and a baby and they don’t know much about the movies yet but they do know some of the characters. They were super pumped that the tour included Jedi training and many other surprises. You can read everything that is included in this 4 1/2 hour experience here, but I’m going to break down our five favorite parts. And make note of a couple of things that may be intense for sensitive kiddos.

Lunch at Backlot Express

So I must admit we were rushing to the tour and I had no idea what we were walking into. I hadn’t researched it before. Cast members handed us some headphones and passes and we followed two cute ladies with microphones and a lot of Star Wars information. When we walked into lunch at the Backlot Express our food was already pre-ordered for us (based on our earlier requests). And we were seated in a private area of the restaurant. This was nice because our kids had some space and I was less stressed about them being loud or disturbing.

It felt really casual and the food was all absolutely delicious. It isn’t super easy to get great burger at Disney World but this place has some really good ones (as does the Sci-Fi Drive in in case you were wondering). We were in for a fun surprise when Storm Troopers showed up to give us a hard time. As we finished up we enjoyed some special blue and red lightsaber churros. And we got some cute Darth Vader souvenir cups.

VIP Spot in the March of the First Order

From eating next to Storm Troopers to getting a front seat at the March of the First Order. And by front seat I mean you’re actually in the march. They didn’t tell us this before so one minute we are walking over to watch the little parade and the next thing we know we’re marching right behind them. At first I thought we were just following them. Maybe rounding out the show. But after a minute or so I realized we were actually in the march. As in all the spectators watching us. We got a kick out of it and had a lot of fun seeing it all go down as close as you can get.

The First Order March on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Following the march we had VIP seating to the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away live show. Our tour was a little shorter because we were on a tight schedule but yours may include VIP seating to the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show. Both shows include some fireworks. Less during the day and our tour guides gave us a warning. But still, my son didn’t have his headphones so he was pretty started by the booms. Especially being so close. He did enjoy the rest of the show until then though.

Riding Star Tours The Adventure Continues

So this time around I didn’t get to go on the ride because I was holding Lee Lee. But my Mother in law rode with the big kids and they had a good time. Lil’ J came off slightly shell shocked but just yesterday she asked me if we could go on it again, which says a lot. Riders need to be 40in or taller to go on this 3D flight simulator and it’s SO. MUCH. FUN. Though I didn’t go on it this trip I did before and plan to again. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Up Close and Personal with Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and BB-8

Family meeting Chewbacca on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Family meets Kylo Ren on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Little biracial girl meets BB-8 on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

My personal favorite part of the tour was watching my kids’ reactions as they met each of these characters. Chewie mesmerized Lee Lee. Kylo Ren startled Lil’ J and BB-8 delighted both of my big kids. Lil’ J brought a sparkly flash drive to show him. It was truly magical.

Jedi Training

Ok now this is where it gets really interesting. So Lil’ J was really excited about Jedi Training until she saw an earlier show and noticed that all of the kids were up on stage in front of a crowd. I told her they were just in front of their parents, and that she’s performed a bunch in front of audiences during cheer. This calmed her down a bit but next she worried about getting “dropped off” in the training area (where they got dressed and learned he rules). But that wasn’t the case at all. At least one parent stands by the whole time and as they march to the battle area. When she realized I wasn’t going anywhere she was able to enjoy learning the rules and diving into the experience.

Kids participate in Jedi Training on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

When they were all dressed and ready to go the kids marched to their performance area while chanting: “Here come the Jedi. Here we come!” Big smiles all the way. On stage they learned some cool moves from Jedi trainers. Suddenly fog appeared and the door started to shake. Of course my eyes were on my kids and I was near tears watching their reaction to all of this. The kids were suppose to use the force to open the door. But when it started to shake and fog appeared you could see their mind shift. My son covered his ears, in anticipation of a loud noise. My daughter backed up. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.

When Things Got Real

One of their trainers got sucked into the hole and two bad guys came out. Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. This was when Lil’ J lost it realizing she was suppose to battle him. Her turn came up pretty quick but she was in tears and opted to pass. When it was Big T’s turn I had no idea what he’d do. He hesitated for a moment before a Jedi trainer gave him a push into the ring. Surprisingly he did as he was told and he won! Poor Lil’ J started crying again watching her brother battle Darth Vader, worried he would get hurt.

Little biracial boy battles Darth Vader on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Afterwards she told me she was a little embarrassed but mostly just glad everyone was ok. I absolutely love how she sees the world so vividly. Her imagination is so strong and though she wasn’t brave enough to battle Darth Vader this time, I think she will be the next time she gets the chance.

