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Why is it so difficult to keep things in perspective?

I think there’s an exception when you’re a young child. Things don’t seem as dire when you’re five and your attention span is shorter than a puppy’s at a park.

But once you hit the teenage years it’s all over. Prom feels like life’s be-all-end-all, and sometimes it’s just hard to remember there’s life after high school.

Same thing goes for college. Sort of. Except we think we are SOOOO smart, and we are making plans for the future, but we actually think those plans are going to play out exactly the way we say they will.


Enter marriage and motherhood. When I was pregnant, I thought deciding whether or not I was going to have an epidural was the biggest decision of my life up until that point. As was breastfeeding, and what kind of diapers I used.

Now that I’m out of a haze of delusion I understand those first kid, second kid, third kid jokes. You just ease up and chill out more with each subsequent kid. You gain perspective.

To the teen who worries about having a date to prom–Go, have fun, enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself and not what others think of you. Because in 10 years, you’ll look back and realize you’d only kept in touch with one or two of the people in your group.

To the growing pregnant woman first off–You look amazing!– Secondly, take a deep breath. You have people’s opinions flying at you like bugs on a windshield but the only one that really matters when it comes to you and your baby is your own. Trust your gut. You can do this!

To the tired new mom who feels like she doesn’t know up from down. You rock! Motherhood isn’t as easy as we thought, but it’s a beautiful challenge. I wish someone had told me they also went to work with two different shoes on and didn’t sleep much when their baby was young.

How to photograph your newborn

To the mom struggling at bedtime. You’ve got this! I wish someone had told me the beauty of a night time routine; a walk outside, a bath, some gentle baby massage, and “brushing” those little baby gums with Baby Orajel™ Tooth and Gum Cleanser can calm everyone down and help prepare both you and baby for a more peaceful night.

To the mom who feels like her kid is never going to get the hang of potty training– I’ve been there. They’ll get there. Your child won’t forever be in diapers.

To moms like myself who are striving to teach our little ones to read without losing our ever loving minds.–We will get there. They will get there. In their own time.

In a century we may not be on this earth (unless someone discovers the fountain of youth before then). So let’s not spend too much time worrying.

I’ve got this.

You’ve got this.

We’ve got this!

This post has been sponsored by Baby Orajel™, however all opinions are my own.

Remember how before kids you were young and fun and have plans every weekend? Well, maybe some people still maintain that fun lifestyle but I’ve gone the boring route. Yes. I think I’m officially entering old and boring territory. My husband has been there for a while (sometimes I think he was born that way). But I’m entering that realm and I’m not sure what I think about it.

I laugh to myself when friends ask me what our weekend plans are because it’s almost always the same–Hanging out at home.

Sometimes we’ll get a little crazy and venture out to do some shopping or hit up the outlet malls. But more than likely we’re at home, maybe watching football or playing in the back yard.

This weekend was no different.

We are homebodies. And I’m not ashamed.

But… BUT… We do make our time at home interesting from time to time.

For instance, my daughter’s absolute favorite thing to do is to darken the room, have daddy build a fort, then watch a Disney movie (or a BYU football game).

Our Cougars played this weekend so we were due for a fort and I decided to help this time.

I told the kids to wait and play in the playroom and enlisted my husband’s professional help so we could surprise them. I had a brilliant idea to use my tripods to add height then went all out with twine and clothespins and lights and layers and layers of sheets. Not to toot my own horn but I actually did a pretty good job.




When they came in the room to see it their faces lit up and they were excited to climb inside.

“This is AMAZING!” Lil’ J said. She praised my work and asked just how much her daddy helped me.

The kids climbed inside and I joined them with a snack. We cheered during the exciting game that went back and forth. When we were down Lil’ J said the game was a “disasterpiece” and couldn’t wait for it to be “middletime.”


At “middle time” we practiced reading and the kids played in the fort. I wound up falling asleep inside it before the end of the game but woke up to catch the game-winning play.


We spent all weekend in that fort. I’m talking eating, sleeping, playing, watching TV. This was partly because I couldn’t bare to take it down and partly because it was General Conference (a semi-annual televised service for my church) playing and this made watching it more entertaining.

