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Dress: Target; Blazer: Forever 21

Dude, I’m feeling so weird lately. I’m like a backwards Jennifer. All of the things I used to love seem to be boring the crap out of me lately. And all of the things I used to avoid have been at the top of my list.

For example, my job lately feels like groundhog day. Every week FLIES by with tasks and deadlines. By the time I finally get to take a sigh of relief and a break, my weekend is over an it’s back to the grind. Granted, I worked something like 16 hours of overtime a week ago,  that could be a big part of my exhaustion and “done” feeling. I’m counting down the days until my Christmas vacation. I’m not going anywhere but I plan to pack my schedule with fun Christmas activities and baking. Yes, baking! … What has gotten into me?

This week, instead of enjoying my evenings taking photos and blogging about my life, I’ve taken to cleaning when I get home. Wednesday I cleaned for five hours straight, with little breaks to play with Lil’ J (she did surprisingly well entertaining herself). I cleaned my livingroom, kitchen, bedroom (unpacking that final box that had been sitting in the corner since April), Lil’ J’s room, hung blinds, new drapes, and mopped. Then last night I rearranged our TV stand and moved (pushed, don’t worry) our old one into our bedroom. It’s a strange manic mood that’s keeping me up til 1-2am.

I’m so excited about Christmas it’s not even funny. I can’t wait to see the Christmas lights, read the stories, and sing the songs. All the while I feel like this baby, and this pregnancy aren’t getting as much attention and excitement as it should.

Is this the start of the second-child syndrome? Will his/her baby books not be as cool or complete? (Actually Lil’ J doesn’t even have one either, so that’s a big NO) . I’m 19 weeks pregnant and sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant! When I was pregnant with Spawnie, that baby never left her special spot front and center in my mind.

I’m more excited to set up Lil’ J’s big girl room than I am to decorate another nursery. I don’t want to know the baby’s sex mostly because I’m SO excited for the surprise at birth, but partly because I want to limit the amount of shopping and planning I’ll want to do before s/he arrives.

I feel so GUILTY!

I’m really and truly so excited for this baby but I feel like my outward display of excitement comes off as unenthused. Maybe I need to look at newborn pics of Lil’ J for a refresher of what’s to come. Maybe Monday’s ultrasound will make it all sink in again and be just the kick I need to be like “WOOHOO BABY!” and shout it from the rooftops. Or maybe my emotions are normal.

I wonder what it’s like when it’s your third, fourth, fifth time being pregnant. Do women just get so used to it, it becomes an ordinary phase of life?

Hopefully my backwards self will turn around soon cause the planning, anti-cleaning, peppy cheerleader inside of me is ready to get this show on the road.

I know this is my second baby but I’m determined not to suck at documenting this pregnancy. Lil’ J (formerly known as Spawnie) got a cool baby book from my pregnancy documentation and by George Leechie will too!

Don’t wanna fall behind again so let’s catch up from last week real quick.

KoolAid top: Walmart; Skinny Jeans: Ross; Snickers bar: Lil’ J’s candy tub

We went to Atlanta and Lil’ J got to “trunk-or-treat” which is like trick-or-treating but out of the trunks of cars at church. She had an absolute blast, and it was a great way to get her prepped for Halloween.

While we were in Georgia we spent a lot of time discussing baby names and we don’t agree on too many, and the ones we do agree on we LOVE. I’ll get more into this later but we want something unique-ish. Since Lil’ J has my initials and middle name, I thought it would be cool to name Leechie with my husband’s initials and/or name. We don’t exactly want a “Brian Jr.” So I suggested LaBryon if it’s a boy and we all busted out laughing. Funny thing is, the more I say it, the cooler it sounds.

18 Weeks Pregnant Updates:

Craving: Candy, particularly candy. Which is convenient given the time of the year.

Feeling: Large, but I know I’m going to get much bigger. I’ll have to compare my 18 week photo from last time but I’m certain I’m bigger. I’m well rested thanks to a nice vacation with my family, and getting pampered by my mama!

Contemplating: How I’m going to love two kids equally. I know it’s possible, and I guess it just happens, but I worry sometimes, considering all the love I’ve got bursting for Lil’ J. If it doubles then woah, I’m gonna be one gushy mom. Get ready!

Looking forward to: Ultrasound! Just a couple weeks away. Can’t wait to know that baby is healthy!

Enjoying: Feeling the kicks! Oh my goodness, that reminds me of a tidbit I forgot to add to this letter. Daddy felt baby this week! I can’t be sure he wasn’t faking like “oh yea, cool…” But baby was moving a lot, so I put my hand over where I could feel it, then put his hand there and he says he felt it too!

It may sound strange but I’d like this pregnancy to slow down a bit. I’m almost halfway there and it’s slightly terrifying. I’ll be a mom of TWO in no time!

