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“Run run! Get ready!!” My kids screamed as the timer on the camera counted down from 10.

“HURRY!” My oldest daughter screams. My son giggles alongside her as they strike up a silly face.

My EOS M50 begins a rapid beeping sound and flashes a yellow light before snapping this picture:

We try again. More screaming and laughing ensuing.

Mother's Day photo with a mom and four kids. Mother's Day interview questions.
A mother posing with her three kids. Mother's Day questions to ask your kids each year.

Rinse and repeat until we all eventually cooperate and get these gems.

Questions to ask your kids every mother's day. A mom posing with her three kids.
Some Mother's Day Interview Questions for kids. Mom posing with her children.

At arm’s-length I was able to snap some pretty sweet selfies in auto-mode.

Mother son photo. Questions you can throw out to your kids each mother's day.
Mother and baby photo.

The goal wasn’t to get the most perfectly posed flawless pictures, but snapshots we can look back at and cherish.

Next I did something I want to push myself to do annually… And I highly recommend doing this at least once. You know those questionnaires our kids fill out around Mother’s Day? I love reading the silly things my kids answer about me. But you know what’s even better? Hearing them!

I set my EOS M50 camera up on my mini tripod and rattled off a series of Mother’s Dat interview questions. Lee Lee even got in on a few.

So this May make it a goal to get in the picture, and record some video moments with your little ones too. I promise you’ll thank me later. And if you want to use the same questions we used you can download our free Mother’s Day Questions printable here.

Happy Mother’s May!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canon USA. The opinions and text are all mine.

I vividly remember being obsessed with lockets as a kid. Anyone and wearing one in my vicinity dealt with my reaching hands pawing to open it and see if anything was inside. Most of the time I was let down. Nothing was inside.

I loved the idea of having pictures of someone you love inside a necklace. You could open it and stare at it all day. Show them off when you’re out and about. And carry him over your heart.–Ok, so I’ve always been a bit of a romantic.

I’d almost forgotten about this fascination I had as a little girl until Hallmark wrote and asked me to pick out a special piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day. I was scrolling down their new collection at Kohl’s and was instantly drawn to a locket. I was finally going to get one! And it was going to be everything I’d always wanted as a kid.

When it arrived I was stuck by how beautiful it was with the jewels on the front and inscription on the back. Then I opened it up and pictured my pictures inside and got all giddy.

But my giddiness began to fade a little as I struggled to figure out how to actually get photos inside. ‘Now I see why everyone’s lockets were empty’ I thought.

Printing the photos took some trial and error getting the size just right. Luckily I have a photo printer and lots of photo paper on hand. Choosing the photos to go inside wasn’t easy either. I really couldn’t print any photos with more than one person in them because they’d be too small to make them out. So I had to narrow it down to two people instead of three and as much of a romantic as I am at heart, the two spots went to my kids. It’s ok though because my husband LOVES it.

In the middle of the process I had a moment where I thought ‘In an age where I have a thousand photos of my kids on my phone, why am I even doing this?’

Then finally I got the sizing right, and I slid the photos side by side in my necklace and felt a sense of satisfaction. Or was that relief?

The real joy came when I called my kids over to look inside and my daughter joyfully pawed at the chain around my neck to see what was inside. And she smiled to see a picture of herself and her brother. I’d come full circle. But this time, I have something I could pass on to her someday. I’ll teach her how to place the pictures, and maybe someday she’ll wear it around her neck and her daughter will admire the photos inside.

I plan to update the photos every year near Mother’s Day.

The idea of a locket may seem a little outdated, but there’s something sweet and nostalgic about it. It’s not necessarily a way to say “Oh, you want to see my kids? Here they are!” But another way I keep them close to my heart. And hopefully what was once a sweet obsession that started when I was a little girl will become something special we pass on.

I love starting new meaningful traditions with my family, which is why I partnered with Hallmark and Kohl’s for this post. Hallmark Jewelry at Kohl’s is a great Mother’s Day gift. If lockets aren’t your thing, that’s ok because there’s a lot more styles. The heart-felt jewelry is made with quality materials and has a sentimental message to share with someone special (or keep for yourself). Check out the jewelry collection here. 

The perfect gift for any mom. #giftsformoms #mothersdaygifts


I recently polled my Facebook friends to see what came to mind when they think of me, or my blog. Some of the most common responses fell around photography, making fun memories with my kids, advocacy and Disney.