It was just another ordinary weekend at home–But hyped up with a dose of imagination and flare. It may seem boring to some or even to myself 10 years ago, but it’s our life and we’re enjoying all of it.







My family loves making the most of ordinary moments which is why we partnered with Life Cereal on this post. A big thanks to them for sending us a “homebody” kit that fits our personalities to pimp out our forts and make lasting memories. And for inspiring families to cherish those every day moments and Enjoy all of it.

Build a fort together. Activities to do as a family.

This week I watched the Gabby Douglas Story on Netflix and was amazed by her passion and drive at such a young age. Watching a child who started out as a poor young girl doing cartwheels in the house to Olympic gold medalist is nothing short of inspiring.

As I watched her story I kept telling myself ‘some people are born to do what they do.’ They may be walking around with a dormant talent waiting to be discovered. And once they get a taste of their innate passion, they become unstoppable.

tiny ballerinaGrowing up I wanted to participate in any and every club I could get my hands on. Odyssey of the Mind, Girl Scouts, geography club, you name it. But once I discovered public speaking and broadcast classes, I knew I had found my place.

I soaked in the nightly news and practiced sounding like the anchors and reporters. Reading stories to my siblings and classmates was never a chore, but a chance to hone my skills.

By the time I got to high school and college, I was well aware of what I wanted to do and looked out for any and every opportunity to get myself closer to my dream. It was nothing short of an obsession. It paid off in a full-ride scholarship and career I’m still enjoying while raising my family.

I can only hope that my children are as passionate about something as they grow up. That intense desire and focus can help keep kids out of trouble, and concentrating on what they really enjoy. But how do you cast a wide enough net without overscheduling everyone?

tiny ballerinaLil’ J is currently enrolled in a gymnastics class twice a week as well as a ballet/tap/tumbling and a hip hop class. After months of begging me to try ballet I finally obliged, but then she told me she would like to do a hip hop class after seeing me do mine, and taking family Zumba together. The gymnastics is just a part a mother’s morning out program I desperately need, but she’s really getting into it.

Part of me wonders if I’m going overboard, and another part of me wonders when we’ll notice that spark of passion in her. How long does it take? Should we try a musical instrument next? Or a sport like softball? WHEN WILL SHE TELL ME SHE WANTS TO BE AN OLYMPIAN?

Just kidding.

Supporting our tiny gymnastI don’t care if my kids are the best at something, but I do hope that they find something they love. That something that they wake up thinking about and go to bed dreaming about.

My kids might never have a Netflix documentary about them, but I hope to help document their excitement as they discover what they were born to do.

Do you have a passion? I really curious how common it is. Has your child found theirs? 

Every time I sit down at my desk to work the bright gold-foiled word “HUSTLE” framed to my left urges me to get to work. I’ve always pushed myself to work hard, and incidentally, that usually means through the night.

I used to stay up late working on my resume or portfolio while plotting my next internship. These days I’m staying up late sewing clothes for my children or editing a home video for fun.


(1 of 2 dresses I stayed up late sewing this week I shared the other here)

In college I was on top of my game. I won more than a dozen awards for my storytelling, and scholarships for my dedication. My dream was to become a prime-time anchor in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, or to get hired as a CNN correspondent… Whichever came first.

At 21 I was the youngest news anchor in Austin, TX. I was off to a great start and only had plans to rise quickly from there. I’m not saying this to boast—Far from it actually. Because my lofty goals completely switched gears shortly after settling into my new gig and becoming a mother.

A few years later not much had changed with my career. I hadn’t won any more awards, and younger talent continued to move into town. I felt like my resume was a reflection of my glory days, and I was so far away from this now. I’m tempted to say I’ve gone backwards. I’ve wasted six perfectly good years that I could have used to continue to climb the ladder towards my ultimate dream. Part of me feels like I’m letting so many people down—People who invested in me, encouraging me to go for it. Not many people know what they want to be when they grow up as early as 7. I did.

hanging on to mommyAm I taking a break from it all to raise a family? Or have my dreams completely changed? I used to get excited about things like scooping all the other stations with an exclusive interview with the district superintendent. Now I am thrilled when my baby waves goodbye, and by the fact that my daughter just drew a picture of people and for the first time it actually resembles people.

