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When people ask about my plans to homeschool my son I can never give a straight answer. “He doesn’t really listen to me,” I usually say at one point. He doesn’t like to sit and draw, or follow my direction. My daughter LOVED to draw when she was four. She loved to cut and create art and she’d work on any project I’d give her. My son just is not that way. But you know what? He surprised me this week. I grabbed a new workbook I’d had on the shelf for months. It’s a guide to teach your kids to read allegedly in just 100 lessons.

I sat down on a bunch of pillows and asked him to come sit on my lap. I turned to the first lesson and began, half expecting him to run away before I finished the first question. But, he stayed and listened and participated. Halfway through he grabbed his stuffed shark to practice with us. And he asked me to talk in a “shark voice” while we finished. But he was all in. Focused, saying letter sounds and even grasping the concept of following multiple letters and saying their sounds. A skill my daughter didn’t have at that age.

I don’t like to compare them but I think to some degree it’s natural. My daughter is bright, inquisitive, creative and talkative. My son is detail-oriented, playful and extremely silly. One thing I’ve loved about homeschooling is finding out what excites my kids and gets them enthusiastic about learning then tailoring the way I teach to that.

My daughter has shown a big interest in mythology since we’ve been reading the Percy Jackson series. This month my daughter and I have been doing a lot of our lessons surrounding Greek mythology. We tie in spelling words, language arts, hand writing and even science and math. With my son I help teach him letter sounds and addition and subtraction using snacks and his little Cars characters.

On their LeapFrog Epic they both love using their their LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition tablet for entirely different reasons. On her profile my daughter loves to play all of the games that increase in difficulty and adapt to her level as she goes. We don’t have a video game system so all of these new apps are so fun for her. I don’t think she even realizes they are learning games, or if she does, it doesn’t keep her from wanting to play them.

My son though, using the exact same tablet, on his profile plays with it differently. He isn’t as into games yet, or at least hasn’t found one he wants to keep playing over and over. However, he loves the LeapFrog Factory videos. Especially the one with a shark that looses his teeth and they sing and count how many he needs. And another that goes through all of the letter sounds. He’s always enjoyed learning through music. I should make some time to snag it from my kids and play some of the games myself so I can find some I think he would like and set them to the top of the navigation menu on his profile.

Big T is 4 and Lil’ J is 7 and they learn and play in different ways, so it’s not always easy to find a gift both of them love. They both consider the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition a winner and I’m pretty thrilled about that. Now I just have to decide if should add another to the Christmas list or if I continue to let them master the art of sharing.

I’m passionate about getting my children excited about learning. That’s why I’ve partnered with LeapFrog for 2017, to share our journey to making learning fun and inspiring my kids to be the best they can be.  The LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition is a great gift for kids ages 3-9 that love to learn and have fun all at once. New customers also save 25% and get an extended free trial of LeapFrog AcademyTM when they register their LeapFrog EpicTM Academy Edition. Purchase a LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition tablet and signup for a 3-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy, $5.99 per month after the trial period ends. LeapFrog Academy guides kids on a variety of fun Learning Adventures that explore a blend of math, reading, science, creativity, problem solving and social-emotional skills, You can learn more about the program and sign up for a free trial here.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet Academy Edition is the one of the best tablets for young kids. Here's why...

I feel like I know my kids pretty well but they always surprise me. Like when our new LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition arrived I totally expected my son to be the one to hog it and not want to share. He was really excited to open it and take it for a spin, but my daughter is the one who goes to grab it instead of her iPad.

Why? There’s a lot of really cool stuff on it and we’re still figuring it out. But she did sit down to point out a handful of her favorite features on it.

So first watch what she had to say and for those without volume, I’ll break it down below. But first, let me tell you what I’m finding so epic about this LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition so far.


Easily my favorite part of this tablet is the fact that almost everything on it has an educational component. Not only is LeapFrog Academy pre-loaded onto the device, (so my kids can continue their learning adventure there without having to use the iPads with other tempting apps). But even the most basic games that seem purely fun for my daughter have some learning involved. Such as that Stretch Monkey game she loves. She’s also practicing her spelling. Another cool feature is how LeapFrog®, Just for MeTM learning technology personalizes select games to adjust to her learning level.


We’ve been big fans of LeapFrog for a long time, so I was really excited to see that the Epic doesn’t need interchangeable game cartridges to work. It is pre-loaded with dozens of activities and it has Wi-Fi so you can just go to the LeapFrog® Learning Library, and get access to hundreds of games, apps, videos, and music – without having to keep track of all of those game cartridges.


Ok how many phones/tablets have fallen victim to broken screens thanks to a child handler? In our house there have been plenty. The LeapFrog Epic has a shatter-safe LCD screen and protective bumper for everyday bumps.

Ok now back to the things my daughter loves, in case you didn’t already get enough of her adorable review.


Stretch Monkey 2 is a fun game where you pull the monkey back then watch it fling across the screen, and catch different fruits while climbing up buildings. That’s her favorite part. The feature I love is the fact that between each level it gives her a handful of spelling words to practice. This seems to be one of her favorite games so far.

2. Customizable home screen

Immediately my daughter realized she could change around her home screen, move the apps around where she likes and customize her profile. She’s been pretty proud of that and likes to tweak it every now and then re-arranging some of her favorite apps at the top.

3. Story Spinner

Kind of like a verbal version of mad gab where you answer questions asking for different nouns, verbs, sounds etc. Then it plugs all of your responses into a silly story. My daughter and I played this together and we got plenty of laughs.

4. Word of the Day

Just as it sounds, this app reveals a new word every day, and gives you the word in a sentence to give her a little context. There’s also a reward system set up so that each time you get a new word it adds on to a story rewarding you for checking back frequently. I like challenging her to use the word she learns again in a sentence during the day.

There are a few more apps she’s really enjoying right now and if you watch her video you can see what they are!

So there’s that for now. I’m sure over the next couple of months we’re going to discover so much more we love about this tablet. So stay tuned for more updates and some more trial runs with my son as well.

New customers also save 25% and get an extended free trial of LeapFrog AcademyTM with their EpicTMAcademy Edition tablet. They can try LeapFrog Academy TM free for 3 months and continue the learning fun for just $5.99 a month. Purchase a LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition tablet and signup for a 3-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy, $5.99 per month after the trial period ends.

I’m passionate about getting my children excited about learning. That’s why I’ve partnered with LeapFrog for 2017, to share our journey to making learning fun and inspiring my kids to be the best they can be. LeapFrog Academy takes kids on Learning Adventures that guide children around the islands in My World to explore eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music, and art activities. Adventures focus on specific subjects and have titles like Get Ready for Preschool; Letters, Sounds, and Rhymes; Math and Science; and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. You can learn more about the program and sign up for a free trial here.

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