Halloween Recap

Lil’ J had a blast trick-or-treating. My husband and I both had the night off so it was a lot of fun going around our neighborhood together. She absolutely loved walking up to the houses and saying “TRICK-OR-TREAT” then between houses she’s had us her candy pail and shake her glow stick yelling “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” She got so many compliments in her Tiana costume and she just ate it up.

My husband didn’t want to go to any houses without some kind of Halloween decoration. What happened to houses with porch-lights being ok? I guess he felt like being extra-cautious.

I took a ton of photos as usual. I was wanting to capture a cute one that Kristi described in her Halloween photograph tutorial with Lil’ J at a door getting candy, and the light from inside shining on her face, but since all of the homes we went to had bright porch lights it didn’t have quite the same effect. I think it’s still cute though. It took a few tries, and hiding to the side of the doors like a creepy paparazzi lady but whatever.

When we got home like a good mom, I sorted her candy. Like a bad mom, I kept the good stuff for myself and only offered her the stuff I don’t like. Good thing she likes Skittles.

Happy belated Halloween!

Woohoo! Here I am, all caught up now, 17 weeks pregnant (on week 18) and posting my most recent update. I never thought this day would come after all that first trimester pregnancy fatigue but I stuck it out and kept taking photos, then slowly made my way through editing. Now that I’m feeling better and the energy is coming back I can function at multiple things once again.

Sweater: Express; Yoga Pants: Amazon; Necklace: Banana Republic

So here’s how I’m feeling NOW at pregnancy week 17!

Feeling: STILL dealing with headaches, but not as frequently, or they’re at least slightly more manageable. I have SO much more energy, which is awesome. I can stay up a little longer and be productive. I’m excited to get to sewing and crafting and organizing in the baby room. I’m also excited to get my photography back up and going too. I forgot to note the obvious in this letter… Aside from french fries I’m LOVING Nutella, which I just discovered about a month ago.

Nursery Prep: Nada. But I have about three theme ideas for the nursery which I’ll blog about soon cause I’d love your thoughts.

Sibling Preparations: We haven’t done much yet but try to explain that there’s a baby in my tummy, which I think she’s starting to believe since my stomach is getting noticeably bigger. I want to get some books soon that help explain it to older siblings. If you have suggestions feel free to share!

Boy/ Girl Predictions: I’m still thinking boy. We scheduled our ultrasound for November 19th and the hubs is tempted to find out, but after a heart to heart he said he’s ok not finding out and that it “doesn’t matter.” I also think the more he hears other people demand to know the less he wants to find out early. He is hoping and predicting boy. I’m predicting boy as well.

Other Notes: Crazy pregnancy dreams have begun. I had a dream that I woke up to go to the bathroom and a jellyfish tentacle looking thing was hanging between my legs. When I pulled it by baby and her sack fell into the toilet. I picked her up, and even though she was full newborn sized I was extremely worried about her prematurity and insisted we rush her to a NICU. I woke up relieved but also thinking ‘oh, here we go!’

So excited to meet this kid in a matter of months!!

Pink Top: Papaya; Workout Shorts: Target; Necklace and Earrings: Burlington

Pregnancy Week 13 Summary: Hearing his/her heartbeat was the most exciting thing this week. It was a lot slower than I remember Spawnie’s being. I think hers ranged from the 150s-170s maybe? I’d have to look it up to be sure. Leechie’s was in the 130-range. Since I recorded it I sent it to the hubs (or so I thought) and to my mom, who quickly replied saying it’s not a girl.

When I called my husband and asked what he thought of the heartbeat, and he told me he didn’t get it, I checked and realized I accidently texted it to the wrong number. So I may have scared some poor guy in Utah into thinking he’s having a baby he didn’t know about.

My energy is coming back a bit. I don’t feel as uninterested in everything as I have, and I don’t feel quite as lethargic. Being able to make to-do lists again is huge because I love them.

Sweater Top: Ross; Jean Capris: Old Navy; Headband: Icing; Necklace: Icing

Pregnancy Week 11 Summary: Still sick and tired. Nuf said? Oh, and I’m predicting boy. Here I was pregnant at 11 weeks with Spawnie.

For real I’m catching up this week. Once and for all. I’m almost done editing this weeks and I’m going to post these all through this weekend. Promise! Ok? Here we go again!

Dress: Target

Pregnancy Week 10 highlights: SERIOUS cravings, but aversion to breakfast tacos, which is sad.


Pregnancy Week 9

Skirt: Papaya; Top: Ross; Necklace: Icing

Pregnancy Week 9

Feelin’: Sick, queasy, and way tired.

Craving: Grapes, and any other cold fruit. Sprite, and other fizzy lemon drinks.

News: Announced Baby #2 (still working on a quirky nickname).

Sex guess: Split. I feel pretty much like I did with Lil’ J except maybe more tired. But that could be because I’m more busy with a toddler. So maybe girl since I feel similar. Another 7 months ’til we find out!

