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In all of my years of blogging I’m not sure I’ve ever done a gift guide. I mean, perhaps I’ve made a list of things for baby and such, but nothing like this, a list made from pure excitement because I just can’t wait to surprise and delight my daughter with some of these things.

My daughter joined an all star cheer quad this year and officially became a competitive cheerleader. We went from “Hey, I want to try that!” to practices four nights a week, countless private lessons and lots and lots of fees. She loves it though, so it makes all the time and money worth it.

I’ve been compiling a list of best gifts for competitive cheerleaders for a few months now. I searched for such list a while back but could only find cutesy team gift ideas for cheerleaders versus individual gift ideas for cheerleaders that you may want for Cheerleading Christmas gifts, birthdays or whatnot. I decided I would organize my own list that will help someone else who is on the same hunt.

I’m breaking this down into cheerleader gift categories such as clothing, stunting, workout/stretching and tumbling. I’ll also throw in some stocking stuffer ideas. Feel free to let me know if you have gifts your cheerleader loves that I should add!


Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

AirTrack air mat: An inflatable tumbling track you can use indoor or outdoors. Get multiple ones or an extra long size for longer tumbling passes.

Ankle straps: To help with technique and keeping legs together while tumbling.

Tumbling mat: Another tumbling mat option to help with cheer training at home.

Jumps and Conditioning

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

Ankle weights: Practice jumps with these to help get them higher once you take them off.

Stretch rope: It attaches to a door and allows your cheerleader to pull and hold their stretches on their own. Helps improve flexibility.

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

Kinetic bands: We use these to help with jumps. Practice your jumps with the bands attached to add resistance. Once you take them off, you’ll soar.

Stunting/ Balance training

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

If you’re tired of using a paint can or that old brick, these are a few flyer balance training gift ideas. Each of these will give cheerleaders a chance to practice balancing on one leg a safe distance from the ground.

Fly Right: A stunting balancing technique with coils at the top to simulate what it feels like to be up in the air. Adjustable to different heights.

Cheer Balance Trainer: A more solid stand for cheer flyers to practice balancing.

StuntStand: A popular flyer balancing tool for cheerleaders, giving them the sensation of being held.


Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders

Nike Pro Shorts: A popular athletic shorts brand perfect for cheer practice.

Compression shorts: I love looking for different styles and designs of compression shorts. It seems like she can’t have enough activewear these days.

Cheer tanks/shirts: Simple t-shirts and tanks are totally fine to cheer in, but some with a little cheer flair can add a nice touch. Crop tops are hot right now. But my daughter is younger and sticks to the tees and tanks.

Sports bra: Like the shirts, comfortable sports bras can go a long way. But a cheer-specific one is a fun gift idea.

Stocking stuffers

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

Cheer bows: This is just one of those things I’m not sure a cheerleader can ever have enough of. My daughter is required to wear a cheer bow to every practice so I bought a dozen assorted bows to have on hand for emergencies, or to match different outfits. She also gets a new bow now and then to celebrate milestones. For instance I got her a personalized Beast Mode bow when she did her first back handspring by herself.

Makeup: Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick or even just nail polish… Makeup is a hit with cheerleaders of any age, and it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Candy: Ok, so it’s not cheer specific, but who doesn’t love getting surprised with their favorite candy and the boost of energy that comes with it?

Other fun gifts for cheerleaders

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

BowBox: Keep your competition cheer bows from getting crushed with this stylish hard-case bow box.

So there you have it. My list of best gifts for competitive cheerleaders. I have plans to get my new little cheerleader many of the gifts on this list this Christmas. Which will your cheerleader like best? Am I forgetting anything?

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

Some things never change I tell ya. I always go into the holiday with good intentions to finish my holiday shopping early, take a bunch of Christmas photos, send out my holiday cards and have everything wrapped and ready a week early. I start with my kids and make a list for all who we need to shop for. Then a few weeks pass and then before we know it we’re a week out and I’m still where I was a month ago. What can I say–I’m a chronic holiday procrastinator.

The one thing that throws a kink into my holiday planning every year is our anniversary, just two days before Christmas. Considering we’ll be getting a way for a couple of days to celebrate, that cuts my Christmas prep time down to three days. Yikes!


