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I don’t even want to dwell on the fact that I may never be pregnant again. I loved being pregnant. Both times. Nausea, cankles and all. It’s such a short and special time in my life and I wanted to document it as best as I could.

When I was pregnant with my son I had a couple of maternity sessions. Including a boudoir session. I also took my own selfies once a week to document my growing belly. I had quite a few people ask me how I made these images and I promised I’d do a tutorial. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of my pregnancy letters project with Big T. It’s also a great demo of going from looking great to grungy, but whatev… Weekly Pregnancy Love Letters

5 weeks pregnant

Still no baby! It’s ok. I has a feeling my due date would come and go. But at least this time there’s some action going on contraction wise.

I celebrated my due date with a prenatal massage that may or may not help kick things into gear, and my mom and sisters arrive this Saturday. I’m really having fun relaxing these last few days and setting up the last bit of the nursery.

It dawned on me that this was my last Monday as a mom of one! By this time next week I’ll have a baby for sure, and be a mother of two. Talk about mind blowing!

Here’s last week’s photo. I’ll take my 40 week today hopefully. My feet are seriously that fat, and the photo is a little blurry cause it’s quite difficult to balance on one leg while nine months pregnant.

Cosmetic (yea they’re fake, but oh so stylish!) glasses: c/o 39DollarGlasses; Top: Uma Tunic c/o Yala Designs

My calls to the full moon didn’t help last night. I did feel some contractions that I’d rate maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10 (compared to what I’d rate an 11 when I was on pitocin).  So more than Braxton Hicks, but definitely not full-blown labor.

It’s ok though because I was up anyway frantically trying to finish sewing Lil’ J’s Easter dress. If I had had the baby it wouldn’t be done. Lil’ J had an Easter egg hunt at school today, and it’s her last day, since she’ll be home with mommy and daddy during our maternity/paternity leaves, so I wanted her to have something special to wear.

I bought the pattern from Adelaide’s Boutique for anyone who’s wondering. I LOVE her dresses, and was so stoked when she released a pattern for the style I most often buy.

I was sewing pretty fast and in a groove but then I ran out of elastic thread right at the end, and couldn’t find the rest of it anywhere! I contemplated running to the store at what was 3am, but didn’t want to alarm my husband. So I found a dress I hadn’t finished yet and picked the elastic thread from that dress, to use on her Easter dress. It was a very annoying and tedious process that had me up until 5am! But it all was worth it this morning when she asked to see the dress I had been sewing and couldn’t wait to put it on.

It was kinda a bummer because it was on track to be the fastest I had ever sewn a full dress, and the first time I never needed to use a seam ripper for mistakes, and I ended up having to rip out multiple seams for the stupid thread. Anyway, it’s behind me, and I’m going to stock up on that stuff now.

Since the full moon has passed, and I saw that as my one opportunity to go into labor early, I’m no longer expecting it to happen… Ever. Or at least until I’m induced. But that’s ok. It’s a win win. My mom and little sisters will be coming to help with Lil’ J in a week, and if I’m going to be late, it’ll be nice to have them here. If I go into labor on my own, that’s ok too I guess.

For all of your procrastinators who still haven’t guessed on Leechie’s arrival date… I asked the good people over at WhatsInMyBelly.com to re-open the pool til Sunday night. So you have a couple more days to get your guess in and win $50 if you’re the closest.

If you don’t want to sign up on the site but still want to enter, just write your guess in the comments including your guess for 1. baby’s gender 2. birth date/time 3. birth weight 4. birth length 5. hair color 6. eye color. I’ll enter your guess for you.

And here’s last week’s photo. I’m almost completely caught up on editing these. Finally, right here at the end. I can’t wait to meet this kid!

Whelp, it’s a full moon tonight, so if any night is a night to have a baby a little early you’d think maybe it’ll be tonight, right? A friend of mine had mentioned the full moon the other day and it’s had me dreaming about it since. My standing outside at night, willing the gravity of the moon to send me into labor.

It didn’t even work in my dreams so I’m not counting on being so lucky tonight, but we’ll see. Although my due date is Monday I’ve mentally set it for a week from Monday so I’m not disappointed… And so I can keep procrastinating the stuff I still need to get done.

Here’s another pregnancy update letter from a couple weeks ago. Almost caught up on sharing these things!