And I don’t mean that in a good way. Pregnancy week 6, 7, 8, and 9-11 have been kicking my butt.

A few weeks ago I lamented my laziness and lack of domestic skills. Truth is, I’m lazy with just about everything right now and the thought of doing anything I don’t HAVE to do, makes me nauseous.

If I were to sum up the first couple months-ish of pregnancy I haven’t been blogging about it would be like this: L-A-Z-Y!

Top, belt, cardigan: JC Penny; Black skinny jeans: Ross; Necklace and earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

When people hear you’re pregnant they want to know if you’re feeling sick, or puking. But I’m not sure many people who haven’t been pregnant truly understand the serious fatigue pregnant women feel, especially in their first trimester (and last, but by then everyone knows you’re tired and done with being pregnant).

When I get home from work it takes SO much effort to do anything else. I can’t remember the last time I went to the grocery store. I’m learning to be resourceful because I don’t even feel like going back out for food. I scrounge for cans of soup, raviolis, pasta, frozen dinners, ANYTHING that only requires me to microwave, boil or stick in the oven.

When my friends invite me to do things it takes great willpower to not decline. A few days ago a friend invited us to go to an inflatable playground then dinner after and I was extremely proud of myself for going. I had worked from 4-1, took a nap from about 2:30-3:30, then picked Lil’ J up from school and we went straight out to play. Had my friend not invited us out I would probably have overslept and confined us to our house for the afternoon. Like I have pretty much every day before and since then.

I’m not a huge proponent for kids and TV, not that I’m hugely against it either, I just usually find us out doing other things… But that’s not the case right now. Sesame Street, Disney movies, and yes, even that crazy Yo Gaba Gaba show are my saving grace right now. When I get a day off, and she wakes up early, I can make her a quick breakfast, turn on a show, and if I’m lucky, sleep an extra hour. I’m not a bad mom, I’m just pregnant, and I’m pretty sure that gives me a pass for a little while.

When I get home from an early shift, and I’m exhausted, I ask her if she wants to watch a princess movie (of course she does) and I can sit with her, and teach her the songs.

To my credit, in between our marathon television watching I do try to add in some craft time, puzzle time, games, or toy-playing time but overall, I’m just being a clump of lard.

I seriously don’t know how people have more than two children… Unless the second and first keep each other busy so you can rest more. And remember how I wanted them just two years apart? It’s probably a good thing that didn’t happen. Lil’ J is much more independent than she was 6-9 months ago, which makes my neglect less noticeable.

Writing to-do lists are my THING. Or they were. I love lists, and tackling them. But not right now. Surviving work is a big enough feat, and entertaining my sweet child for the remainder of the day is the maximum I can handle. Even taking my camera out of my bag is too much work. Editing cute photos is more than I want to do.

Oh there is still one thing I like… Online shopping! I can manage that. Maybe a little too well. Since I haven’t been sewing and Lil’ J needs new clothes I bought a few new dresses from Adelaide’s Boutique, and some for myself from Motherhood Maternity.

Top: Banana Republic; Jean capris: Old Navy; Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

The thing is, I know I’ve gotta swing out of this. I believe this next year is a crucial time for me. I’m trying to figure things out, pinpointing my passions and goals, and I feel like I’m on the cusp of something new an exciting. Ok yes, the new baby but something else too. I’m flying to NYC today for a special project. I’ll be able to tell you more about it soon, but I’m really excited about it, and hoping it’ll be the kick in the behind I need to figure out what’s next. Don’t let me get into how excited I am to be flying ALONE for the first time in two years. No toddler to tote around, I can sleep if I want, heck, just RESTING will be nice! Oooh I can’t wait.

I was talking to a friend I admire at work last week. He has so much going on an manages to keep successful side projects going on top of his full time job. I told him I have so many ideas but just not enough time to execute them. He said “you’ve gotta make time.”

Now telling this to a pregnant mother with manic tendencies isn’t exactly healthy, but it sent a little spark to the dormant pre-preggo mom deep DEEP down inside who managed to do everything I’m doing and so much more.

I’m not mad at the current me for wanting to be lazy. I’ll give her a few more weeks. But then it’s time to get to work. Because by the time we reach maternity leave, we need to have some balls rolling, and be gettin’ some bidness done.

One thing I have actually been working on are my weekly pregnancy updates (as seen above). I’m current on taking them (I’m at 11 weeks now) but not current on editing them all. I hope to catch up on the ride to/from New York. I was inspired by several different pregnancy documentation ideas. I liked the project pregnancy weekly shirt idea, but didn’t want to wear the same thing every week, like I did last time, and whatdoyaknow–I didn’t feel like making a shirt. Ultimately I decided to try something similar to this project. Except I started much earlier and I’m taking all of these photos myself, in my bedroom, no studio or lights. Just a tripod and remote. If anyone’s interested I may post a tutorial later on in my pregnancy, once my energy comes back!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to sleep!

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