If you’re a big Star Wars fan you’ll love all the behind the scenes looks at the saga-centric exhibits showcasing replica props, models, concept art and artifacts. Your kids will love all of the up close and personal action with the Star Wars story, and all of you will have a lot of fun along the way. Anyone can add this experiences to their vacation but you do need a park ticket to get in. Then each ticket for this experience is $92.95 a person. Make sure you call ahead of time to get a reservation.

I cant wait to give my kids a true schooling on all of the movies then bring them back for another guided tour along with a trip to the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Opening August 29th at Walt Disney World!

Little biracial boy battles Darth Vader on the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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“Why would you want to take your baby to Walt Disney World? She won’t remember it.”

But does that make the trip any less magical? No. It doesn’t.

I’ve met many parents who think they should wait until their kids are older to make a trip to Walt Disney World. But I’m here to tell you, the magic is very much real even when they’re babies.

You might be trying to figure out the best age to visit Walt Disney World but the truth is, it can be any age. There are plenty of reasons you should go for that trip with your baby, including the fact that they’re free until they’re 3-years-old.

We’ve taken our kiddos to see Mickey several times, and last month we brought Lee Lee, our 7-month-old, to Walt Disney World for inaugural visit as a part of Disney Creator Days!

10 tips for bringing your baby to Walt Disney World

Bringing a baby to Walt Disney World can be fairly easy if you know what to look for and how to prepare. Here are 10 tips for having a magical Disney vacation with your infant, without all the stress.

1. Hit up the Baby Care Centers

Disney World Secrets for Preschoolers: Baby Care Centers

Forget diapers? No sweat. You can get everything you need in the Baby Care Centers located in each park. There are high chairs for feeding, and microwaves for warming. It’s a comfy quiet place to sit and nurse your baby, give a diaper change, or just chill out for a minute. There are even TVs you can relax and enjoy until you’re ready to hit the parks again.

2. Enjoy some low-key nursing attractions

If the Baby Care Center is on the other side of the park and you’re cool with feeding on the go, there are so many slow and dark attractions that double as great nursing spots. I love the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth at Epcot, Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to name a few.

3. Discover your baby’s favorite ride

Worried your baby is to young to join in on the fun? Think again. Most rides are for all heights and ages. My some of my favorites are Dumbo, Toy Story Mania, Peter Pan’s Flight, and the Kilimanjaro Safari. My daughter seemed to love Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel the most.

There are so many to choose from that it would be easier to list the rides your baby can’t ride. There are only a handful.

4. Use Rider Switch

For those aforementioned rides that do have a height restriction, use Disney’s Rider Switch pass so you can take turns riding without the baby, and skip the line the second time around.

5. Go watch a Disney Junior Show

If your baby is teetering on the toddler age and a fan of Disney Junior, you’ll definitely want to check out the Disney Junior live show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. All of their favorite characters hit the stage for a fun, musical and interactive performance.

6. Bring a cooler for snacks

Outside food is allowed inside Disney Parks so you can stash away some of your little one’s favorite snacks. Bring along a cooler to keep things cold. But don’t sweat it if you forget something. Remember the Baby Care Centers, or even the quick serve restaurants. My daughter enjoyed chowing down on all of the Iconic Disney foods but there’s also fresh fruit and other healthy options available.

7. Rent a stroller

Whether your baby isn’t walking yet, or has been walking for five years, a stroller is a pretty good idea. But instead of lugging your own all the way from home, you can rent one from the Walt Disney World approved stroller companies. Our favorite has been Orlando Stroller Rental through the years. They bring your stroller to your resort hotel and leave it with bell service for you, then pick it up on the day you leave.

This was the first time my big kids didn’t have their own double stroller to share and they definitely got tired. I actually wore my baby in the carrier for most of this trip but the stroller still came in handy to hold some of our other things, or give our big kids a place to sit now and then.

Disney World Secrets for Preschoolers: Monorail

There’s a lot of stroller parking around Disney Parks where you can place your stroller while you visit the attractions in different areas.

8. Take Some Time Outs

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort  Hotel then hopping on a bus and heading back for a quick nap is a piece of cake. You can break up your day this way doing mornings at the park, take a break after lunch then heading back around dinner time for the nighttime shows. I personally like to stick it out and look for places within the parks to take a break.

Tips for visiting Walt Disney World with an Infant, a happy baby riding a Walt Disney World ride.

