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Moving During Christmas? Pro Tip: Don’t Do It!

How many more firsts will I get with my kids?

Parents: Stop Answering This Question With “Because I Said So”

Love the Child You Have, Not the One You Wish You Had

How to respond when your kids ask tough questions.

That Time My 7-Year-Old Asked Me About ‘The C Word’

A homeschool day in the life. Our homeschool routine.

Wants and Needs: How to Show Our Kids the Difference

What the Heck is Self-Care Anyway?

Is Santa Real? And Other Questions I’m Dreading This Time of Year

Does Homeschooling Mean Less Friendships? I Think Not

Changing our conversations with kids about alcohol: Having open and honest conversations starting young.

How his simple question is changing our conversation about alcohol

rearview car talking

How Young is Too Young to Talk About Alcohol?

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