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I know this is my second baby but I’m determined not to suck at documenting this pregnancy. Lil’ J (formerly known as Spawnie) got a cool baby book from my pregnancy documentation and by George Leechie will too!

Don’t wanna fall behind again so let’s catch up from last week real quick.

KoolAid top: Walmart; Skinny Jeans: Ross; Snickers bar: Lil’ J’s candy tub

We went to Atlanta and Lil’ J got to “trunk-or-treat” which is like trick-or-treating but out of the trunks of cars at church. She had an absolute blast, and it was a great way to get her prepped for Halloween.

While we were in Georgia we spent a lot of time discussing baby names and we don’t agree on too many, and the ones we do agree on we LOVE. I’ll get more into this later but we want something unique-ish. Since Lil’ J has my initials and middle name, I thought it would be cool to name Leechie with my husband’s initials and/or name. We don’t exactly want a “Brian Jr.” So I suggested LaBryon if it’s a boy and we all busted out laughing. Funny thing is, the more I say it, the cooler it sounds.

18 Weeks Pregnant Updates:

Craving: Candy, particularly candy. Which is convenient given the time of the year.

Feeling: Large, but I know I’m going to get much bigger. I’ll have to compare my 18 week photo from last time but I’m certain I’m bigger. I’m well rested thanks to a nice vacation with my family, and getting pampered by my mama!

Contemplating: How I’m going to love two kids equally. I know it’s possible, and I guess it just happens, but I worry sometimes, considering all the love I’ve got bursting for Lil’ J. If it doubles then woah, I’m gonna be one gushy mom. Get ready!

Looking forward to: Ultrasound! Just a couple weeks away. Can’t wait to know that baby is healthy!

Enjoying: Feeling the kicks! Oh my goodness, that reminds me of a tidbit I forgot to add to this letter. Daddy felt baby this week! I can’t be sure he wasn’t faking like “oh yea, cool…” But baby was moving a lot, so I put my hand over where I could feel it, then put his hand there and he says he felt it too!

It may sound strange but I’d like this pregnancy to slow down a bit. I’m almost halfway there and it’s slightly terrifying. I’ll be a mom of TWO in no time!

Halloween Recap

Lil’ J had a blast trick-or-treating. My husband and I both had the night off so it was a lot of fun going around our neighborhood together. She absolutely loved walking up to the houses and saying “TRICK-OR-TREAT” then between houses she’s had us her candy pail and shake her glow stick yelling “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” She got so many compliments in her Tiana costume and she just ate it up.

My husband didn’t want to go to any houses without some kind of Halloween decoration. What happened to houses with porch-lights being ok? I guess he felt like being extra-cautious.

I took a ton of photos as usual. I was wanting to capture a cute one that Kristi described in her Halloween photograph tutorial with Lil’ J at a door getting candy, and the light from inside shining on her face, but since all of the homes we went to had bright porch lights it didn’t have quite the same effect. I think it’s still cute though. It took a few tries, and hiding to the side of the doors like a creepy paparazzi lady but whatever.

When we got home like a good mom, I sorted her candy. Like a bad mom, I kept the good stuff for myself and only offered her the stuff I don’t like. Good thing she likes Skittles.

Happy belated Halloween!

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