My favorite place right now is the Walt Disney Railroad Main Street Train Station. Because of construction on the TRON ride, the train isn’t running, but the station is still open for people to visit, and you can even sit on the train or ask the conductor if you can ring the bell. When it’s running I like to sit and ride the train around the park a few times as a break but chilling out in the station for a short break is also very nice.

9. Request a complimentary travel crib

Don’t worry about lugging your pack n’ play along for the trip. Ask your Walt Disney World Resort for a complimentary travel crib or pack n’ play during your stay. They have a limited amount on hand. We opted for the pack n’ play since our baby was sitting up. It worked perfect for her to sleep in after a long day of fun. She slept all night!

10. Use those FastPasses wisely!

This is probably a given but I thought I’d throw in a little extra something with this tip. Plan your FastPasses in advance and take note of which rides have the longest wait times. For example, Peter Pan’s flight usually has a much longer wait than It’s a Small World or The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Book your FastPass+ for those rides with the longer waits and choose stand-by for the others. Dumbo may have a longer wait but your little ones can play in a playground while you wait so you may opt to save a FastPass+ for another ride and wait that one out. And don’t forget, many character experiences have FastPass+ options as well! Bring those autograph books for a great first souvenir.

Tips for visiting Walt Disney World with an Infant, a happy baby riding a Walt Disney World ride.

Your baby may not remember their first trip to Walt Disney World, but you will. And coming from someone who’s gone with a baby, a two year old and up to an almost 9-year-old, I can say the joy in my baby girl’s face was just as special.

Tips for visiting Walt Disney World with an Infant, a happy baby riding a Walt Disney World ride.

In my reader survey quite a few of you mentioned you wanted more Disney posts because you love it and/or are planning your trips. A few others said you’d prefer to see a little less Disney posts. Between my love for Disney travel and the animated movies, I’m taking this all to heart and going to try to keep a balance. That means one Disney post every week or two. So those who love it like I do get their fix, and I won’t be overdoing it for those who could do with a little less Mickey (it’s hard to believe these people exist!). But for you Disney lovers like me, today’s post is all about doing Disney World with preschoolers.

Lately I’ve been feeling like baby fever was replaced by the travel bug. What started as a bucket-list goal to take my kids to Disney World before I turned 30 has turned into a dream to visit all of the worldwide Disney parks, and save for an annual family trip.

I have a growing list of other places I want to take my kids, but we’ll get more into that in another post.

5 secrets for doing disney world with preschoolers

I’ve had several people ask me what the best age to visit Disney World is. And if it’s worth taking young kids. “They won’t even remember it!” or “They can’t really enjoy it” are phrases I sometimes hear, but I beg to differ.

We took big T to Disney World last year when he was almost 2 and while he doesn’t remember that trip, he did have a blast. Most of the rides at the Disney Parks are for all heights and ages. And since he was 1 we didn’t have to pay for his flight or his park tickets (kids tickets are free up to 3). Now at almost 3, I kid you not, he talks about Disney World every day. He talks about “spin fast at Disney World” (the tea cups) Goofy’s airplane (the Barnstormer), Mickey Mouse choo choo (WDW Railroad), and more! He loves flipping through my phone looking at photos and videos (I’m still working on editing a video) and talking about our trips. Going to Disney World with preschoolers can be a lot of fun.

I’ve learned a lot over this last year and I’ve shared what I’ve learned and some of my Disney tips. Things like rider swap, stroller rentals and healthy kids meals with Mickey Checks–but this time, on our 4th Disney trip, I learned even more tips for doing Disney World with preschoolers. Things I didn’t know before. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful as you plan your trips with little ones, and I’d love it if the more experienced Disney travelers shared their tips in the comments as well!

1. There are fun playground areas in each of the parks

Each Disney World Park has playgrounds that are the perfect for taking a break with preschoolers.

If you get tired of lines or the kids just need a break, I love heading out to the different play areas at each park. In Magic Kingdom we love to take a raft ride over to Tom Sawyer Island. Where there’s plenty of bridges to cross, stairs to climb and fun to be had. But this is just the beginning there are fun play areas and attractions at each park for preschoolers.

In Epcot we love the ImageWorks play area after the Journey into Imagination with Figment ride. It’s a fun and colorful interactive play area.

In Animal Kingdom there’s the boneyard that’s a huge playground the kids.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground at Disney Hollywood Studios.

And in Hollywood studios we LOVED playing at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground during both of our visits, but sadly it will be closing April 1st 2016. Don’t worry though, with Toy Story Land coming soon, I’m sure it will be replaced with something even cooler, and much more relevant for this generation.

