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little girl doing box jumps in a garage man cave

My husband’s Man Cave is almost perfect

5 Days Until Christmas and I Still Need to…

Santa and kids photoshoot gift guide for meaningful gifts

I’m Taking a New Approach to Christmas Gifts This Year

Capturing the beauty of childhood: Tips for photographing children. How to photograph kids.

A Quick Phone Call Uncovered a Family Treasure

A Math Lesson at The Mall: A New Kind of Mother Daughter Trip

How Daddy Time is Strengthening More Than Just Their Bond

All I Want for Mother’s Day is… (My Weirdest Request Yet)

Biracial siblings Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures

Texas Bluebonnet Pictures and Other Reasons I Love Spring

A New Year We Hope to Make Better Than the Last

Can’t Beat Cousins for Christmas

Cute biracial siblings- Whimsical photos with Santa Claus- behind the scenes

Christmas Gifts or New Traditions: Which Counts More?

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

‘Hey, Let’s Ask for Help!’: He Says/ She Says

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