So far I have the kids items picked out: Something they want (from Santa), something they need, something to wear and something to read. None is wrapped yet. Actually most is stacked in boxes near my front door. But I’m hoping to let the kids visit with Granny for a little while os my husband and I can go through the gifts and start wrapping today.

I still need to shop for my parents, sisters, my husband and my son’s preschool teachers. I also need to pick up a book for his gift exchange. I also have a work checklist, food to buy/prepare, some Christmas lights to see and songs to sing, and some things to plan to get ready for our anniversary… But other than that I’d say we’re pretty good.

When possible I like consolidating my shopping and hitting up places where I can get gifts for multiple people. Sears is one place I love because I can use their app to order my items then use in-vehicle pickup to grab my order without having to go into the store, or waiting days for it to get shipped to my house. Here’s a video I made of the service in action so you can see how quick it is. It’s convenient, and awesome for
avoiding the holiday shopping crowds.

Despite the long list of things I have left to do, this still is my favorite time of year. I kind of love the chaos. The clock is ticking but somehow it’ll all come together like it does each year. And Christmas day will (hopefully) be as magical for my kids as it was for me when I was their age.

Christmas Cleanup: Biracial brother and sister love

Are you a last-minute shopper like me, or are you already done? Leave a comment letting me know something you’d like to get last-minute from Sears.com/gifts and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to Sears!  

*I’m passionate about spending quality time with my family and I love it when stores make that easier for me by making shopping, faster, easier and more affordable. That’s why I’ve partnered with Sears for this post. Be sure to check out Sears.com/gifts while you’re working on your holiday shopping and give their free in-vehicle pickup service a try! 

For the first time in more than 10 years all of my sisters and I are together for the holidays. The gathering kind of fell together as last-minute surprise for my mom. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw my sister Heather walk through the door.

There is so much laughter and smiles all around, and the little cousins are having a blast playing together.

I’ve been adjusting my Christmas gift list a bit since my niece will be joining us Christmas morning and I want her to have just as magical of a morning as our two. So that means a bit of last-minute shopping.

We went to the mall, which was pretty much a nightmare days before Christmas we started with Build a Bear, which is becoming an annual tradition for my mom to take them.

Then we went down near Santa to let the kids take a spin on the Santa train. I let Big T take a bonus ride because he was having so much fun.

Cute cousins

Afterwards we headed to Sears to pick out a few more gifts for my sister. She is one of those healthy-eating loves-the-gym type gals so I picked out a couple things along those lines. It was painless picking it out but the crowds didn’t make all of the shopping so easy. I’ve been spoiled with their Reserve it and In Vehicle Pickup options.

Christmas is best spent with those we love and I’m blessed to have extra loved ones around this year.

There will be cookie-making, carol-singing and present-wrapping over the next few days. And my 11th anniversary in the middle of it all.

Hoping the holidays are as merry and bright for your and yours and that you are also surrounded by those you love!

Sears knows how tricky last-minute shopping can be so they’re helping me give a gift away to one of my awesome readers. Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card.

This story was written in partnership with Sears as a part of the Sears Bloggers Squad. Find great gifts at Sears for those who matter in your life. And be sure to visit Sears.com to shop from the comfort of your own home and then use in-vehicle pickup and have all of your items brought straight to your car (also works for returns and exchanges)!

She says: Where’s the Pirate Booty? I thought it would be right by the Cheetos?
He says: I don’t know.
She says: Ok, can you ask that guy right behind you if he knows?
He says: No.
She says: But he works here!
He says: Maybe they’re over here…

They say men don’t like to ask for directions. My husband doesn’t like to ask for help. He’ll ask me, but I’m special. But ask a stranger for directions? A friend for a hand? An expert for help? Nope. Nope. Nope.

If we go to a store in search for something that seems hidden, he has the patience to walk back and forth (or go home empty handed) before asking an employee where something is.

Asking a salesman which washer/dryer combo is best would be out of the question for him. Which is funny because I’m the total opposite. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I want to ask a bajillion questions from someone who is more informed on the subject.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

My mom and my daughter are my partner in crime when it comes to this. When I go shopping with Lil’ J and I need assistance, she becomes my little bloodhound sniffing out someone with an employee badge or shirt.