2. Disney World Has Childcare

Disney World has child care centers around the property. Disney Childcare center at the Polynesian Resorts.

You may have heard of Disney’s in-room childcare services, but you might not have known they have other childcare centers around the property. Centers like Lilo’s Playhouse at the Polynesian Resorts where kids can bake, do science, play games and interact with characters. Right now they’re open to local residents/visitors as well as Disney guests. And for $55 you can escape to the parks for some adult fun while your kids are having fun in safe hands.

3. Baby Care Centers

Disney World Baby Care Centers

Each Disney Park is equipped with a baby care center where you can find everything from a dimmed room to nurse to feeding areas with high chairs, comfortable changing stations, to extra diapers, wipes, and baby food. I wish I knew about this on our trip last year. There’s even a room older siblings can sit and play while they wait.

4. Strollers can roll on the monorail

Disney World Secrets for Preschoolers: Monorail

Disney World Secrets for Preschoolers: Monorail

Last time when we stayed off site we needed to fold the stroller, take the car, pay to park, unpack the stroller, and head into the parks. If you stay on site at a property that’s on the monorail system you can strap the kids in the stroller right in your room and ride all the way there without needing to collapse the thing and squish your lunch (yes, you can bring your own food!).

5. Disney Jr. Pool Parties

The Disney Jr. pool parties are definitely a highlight for doing Disney with preschoolers.

And other fun when you stay on property at a Disney Resort hotel. The pool party at the Nemo pool (at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort) was a highlight for my kids who love the water. Lil’ J danced and placed the trivia games. It was pretty cute and something I didn’t realize existed.

6. Magic Bands can be kid-sized

Magic Band Sizing for your preschoolers.

I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t know this before. So just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t know I’m sharing this tip! It wasn’t until the last day that I realized the Magic Bands had an outer layer that could be pulled off to fit the younger kids better (a nice cast member told us right before we left!). Big T didn’t want to wear his and Lil’ J found hers uncomfortable because we had double-backed the wristband. Once we took it off it fit much better. You’re welcome!

7. Disney Springs is Another Adventure

Disney Springs Car Boat Ride was a favorite for us and our preschoolers.

If you arrive in Orlando the day before your park experience begins, you can still start enjoying Disney World at Disney Springs. What was formerly known as Downtown Disney has been transformed into a full-fledged attraction of its own. We ate at the Boathouse one night and my son pointed out the window and said “Car on the water!” I brushed him off but when I turned around I saw exactly that. Then we went for a ride on one of the Amphicars and it was one of our favorite parts of the entire trip.

In the coming weeks I’ll also be sharing: Top Disney World rides for scaredy cat preschoolers (Lil’ J’s review), what I learned staying on property vs off property, and Disney World photography tips. If there’s another topic you’re interested in let me know!

Secrets to doing walt disney world with preschoolers

Have you been to Disney with a preschooler? What other tips do you have or would you like to know?

Disneyland vs Disney World, lets talk about it! Last year when my husband and I debated which popular Disney theme park we wanted to visit as a family he argued for Disneyland–The one he grew up visiting, and I lobbied for Walt Disney World. –The one I visited once as a child. With four parks vs just two it had to be better right? Wrong.

People who have been to both parks say it’s like comparing apples to oranges and it’s true. Having visited both popular Disney theme park resorts within five months I have a several differences to share about Disneyland vs Disney World and some may surprise you.

I started out with a small list but it kept growing and growing and I wound up with 10 reasons to consider one over the other. And I also am sharing some important amusement park safety tips to keep in mind when you visit either!

While there we met up with De Su Mama and her adorable kiddos for some Disneyland fun, so those are the sweet faces joining us in some of the photos ahead. 

Disneyland vs Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.
1. There are just as many rides. Ok, so I’m not 100% sure about this, but in what I’ve read, the numbers add up to about the same at Disney World (4 parks) vs Disneyland (2 parks). The rides are closer together at Disneyland, and there are several that you won’t find at Walt Disney World. It’s a Small World seemed even more magical at Disneyland with really cool sneaky character appearances.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

2. At Disneyland Resort EVERYTHING is close. And it ROCKS. I didn’t even bother with park hoppers at Disney World because we’d have to pack up the stroller, wait for a monorail, and re-enter the parks over and over. At Disneyland (and Disney California Adventure) one day we literally went back and forth at least six times like it was nothing. Running from character greeting to ride, to lunch back and forth across parks. You can actually easily park hop at Disneyland where as for us, it wasn’t worth it to even try at Walt Disney World.