It’s true, I’m a rock star when it comes to photographing my kids. When it comes to backing up my photos, I’m borderline obsessive. But when it comes to printing, enjoying and displaying said photos, I’m a failure.

Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

There are certain times of the year this becomes extra apparent to me. Mother’s Day is one of those times. I love sentimental gifts and displaying our photographs and it’s the time of year I really try to get on the ball and print something for myself, and especially for our moms.

I’ve sworn to get better through the years. I have a great system for organizing my pictures. All I need to do is drag those folders into a digital photo book program. That last step has just been too much for me. The idea of choosing which photos I like best, arranging them the way I like, adding cute little embellishments here and there… It doesn’t happen often enough.

Well Shutterfly reached out to me to try their new Make My Book Service, which basically allows you to dump in up to 800 photos (I thought I would easily break this limit but I didn’t even hit 400), tell the designer how you want to arrange them (you into embellishments or nah?) and how many photos you want them to use (ALL of them or only the best?). They can also watch out for duplicates for you.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

Listen, I was really worried about trying it out and telling you about it in time for Mother’s Day because like I said, I drag my feet when it comes to designing photo books. I’m a procrastinator. And this just isn’t one of those things you want to wait to do when you’re trying to make something special for mom.

But I sat my booty down and did it, and it was easy, and I didn’t die, or cry, or anything like that. The Make My Book designer did the hard part of arranging all the photos and they were in order like I liked. I just went back and changed the layout of a few pages because I like fewer borders and more photos. And then boom! Done!

The best part is forgetting you ordered it, then you get a bright orange package on your door and know exactly what it is. You open it and squeal because there are your sweet family’s faces on the cover staring back at you.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

My daughter nearly snatched it out of my hands as I opened the book, and we both sat, smiled and laughed as we looked at all of the memories we made over the last year.

I left the book on the counter waiting for my husband to see it when he got home. He was telling me a story and the hard book stopped him in his tracks.

“Oooh!” he said as he opened it. “That’s a good picture!” He said, pointing to a photograph we took together before a football game last year. Watching him look through the memories was just as fun as looking through it myself.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

My husband isn’t on Facebook or Instagram and doesn’t read my blog. So he doesn’t get to see most of the photos I take through the year.

“Now this is a gift,” I thought. “One we’ll always cherish.”

It’s also a gift that will keep on giving. Photo books are like brag books for grandparents (not to mention parents). I’m excited that the hard work is done and I can re-order the book for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day (though I’ll probably slip in a few more photos of other cousins and such). One personalized gift, three happy moms.

What are you giving your mom or mother-in-law for Mother’s Day? Do you like personalized gifts?

Shutterffly make my book service review. A perfect Mother's Day gift. Even if it's last-minute.

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Make this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift that says it all.


Like clockwork Mother’s Day appears on the month’s calendar, my hubs asks what I’d like and I have no ideas for him. It isn’t until a month or so later that I’m like “oh yea, how about a…” And I throw out something I realize I’d like.


I mean really, you never really can go wrong with a massage. Granted, actually finding the time to go to the spa and cash in on that massage is another story. But this year? This year I’ve got a different idea for Mother’s Day and I knew exactly what I wanted. A few things actually. The only thing is they’re more bizarre than ever. Really random actually. Get ready.

1. Window Tinting


I just got my new car and I am craving some paparazzi windows. In my mind it’s cause I’m a Boss but really it’s just so people don’t notice my erratic dance moves as I’m belting Disney tunes down the road. After a few strange glances in my direction my husband was totally ok with this idea. I tried to tack on subwoofers but since I’m not 17, and this ain’t pimp my ride I guess that’s not happening.

2. A Drone

This is probably even stranger than my first request. Ok, definitely more strange. I love videography and playing with different techniques and a drone just seemed like the next thing to get to play with so I can be all…

If I thought the expression on his face was funny when I convinced him about window tinting, it was even more hilarious when I said a drone would be a great gift. I showed him the one I picked out at Sears and he told me to go for it.

I placed the order and almost immediately got a notification that it was ready for pickup. I told myself not to play with it until Sunday, but I was excited to pick it up early since I’m heading out of town for a few days.