The countdown continues. And to be honest it really doesn’t feel like I’m so close to having a baby. I mean, the huge stomach, occasional contractions and uncomfortable pressure in my groin does remind me, but it’s really weird to think I’m having this baby at any moment… At the latest, in just under two weeks.

I haven’t had much progress as far as dilation or thinning out. Stupid cervix. But I know that can change whenever.

Lil’ J is getting extra excited about the baby, asking about my doctor’s appointments, if I’m “checking on the baby,” and she just loves lifting my shirt up and looking at my belly, talking to the baby, singing to the baby. I think she is going to be a spectacular big sister.

Here’s a slight blast from the past, a few weeks back. Lil’ J wanted to be in the photo with the baby. And she wanted to accessorize us with princess crowns. I told you my yoga pants made a return. I’ve basically had a pair on every day the last 3 weeks.

Ready to be completely bombed with photos of my pregnant self? This isn’t even the half of it when you consider all the maternity sessions I’ve had done too… I’ll be sharing of those soon. So I kinda have sucked at documenting this pregnancy on my blog. Like sucked super bad. But I’m glad I’ve still been journaling for this little one to read some day. It’s just been a process getting them all edited and posted in the same week. I’m finally caught up and ready to do a big pregnancy update! Hopefully weeks 33-41 (I’m expecting to go late) I can share on a weekly basis.

A couple other things… Remember that New York trip I went on a while back that I couldn’t share more info about yet? Well, now I can! I’ve partnered with The Birds and the Bees to talk about Today’s Modern Family. I was on a panel with four other amazing women (including Rosie Pope!) to talk about family planning, balancing home life with career, and why I decided to take the plunge and become a mom at a young age. The other women have had different experiences and journeys but all have a special story to share. You can read all about them and watch out interviews here.

Also, you’ll see in my letters to Leechie that our gender guesses have been all over the map! My husband is now team pink (as far as guessing, though he tells me he hopes it’s a boy) and I’m still team blue. If you’d like to make your guess count (sorta), you can join our pregnancy pool over at WhatsInMyBelly.com. They’re featuring Little Leechie’s pool and sponsoring a $50 giveaway for the winner who gets the most points in guessing the gender, birth date, weight, etc. I’m also trying to see if I can line up another sponsor or two to sweeten the deal a little more, maybe for a 2nd and 3rd place winner. They also did a Q and A with me, and I shared some of the craftiness I’ve been up to with the take-home outfit(s), which I haven’t had time to share here. SORRY! I’m such a boring blogger these days. Part of it is because I’ve been re-hired as a BabyCenter blogger (I’m currently giving away $125 to Target, so go enter!) and that takes up a bit of my blogging mojo. I’ll try to do better.

And finally, I haven’t written out the post on how I do these photos but I did make a video tutorial that I’ll embed in a detailed tutorial post soon, but if you just can’t wait any longer, here’s the video tutorial. Hope that helps a little. Now check out how this baby has grown over the last six weeks!

Dress: Target; Blazer: Forever 21

Dude, I’m feeling so weird lately. I’m like a backwards Jennifer. All of the things I used to love seem to be boring the crap out of me lately. And all of the things I used to avoid have been at the top of my list.

For example, my job lately feels like groundhog day. Every week FLIES by with tasks and deadlines. By the time I finally get to take a sigh of relief and a break, my weekend is over an it’s back to the grind. Granted, I worked something like 16 hours of overtime a week ago,  that could be a big part of my exhaustion and “done” feeling. I’m counting down the days until my Christmas vacation. I’m not going anywhere but I plan to pack my schedule with fun Christmas activities and baking. Yes, baking! … What has gotten into me?

This week, instead of enjoying my evenings taking photos and blogging about my life, I’ve taken to cleaning when I get home. Wednesday I cleaned for five hours straight, with little breaks to play with Lil’ J (she did surprisingly well entertaining herself). I cleaned my livingroom, kitchen, bedroom (unpacking that final box that had been sitting in the corner since April), Lil’ J’s room, hung blinds, new drapes, and mopped. Then last night I rearranged our TV stand and moved (pushed, don’t worry) our old one into our bedroom. It’s a strange manic mood that’s keeping me up til 1-2am.

I’m so excited about Christmas it’s not even funny. I can’t wait to see the Christmas lights, read the stories, and sing the songs. All the while I feel like this baby, and this pregnancy aren’t getting as much attention and excitement as it should.

