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If you couldn’t tell, there’s no one I love more than these three people. Right after church Lil’ J and I worked together cutting up a pizza box and fabric to make a heart for pictures together. We took turns with my camera taking photos together. I shoulda tried one more with my remote, but the boys weren’t very patient.

Tough choices for today’s photo of the day. I’m not gonna lie, there were many many outtakes. But I’m so happy with the few good ones we got, including one of the hubby and I taken by my little girl, today I’m focusing on the positive. *wink*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines photo shoot with biracial siblings Valentines photo shoot with biracial siblings Mother-daughter-Valentines Valentines photo shoot with biracial siblings Valentines photo shoot daddy daughter

I don’t think I can ever forget the first time my now-husband said “I love you.” We were (sorta) watching A Knights Tale. He was freaking out a little bit about moving to a new school come fall that would be three hours away from me. I was trying to keep him calm, and thinking of ways we’d make it work. We’d known each other about two weeks at this point, but I knew this guy was it for me.

He was explaining to me why he was nervous about moving away and blurted out that he loved me, then kissed me before I could say it back. If I could have my life played back to me on a movie screen, that would be one moment that I’d request to make the cut.

I like to think of myself as someone who is good with words. But my words are most definitely better when they’re strung together in writing.

It’s always been easier for me to put my emotions to paper than say them on a whim. For our anniversary just over a month ago I drafted an email on my phone listing 10 facts about our marriage and sent it to my husband. It was moving reading it together. I love writing letters, sending emails, or little love notes now and then. I’ve saved many of the cards and notes he’s written to me through the years, tucking them away in my journal.


Since having kids we haven’t had as much time for romance. My drawer that was once filled with lace things has been replaced with yoga pants and t-shirts. I swore I wouldn’t be one of those parents who let their kids sleep in their room with them yet, that’s exactly where we’ve wound up. A few months back Lil’ J became terrified to sleep in her own room and she started sleeping in a corner in our room.

We still make time to go on dates, either a full-on night out with an actual babysitter (aka Grannie) or we’ll do a date night in after the kids go to sleep with takeout and a movie.

Despite the dynamics changing, I feel like I love the quality time we spend together as a family as much as the time we spend alone. Just in a different way. And watching my husband interact with our kids has me loving him more than ever, and I’m trying to tell him that more. I mean I tell him all the time. Every time we hang up the phone, leave for work, or go to bed, then other random times through the day. But it’s nice to be told in a note, a text, or more specifically with the reasons why I do.

Let the one you love know how you feel and #PutYourHeartToPaper. Tips on expressing your feelings this Valentines day. (This may be the first time I’ve successfully photographed something other than people)

Hallmark is asking all of us to #PutYourHeartToPaper. And let the ones we love know how we feel by writing it down so they have a tangible, long-lasting reminder. They have tips to do that on their website.

I watched one of the videos about a couple each taken to another room and recorded answering questions about their spouse. Then they were brought together to watch what the other said, and by the end they were each in tears. I think along with putting our hearts to paper, putting it to video works too.

I’d love to talk my husband into doing something like this. Of course I wouldn’t publish it for the world to see, but I’d cherish it forever. I’d write us each a list of questions to answer in a recording on our phones. Then we’d share them with each other. Hmm… Maybe it’ll be a good idea for this month. And maybe it’ll even be a good time for me to start restocking the pretty lace things too.

How do you tell someone you love them? Do you prefer cards, letters, poetry, or saying it face to face?

Let the one you love know how you feel and #PutYourHeartToPaper. Tips on expressing your feelings this Valentines day.


I’m passionate about making and saving memories. This post was a part of an ongoing partnership with Hallmark to share some of my life’s special moments and occasions. All opinions (and typos) are my own.

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I totally dropped the ball on Valentines Day this year. It’s absolutely one of my favorite holidays. Probably second only to Christmas. But I just wasn’t ready this year. I was just living in the past, pretending it was January, and wondering why it wasn’t 70 degrees yet.

Yes, here in Austin we had our fair share of winter weather (fair share for Texas, not fair compared to the rest of the country). We had a few snow days, canceled school, and temperatures in the 30s. Way too cold for my taste. I can barely function when it’s that cold. So there I was, not functioning or thinking about Valentines Day. Then BAM! It hit me, the party was tomorrow and I didn’t have any creatively awesome treats to pass out.    same-school-valentines I totally copied a friends idea which she saw on Pinterest and made a completely less than adequate version for my daughter’s class, but really, these kids are three. They’re gonna dump out the candy and throw away the rest. I was not fretting about that this year. (Plus her class right now has a ridiculous amount of kids, 14 her age, 28 total, and I was not about to slave over 28 valentines).

So the cute little saying is “So glad we’re in the same school” featuring Sweetish fish in the fish bowl… Get it?

My ink ran out after printing out the first page so I shrank the fish bowls and pushed that little color ink cartridge to its limit. For some reason the first part of the page would be in full color then the back 3/4ths were all jacked up. No idea why, but I’m guessing it has to do with the low ink warning.

same-school-valentines-2I helped Lil’ J write her name 14 times, and she sorted the fish in the baggies.

Valentines Day was nice and warm, luckily I had a cute dress for her that still fit from the year before. Did I take a picture? NO! I suck! Did I make my son a totally adorable Valentines vest with a matching bowtie? NO! I SUCK!

Totally dropped the ball.


But I did have a date night in with my husband, featuring take out and Top Gun (can you believe I’d never seen it?!) Tom Cruise was smokin’ hot.


The next morning I made heart-shaped pancakes with Lil’ J, which were also nothing like they were on Pinterest. To my defense, I used a 10-grain mix from Thrive. Super healthy, but not super easy to cook in the shape of a heart. It really didn’t matter to Lil’ J though, she thought they were way awesome and made me feel like the coolest mom ever.


Anyway, I refused to let Valentines Day go by undocumented for my little one. It’s his first one after all! So Sunday I dressed him up, and kissed him up and took pics for his “First Valentines.”


I may make some felt heart garland, a kiddie craft, and a little outfit then do it again this week. I just can’t let it go. I didn’t even Next year I’ll do better. Rain, shine or snow.


I’m not sure what my lova and I have in store to celebrate the day. We’re working opposite shifts, so we’re hoping to meet up for lunch. Otherwise, this little cutie is my Valentine this year.

We cut out hearts and taped them to the wall in my room for a little impromptu photoshoot.

And we took a few photos outside in the dress I purposely made her extra-large last year so she could fit in it again this year if I was too lazy to make a new one (ding ding!)

I noticed one of our photos turned out super cute and would work as one of those Pinteresty-valentine cards since her arms were stretched out. I photoshopped “Happy Valentines Day” sent it to the hour photo lab, got a box of suckers and exacto-knifed the heck out of them last night. TADA!

Excuse the crappy cell phone photo example.

My husband thinks giving photos of yourself for Valentines day is weird but how else will the kids know who it’s from? It’s not like they can read yet.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Lil’ J’s other pink dress is from Old Navy and her adorable necklace if from Stinkin Cute Dollhouse. I love it, and so does she. I need to get some in spring colors so she’ll be covered for next season.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours XOXO.

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