Yesterday I was at the mall with Lil’ J to pick up a dress I ordered her from Sears, and I noticed they have new “Meet With an Expert” signs in their appliance department. Now you don’t have to look far for help making a decision. I didn’t need help picking out an appliance, but there were plenty around to ask for help locating the pre-order pick-up section of the store.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

I could have used in-vehicle pickup but I parked on the wrong end of the mall because Lil’ J wanted to see if Santa was there. So with help, we found the little pickup area and I typed in my phone number on a touch screen. Less than two minutes later (there was a timer) a man walked out from the back room carrying the dress I had ordered online just an hour earlier.

We are going on a Polar Express ride after Thanksgiving, and a Disney Cruise (shhh, still a surprise) a week after that, and I thought the dress would be perfect for both occasions. The look on her face when he walked through the door holding the red Christmas dress was priceless.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

Nothing like seeing your child beam like this!

It’s fun shopping with her (without her little brother, mind you), but it’s even better when I can run in and out–Or even better, just wait in my car, while someone brings my online shopping items to me.

Now that’s what I call customer service. And it’s the kind even my husband can appreciate.

*Here’s the dress I bought for Lil’ J on sale for $24. What kind of shopper are you? Do you ask for help or tough it out? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to in a $25 gift card from Sears!

Giveaway ends next Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

This story was written in partnership with Sears as a part of the Sears Bloggers Squad. Check out the hot appliance deals and more during the Veterans Day sales event taking place until November 14th. And be sure to Meet With an Expert while you’re there to help with your shopping. For more information about that service check out Sears.com/ExpertAdvice

Have you ever tried to try on clothes while you shop with your kids? It’s pretty hilarious right?

It usually plays out something like this: I miraculously manage to stave off meltdowns while I grab a selection of things I’d like to try on. The dressing room attendant watches as I wheel up with my kids and tells me I can’t bring my shopping cart in the dressing room. Great. I opt to take a risk and run in quickly anyway, hoping my son and daughter will be entertained by Elmo’s latest YouTube video.

Before I can get my pants unzipped my son has chucked my phone to the side, signaling he’s through with that song. He’s making the motions to watch the Wheels on the Bus video instead. I select that song then resume taking my pants off, and grabbing the new pair I want to try on. Mid-shimmy into them my son is also doing a shimmy under the dressing room door, making his escape.shopping-with-kids

He planned this he whole time, didn’t he? He knew I grabbed the wrong size pants.

I grab his leg and pull him back under my side of the door, and decide I’ll have to try again another day.

There are typically two ways I love to shop for my clothes. I like to shop online and I like to shop at an off-price department store where I can grab a gazillion things at once and either try them on really quick at the store, or take a chance and try them on at home.

When Big T was smaller I could push him into a big stall at the store and try on my max-6-items at Ross, but I had to be lightening fast if I didn’t want him to get upset. Nowadays I can forget it, because he’s discovered he can fit under dressing room stalls and escape back into the store.

I know it seems like I’m complaining about shopping with my kids a lot lately. And I don’t mean to scare anyone who isn’t there yet. To be honest, it really wasn’t bad at all with my daughter. Something about having a second kid—Well, a second kid who loves to run away and take part in anything that could be dangerous, that makes it extra hard. Before this phase it wasn’t so bad. And I’m sure it’ll get better.

Until then, I try to find other ways to make things easier. Sometimes that means going shopping when my husband is off to be home with the kids. And sometimes I take my chances with online shopping, and hope the item fits and looks good on me.

If I were to come up with an ideal situation, I’d be able to browse online for items I think I’d like to buy, choose the sizes I’d like to try on, and they set them aside and have them ready for me when I get to the store. This is an ideal situation that’s available starting now when you shop at Sears.

Don’t ge it? Watch this:

Their new Reserve It service allows us to shop from the convenience of our home, then put items on hold that we’d like to touch and feel in the store, so you can try it before you buy it. They’ll hold it for 48 hours and when you arrive at the store, it’ll be set aside for you and ready to go.

I can’t wait to give it a try, along with their in-vehicle pickup service. And I hope these are services other stores will pick up on soon, so I can enjoy shopping with my kids again sooner rather than later.

Do you use dressing rooms with your kids? Have any advice for making it through? Does Reserve It sound like something you’d use?

*Thanks to Sears for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions (and typos) are mine.

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