I took a quick video between one trip because I was so amazed.

Downtown Disney is also just right around the corner. No need to get on a ferry ride, plus shuttle plus…etc etc. Getting between parks with kids is SO much simpler at Disneyland. Not only that but there are several inexpensive hotels within walking distance (literally across the street). You won’t find that at Disney World.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

3. Less princesses at Disneyland BUT They’re EVERYWHERE. In just two days Lil’ J met just about every princess at Disneyland, but all 13 (14 including Sophia) of the princesses aren’t even there. Pocahontas is only at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, and Jasmine and Mulan are easily greeted at Epcot. At Disneyland Pocahontas and Mulan didn’t have greetings while we were there, and I’m not sure where Merida was either. However we saw ALL of the other ones just walking around all the time. Belle, Tiana, Aurora, were out near the front of the park. We also saw Mickey and Minnie and their pals all over. Captain Hook just strolled right up to us. It seemed a lot easier to meet the characters at Disneyland.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

4. More tourists at Walt Disney World and locals at Disneyland. So comparing visiting Disney World in the off-season of February, and Disneyland in the dead of the summer, it seemed like Disney World is the more crowded of the two. BUT goodness, Disneyland gets PACKED at night. It’s right in the middle of heavily populated California where many people have season passes and drive in after work to have some hot chocolate and watch fireworks. I felt like many people were heading home early to rest from WDW in the evening, but at Disneyland the party was just getting started.

5. California has better weather. I didn’t even check for rain before we went because California just has such great weather. It’s not as hot and it’s less humid.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

6. Less planning required for Disneyland. I LOVE planning for vacations so it was weird booking dining reservations without a problem, and not needing to schedule fastpasses for rides a month or two in advance. We even got a Bippity Boppity Boutique reservation no problem a day before at Disneyland.

7. More restaurant options at Disney World. There’s no Cinderella’s Castle to dine at in Disneyland however there is Ariel’s Grotto which is fabulous, and you’ll meet 5 princesses while eating there.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

8. Cars Land! Only at Disneyland (well, on the Disney California Adventure side). The Radiator Springs Racers ride is incredible. And if you or your kids like Cars, they’ll love this place. It’s seriously right out of the movie. There’s also Bugs Land which Lil’ J absolutely loved. She met flick and rode her favorite ride… The spinning Lady Bugs (which made me want to barf). And Toonstown, which looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World

9. Pin trading is cool at either one. I was under the impression that pin trading wasn’t a thing at Disneyland but it is! Sadly we left our lanyards and pins at home, but we saw many cast members wearing pins we could have traded with.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

10. Walt Disney was there. I watched a 2-hour documentary about Walt Disney before going to Disneyland and it truly made me appreciate the visit that much more. Walt really wanted to create a place where parents could ride with their kids, and he succeeded. Disneyland is the one park he lived to walk through and there’s something about that that makes it especially magical.

Bottom line: Both were so much fun and great for families. I’d have to say Disneyland seemed easier to navigate for pure distance sake, which I LOVE for my younger kids and it’s totally worth considering when deciding on a Disney vacation (I used to think Walt Disney World was the only real option).

Walt Disney World is fantastic if you have time to spend and visit all of the various parks, and without strollers, is a piece of cake to navigate. It feels more secluded and like you’re really in a magical little world.

Going forward for my family I think we’ll visit Disneyland for budget-friendly trips 5 days or shorter. and Disney World for trips longer than 5 days.

In December I’ll be able to throw Disney Cruise Line into this comparison.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks. Cars Land Dress

If you’re planning a theme park visit soon with your family make sure you take a moment to read some amusement park safety tips, especially during the crowded and busy season. It was just Lil’ J and I on this trip but goodness, had I brought her brother he would have been strapped in a stroller or possibly on a toddler leash (the kind I said I’d never use) to keep him close and safe.

amusement park safety tips

Check out some important theme park safety tips that the Allstate Information Team has to share:

  • At either park you’re going to do a lot of walking (don’t forget your fitbit like I did!), so make sure you wear good shoes.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks.
  • Wear lightweight clothing and find shade when you can.
  • Lather up with sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.
  • Always pay attention to the ride guidelines.

Have you been to more than one Disney Park? Which was your favorite?

This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held insurance company, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day.

Disneyland vs Walt Disney World: A quick comparison about the differences between the two theme parks.

I’ll be sharing the adorable Princess Aurora photos we took at the castle next week!

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