I know I’ve mentioned before how easy and convenient in-vehicle pickup is at Sears but I thought telling you might not be as convincing as showing you, so here’s a video of how it goes down.

See?! Just a minute and 15 seconds and here it was. From the store, to my hands, without needing to leave the car. Great when I don’t want to drag the kids into the mall.

3. A Robot Vacuum

I’ve wanted one for YEARS, I still want one, but my husband was not going for the price tag. Maybe next year if I’m lucky or we become high rollers. Each year the features on these things keep improving: Wifi, control with an app, intelligent scanning! Before I know it these things will be flying and taking out the trash too.

So that’s my random Mother’s Day wish list in true last-minute form as usual. But it just goes to show there’s still time if your hubby is slacking on your gift, or you’re still deciding what to get your mom. Ordering online and scheduling in-vehicle pickup at Sears makes it so easy!

I’m definitely like my own mother–a techie-mom who loves electronic gifts. I have friends who are more fashionable, or into fancy cook wear and stuff like that. Sears has it all.

What are you hoping for for Mother’s Day?

Find a great gift for your wife or mom at www.sears.com/allformom. As a bonus, shoppers that use Sears In-Vehicle Pickup for their online purchases between Tuesday, May 3 and Saturday, May 7 are automatically entered for a chance to win a $5,000 Sears gift card! Alternatively, you can also click on and enter the Shop Your Way All For Mom Sweepstakes at www.sears.com/allformom.

*I’m a procrastinator and find thrill in waiting until the last minute to shop and still managing to pull it off, which is why I partnered with Sears on this post. All opinions are my own.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the moment I became a mother the world as I knew it was forever changed. The smell and weight of this tiny human in my arms made me feel like a new person with so much responsibility. I felt so happy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

With my son the story was much the same. I was so excited to meet the little guy and just as quickly as he came into the picture, it felt as though he had always been a part of our lives. We had no idea he was a boy, and the huge grin on my husband’s face at the realization made the moment even more special.

They were definitely two of the best days of my life.

Fast-forward three and a half years, and the day I became a mom is a pinnacle of my life. I love the tiny people they are becoming, and feel so blessed to be their mom.

When it comes to keepsake home videos I’m in charge of making them happen for our family. In the past I’ve made some for my husband with our daughter, but I want to be sure to be in some as well.

I recorded some moments with my kids, and gave Lil’ J a little Mother’s Day interview about her mommy. Big T can’t answer the questions just yet but I didn’t want him to be left out. One of my favorite things about him is his little raspy laugh. He’s had it since he was a newborn and I can’t get enough of it. So he’s on here just doing what he does best… Being cute.  Here’s our video:

If you want to make something similar for Mother’s Day, or any other day for that matter… Here are some fun interview questions for kids:

11 interview questions to ask your kids about you. Perfect for Mother's Day or other times of the year where you want to see what they really think of you. Number 6 could get some really cute responses.

1. Describe your mom.
2. What do you love most about your mommy?
3. What is your mommy’s favorite thing to do?
4. What’s your favorite thing to do with mommy? Why?
5. What does mommy like to play with you?
6. What does mommy do that’s silly?
7. When you’re scared or sad, what does mommy do to cheer you up?
8. If you could go anywhere with mommy, where would you want to go?
9. What do you do that makes mommy laugh?
10. What does mommy do to show you she loves you?
11. Why do you love mommy?

And going a step further, I thought it would be awesome to ask my own mom questions about Motherhood and document it in my journal.

Here’s a list of 20 questions to ask YOUR mom about motherhood:

20 questions to ask YOUR mom. An awesome questionnaire to document family history or put in your journal. Number 11 would get some really interesting answers from my mom.

20 questions to ask YOUR mom. An awesome questionnaire to document family history or put in your journal. Number 11 would get some really interesting answers from my mom.I made a printable you can take and add to your journal. You can download it here.

What did you think of Lil’ J’s answers? I’m a little disappointed she only loves me to the moon (right before I started the camera she held up her fingers about two inches apart to demonstrate how much she loves me, but then outstretched her arms as far as she could to show how much I love her), but what can ya know… Kids say the darndest things.


If you’re still shopping for Mother’s Day ideas check out my eBay collection boards. I selected a variety of gift ideas, including some fun techie and journal ones that can help you make family keepsakes. Also, you can’t go wrong getting her one of these.

This was number 19 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

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