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A few years ago, if you would have asked me the “perfect world” situation I’d want for a balance between work and family I would have hands down said working from home.

Oh yea, the kids can play in the background and I can get my work knocked out while they’re eating and napping without the high costs of childcare and the guilt of missing their milestones. Now? Now I wonder who I was kidding.

Helpful tips for being productive when you work at home with kids.

I’ve been mostly working from home since September. Writing for clients at night after my kids are in bed. Getting in posts for my blog while Lil’ J is at gymnastics and my son is napping (today at least) and I’ve learned there’s no way I’m meeting my deadlines for the news station unless I just take the kids to the sitter and get it done at work, or while they’re out of the house.

There are many positives. Once you get a routine down it’s nice to close my laptop and say: “it’s time to be with the kids.” Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and weekends are (for the most part) family time. Wednesdays, Fridays, and every night from 8pm -2am is pretty much when I work. If I stick to the system it’s a very healthy and happy balance. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are times I get to hang out with my baby boy and do “fun stuff” like craft, or shop. If I need to catch up on sleep, or work, it throws off the balance a little, and I’ll work on the weekends, those mornings Lil’ J is at gymnastics, or when my husband is off.

Helpful tips for being productive when you work at home with kids.

Helpful tips for being productive when you work at home with kids.

If things get REALLY out of wack, sometimes I’ll attempt to work when my kids are home and awake, but it usually ends in disaster, with me getting frustrated about interruptions, my daughter feeling ignored, and my son injuring himself on something.

Despite the difficulties I must say I can’t imagine it any other way. I can’t imagine going back to an office and set hours five days a week. I can’t imagine my kids being in a daycare full-time. I also can’t imagine giving up all of the writing, reporting, and career-stuff I am doing.

Helpful tips for being productive when you work at home with kids.

This isn’t meant to be a brag-fest, but I guess words of encouragement and guidance to my 20-year-old self and anyone out there wondering…

-The grass is usually greener on the other side.
-Multitasking at work is easier than multitasking at home.
-Kids are way more demanding that I ever imagined.
-But they’re pretty awesome too.
-Once you find your groove, write down what’s working and keep at that schedule until you need to change it up again.
-Sometimes you’ve just gotta let things go… Like the upkeep of your playroom.
-Most of all, remember what’s most important. Have priorities and take care of those things first.

Have anything else to add?

Helpful tips for being productive when you work at home with kids.

And just because I think more people need to see this video of my brilliant dog, and adorable kids, here’s Snoop’s IQ test (and make sure you watch the cute montage with the kids at the end).

I’m passionate about documenting little moments with my kids, and sometimes that means making sure I’m captured in those moments too.


I want my kids to know I was there goofing off alongside them, and not always be remembered as being behind the camera. I think a lot of moms face the same problems I do with this… My husband isn’t always here when I want him to take pictures for me, and he certainly doesn’t take the initiative on his own. And when I do get his help, he’s usually not enthusiastic about it, and the pictures don’t always turn out, bless his heart.

Nevertheless, I make it happen. Now I enjoy taking photos with my kids on my own and I’m here to share my tips for taking self-portraits with your kids.

First, what you’ll need:
A camera (duh), preferably one with a timer and/or remote response.
A remote control compatible with your camera.
A tripod, or something to balance your camera on.

1. Take time to set up. The first thing I do is get my camera set up on my tripod in a nice prime position aiming toward a spot my kids and I will be sitting. If I’m indoors, I try to pick a place that is well lit by window light. I get as much prepared beforehand, so the kids don’t have to wait while I fumble around and change my settings.

10 tips for cute selfies with kids

2. Pre-focus. I try to do this one of two ways. In once instance I’ll set the camera’s lens to manual focus, then aim at my daughter or son, who is sitting where we’ll be, and focus on one of them. Or, I’ll leave my lens on auto focus, and use my camera remote.

3. Use a and remote timer. I switch my remote to the 2 second timer setting so once I hit the shutter button on the remote, I have two seconds to hide it before the photo snaps.

4. Snap away (a lot). I’m sure to take several different photos and poses before going to check my camera to see how they’ve turned out.

10 tips for cute selfies with kids
5. Let your kids take the photo. It’s fun for them to get involved and push the button. It an also make for some cute outtakes.

6. Keep the shutter speed up and shoot closed. I try to keep the shutter speed above 100 in case the kiddos have the wiggles, and the aperture higher than usual. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting some of you out of focus.

7. Shoot wide. It’s easier to shoot wider than necessary and crop the photo than to try to aim the shot tighter and hope to get it just right.

8. Take a variety of angles/ emotions/perspectives. Raise your tripod up, and move it around after you’ve gotten some you like, play with angles.

9. Sit close together. Get snug! Hug, touch, cuddle. And keep snapping! I tend to like the sorta “candid” looks by making faces and sounds at my daughter between pictures. But it’s fun to take some all looking at the camera too. You can even make them into a “photo booth” style with your timer.

10 tips for cute selfies with kids
10. Have Fun. This of course is most important. Don’t stress about it, make it a fun event, and show your kids how they look in the digital previews.

My daughter loves taking pictures, but she especially loves taking pictures with me, or her brother. The ones I take myself with them aren’t usually as striking as the ones I take of them alone, but I cherish these just as much, if not more, because they capture the love I have for them.

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