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Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

Dear Jennifer,

It’s me. I mean you. You’re 32 now. I know that seems SO OLD but listen, it’s so much better than you think. You’ve been through a lot. And learned quite a bit. So trust me when I tell you, middle school and high school are just a blip in your life map. Dare I say an insignificant one for you.

Things get so much better. You just missed a few awesome things and some kinda lame ones. Like fidget spinners (don’t ask I still don’t get them).

Period panties are a thing now. No, seriously. Yes, they work. Yea, go ahead and be jealous. It would be great to have an extra pair of those in your bag right about now as you wait for the big day, right? In all seriousness, your period is an awesome thing! You’re a woman, and you don’t realize this now but it’s something you’ll be very thankful for later in life. Just embrace it, and remember the word THINX in a decade and a half. And keep them in mind for your daughter (you have two!).

Another thing you just missed in your tween years: Social media. A blessing and a curse… you’ll love it but be glad it wasn’t around for your youth. Trust me, people are getting busted left and right for dumb things they said. Luckily your tween and teen years aren’t preserved on the internet.

Now I want to give you some advice because you’re going to go through some tough times and I know if I knew then what I know now, it could have made so many things so much easier.

First off, you are and will be loved. So much. Don’t even fret about boys. You really and truly don’t need a boyfriend before you graduate high school. I know that sounds so lame. But I promise you, you’ll find so many better ways to fill your time than by worrying about guys. Besides, your husband (yes, SPOILER ALERT!: You get married!) is leaps and bounds above any of the guys you know now. And yes, he’s hot.

Speaking of people you know now… You won’t know many of them later. So all the worrying you may do about what people think of you? Pointless. Life gets so much better and the people who laugh, poke fun, or annoy you now… You won’t even remember most their names in 10 years. You’ll remember your best friends, and stay in touch forever. Treasure them.

Do yourself a favor and learn this very important lesson now: Don’t compare yourself to others. I know the way the system is set up this is hard. You were cut from the dance team, you compete in public speaking competitions and compete for first chair in band. Just remember that you don’t have to be the BEST at everything. You just have to be the best YOU. Develop your own talents and lean in to who you really are.

That brings me to my next point… Embrace your whole self. I know you don’t feel like you fit into any particular crowd, and you stand out from a lot of your friends. You will never blend in, so stop trying. The sooner you accept who you are and love your whole self, the better. Cause newsflash: You’ll never really fit in anywhere. But that’s ok because the world needs you just as you are. A little weird, and big hearted.

There is so much to learn. Never stop asking questions, pushing boundaries and dreaming big. You’ve always had big ambitions that won’t change. As you learn to stay focused you’ll knock your dreams out of the park.

You’re awesome! So be awesome!



What would you tell your 12-year-old self? Leave a comment letting me know! And use the code “Jennifer10” to get $10 off THINX and THINX BTWN!

Boys, period talk, and other things I wish I’d known. I’m sharing it all in an open letter to my 12-year-old self in partnership with THINX. Plus a special code for you guys! Use “JENNIFER10” to get $10 off THINX at checkout!

Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

As mothers our dream is to give our kids a better childhood than we had right? It’s only natural to want that.

For me, middle school was hard. It wasn’t terrible, but it still sucked for so many reasons. For one, that’s when my period started. I’m not one of those people who can pinpoint exactly when I joined the club, but I know it was in that range. I do remember being young and naive to think I’d been missing out on something cool. There had been chitter chatter amongst girls asking if they’d started yet. Young ladies would do hand-to-hand tampon passes like secret drug deals and I wanted in on that.

What I didn’t realize was how incredibly annoying it was.

I’ve gotten super super personal on this blog before but it’s been a minute and you’re about to know me a whole not more. Dudes, avert your eyes, come back tomorrow. Or stay if you want, whatever.

It took me a while to join the tampon club. Like YEARS. I had those parents who thought it was inappropriate to put anything in your vagina. So I was left to the mercy of maxi pads and prayer that aunt flow wouldn’t overflow while I was at school before I could get to the restroom. Mind you I was an athlete, had after school activities, gym, etc etc… You know how hard that can be, and how as tweens/teens we aren’t always them most prepared. Accidents happened, it wasn’t pretty.

Now that I’ve had many years of period experience, learning curves, and two daughters (woah, that’s still weird to write) of my own, I know I’m going to do things differently.

Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

For one, we’re going to talk about it–We DO talk about it. Periods, though messy, aren’t a bad thing. I don’t play the “oh that’s just candy” game when my kids ask about tampons or pads. And I want it to be an experience my girls feel comfortable with.

I’m SO thankful for new tools available today that weren’t available for me when I was young. Menstrual cups and get this… Period panties! What I would have given to have an option like this.

I started using THINX right before SURPRISE! Sneaky arrived. I had a nine month break but they came in handy as I was recovering from labor and bleeding six weeks straight. I was able to switch from the mesh hospital panties to slick black undies that had no business making me feel sexy, yet…

Now THINX has a new line called THINX BTWN. It’s washable, reusable underwear made with special technology to absorb your period. They start in youth sizes 9-10 and go up to 15-16. I know what you’re thinking… Those slick sexy black undies you were just mentioning in a smaller size? But no, these actually come in three girlie styles, two colors and one print. Perfectly appropriate for that age.

Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

Genius! A way for girls to relieve some of the anxiety we felt wondering every day wondering if it was going to start and praying we’d notice and catch it in time. No need to worry about bulky pads, things to insert, sticky stuff, or the like.

I’m looking forward to making something I dreaded so much, something my daughters believe is effortless. They can quickly get it handled then get back to living their best lives.

Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

Girls can use these for long days at school, sports practice, and even under leotards or leggings.

Unlike traditional products THINX BTWN are made without harmful chemicals and lined with an organic, breathable cotton. Also, I love the fact that these are helping to eliminate waste. Period undies will last years and save who knows how much disposable products that would otherwise wind up in a landfill. So hey! It’s helping make their future planet a little less messy too.

As a mom a huge goal of mine is to help my kids have better that I’ve had… And for the most part I’ve had it pretty dang good. Period proof panties is just one way I’m planning to make it even better.

Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

You can get THINX BTWN as a single pair to try, or order a a 3-pair starter pack for $59. I have a special code for my readers to get $5 off! Use code “JENNIFER5” at checkout.

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