Is this the start of the second-child syndrome? Will his/her baby books not be as cool or complete? (Actually Lil’ J doesn’t even have one either, so that’s a big NO) . I’m 19 weeks pregnant and sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant! When I was pregnant with Spawnie, that baby never left her special spot front and center in my mind.

I’m more excited to set up Lil’ J’s big girl room than I am to decorate another nursery. I don’t want to know the baby’s sex mostly because I’m SO excited for the surprise at birth, but partly because I want to limit the amount of shopping and planning I’ll want to do before s/he arrives.

I feel so GUILTY!

I’m really and truly so excited for this baby but I feel like my outward display of excitement comes off as unenthused. Maybe I need to look at newborn pics of Lil’ J for a refresher of what’s to come. Maybe Monday’s ultrasound will make it all sink in again and be just the kick I need to be like “WOOHOO BABY!” and shout it from the rooftops. Or maybe my emotions are normal.

I wonder what it’s like when it’s your third, fourth, fifth time being pregnant. Do women just get so used to it, it becomes an ordinary phase of life?

Hopefully my backwards self will turn around soon cause the planning, anti-cleaning, peppy cheerleader inside of me is ready to get this show on the road.

I know this is my second baby but I’m determined not to suck at documenting this pregnancy. Lil’ J (formerly known as Spawnie) got a cool baby book from my pregnancy documentation and by George Leechie will too!

Don’t wanna fall behind again so let’s catch up from last week real quick.

KoolAid top: Walmart; Skinny Jeans: Ross; Snickers bar: Lil’ J’s candy tub

We went to Atlanta and Lil’ J got to “trunk-or-treat” which is like trick-or-treating but out of the trunks of cars at church. She had an absolute blast, and it was a great way to get her prepped for Halloween.

While we were in Georgia we spent a lot of time discussing baby names and we don’t agree on too many, and the ones we do agree on we LOVE. I’ll get more into this later but we want something unique-ish. Since Lil’ J has my initials and middle name, I thought it would be cool to name Leechie with my husband’s initials and/or name. We don’t exactly want a “Brian Jr.” So I suggested LaBryon if it’s a boy and we all busted out laughing. Funny thing is, the more I say it, the cooler it sounds.

18 Weeks Pregnant Updates:

Craving: Candy, particularly candy. Which is convenient given the time of the year.

Feeling: Large, but I know I’m going to get much bigger. I’ll have to compare my 18 week photo from last time but I’m certain I’m bigger. I’m well rested thanks to a nice vacation with my family, and getting pampered by my mama!

Contemplating: How I’m going to love two kids equally. I know it’s possible, and I guess it just happens, but I worry sometimes, considering all the love I’ve got bursting for Lil’ J. If it doubles then woah, I’m gonna be one gushy mom. Get ready!

Looking forward to: Ultrasound! Just a couple weeks away. Can’t wait to know that baby is healthy!

Enjoying: Feeling the kicks! Oh my goodness, that reminds me of a tidbit I forgot to add to this letter. Daddy felt baby this week! I can’t be sure he wasn’t faking like “oh yea, cool…” But baby was moving a lot, so I put my hand over where I could feel it, then put his hand there and he says he felt it too!

It may sound strange but I’d like this pregnancy to slow down a bit. I’m almost halfway there and it’s slightly terrifying. I’ll be a mom of TWO in no time!

Halloween Recap

Lil’ J had a blast trick-or-treating. My husband and I both had the night off so it was a lot of fun going around our neighborhood together. She absolutely loved walking up to the houses and saying “TRICK-OR-TREAT” then between houses she’s had us her candy pail and shake her glow stick yelling “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” She got so many compliments in her Tiana costume and she just ate it up.

My husband didn’t want to go to any houses without some kind of Halloween decoration. What happened to houses with porch-lights being ok? I guess he felt like being extra-cautious.

I took a ton of photos as usual. I was wanting to capture a cute one that Kristi described in her Halloween photograph tutorial with Lil’ J at a door getting candy, and the light from inside shining on her face, but since all of the homes we went to had bright porch lights it didn’t have quite the same effect. I think it’s still cute though. It took a few tries, and hiding to the side of the doors like a creepy paparazzi lady but whatever.

When we got home like a good mom, I sorted her candy. Like a bad mom, I kept the good stuff for myself and only offered her the stuff I don’t like. Good thing she likes Skittles.

Happy belated Halloween!

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