“LOOK AT THIS!” I declared to my husband, shaking the crayoned paper in his face “She drew eyes and hair and everything!”

I recently listened to a Motivational Monday vlog from a woman who urged us to stop being competitive. I’m an extremely competitive person, so touched me. The woman said if you must compete, compete against yourself. Be better than you were yesterday, and strive to be that person you dream to be 10 years from now.

Instead of looking at other friends I graduated with in high school or college doing things I see as bigger or better than what I’m doing, I’m beginning to look at myself and ask how I can become the woman I want to be. How can I push myself to be better?

Then, looking deeper into my dreams and aspirations—It wasn’t the lights and cameras that had me excited about being a newscaster. It’s always been the ability to tell stories that’s charmed me. That’s what I love about my career, what I’m still doing, and what I hope to continue to do.


I love meeting new people and asking questions (that’s where my daughter gets it from!) I love taking their stories and sharing them with the world. I love helping my community with the stories I tell. Even if the story isn’t Emmy-award-winning, each and every one has a special place in my heart.

I was born to be a storyteller. Born to journal as much of this world as I can, from my perspective. I was born to leave a mark in history for countless people I meet, and for my own family. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I was born to be a mother.

My dreams haven’t been put on hold; they’ve evolved.

Right now I am living (in the words of Rapunzel) my new dream. I’m doing what I was born to do. And I’m doing it with kids, which might I say, makes hustling 10Xs harder, and 20Xs more worthwhile.

What were you were born to do? Have your dreams evolved through the years?


I’ve created eBay collections with some of the items I love to use for memory-keeping, and storytelling. Each collection featuring hashtag #ImBornTo created now until the end of the month will raise $1 for the March of Dimes. As of writing this post they’ve only raised just over $5,000 so far. We can do better!

If doing something good isn’t motivation enough, you’ll also be entered to win a $5,000 shopping spree. It’s easy to create a collection, I’d be happy to help if you have questions. Check all of mine out here. Once you make one share the link with me in the comments.

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*This contest is sponsored in collaboration with eBay.

My husband and I made an agreement… I get up at 6am, and I can work six hours straight, then he needs to go. Part of me thinks that’s uncool that I’m on the unpleasant end of the schedule, but I’ll take it.

I’m get time to do what I need to do–Yes, and I don’t even have to lock myself in a room to do it (that never really works anyway). I thought of going to my station to write and edit, but even the office has it’s own slew of distractions. I decided to a restaurant with wifi, where no kids (who need me) can bug me, and no one I know will talk to me.

Peace and quiet. Alone time.

I would have never thought that I–The most social person on the planet–Would covet time alone so much.

So excuse me while I polish off my egg mcmuffin and wash it down with OJ. It may be the buttcrack of dawn, and slightly sad how excited I was to wake up and drive to a fast food restaurant to work. But I’m alone, and I’m lovin’ it.

Now that I have all kind of time to blog I can’t seem to stay focused on one thing. From my journal project, to reviews to tutorials… I hope I’m not giving you whiplash. Forgive my randomness. Hopefully it’s just proving I’m a very random, well-rounded person.

Speaking of random, digital scrapbooking is becoming a kind of new hobby for me. It’s strange but I look forward to creating these little doodads. How weird is that? What can I say, I’m a woman who likes to dabble.

Erica has been doing a fantastic job turning my prompts into digital works of art. You can download the fourth week of digital prompts here. They look like this:

crashnotes_31things_week 4

And without further ado…


Surprisingly I think about the hardest part of growing up a lot. Mostly because I don’t want my kids to have a “hardest part of growing up.”

I think the most difficult part of growing up for me was the black hole I fell into sometime during high school. It’s like my brain got sucked into a time warp and I couldn’t see past the present. Everything I dealt with felt like such a HUGE deal. Little did I know there were so many more important things that would come into my life just a few years from then.

Just being a teenager, combined with moving across the country my junior year—After I had just been voted class president—Not easy.

Luckily, I made it through barely unscathed, and I didn’t lose focus too long, but it was a hard time. Because I remember how hard this was for me, I feel like I’m constantly thinking of ways to prepare to make that time easier for my children once they reach that age–even though it’s more than 14 years away.

Side note: The most awesome time was college, but I’ll get to that later.


This was Day 13 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.


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