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Dear Family and Friends,

You are being directed to this blog post because once again, our Christmas cards aren’t going to make it in time.

Don’t fear, I’ll break it all down for you here in this swift little brutally honest letter.

2015 provided a lot of exciting achievements for us. Lil’ J performed in her first dance recital and mom survived, earning another half-dozen grey hairs in the process.

This dance season our sole goal has been to make it to practice on time and with all of Lil’ J’s shoes in hand. One week we even arrived before class started! Lil’ J learned a new vocabulary word that day as she asked what “early” meant.

We are so proud because she was awarded with perfect attendance for Kindergarten!… Just before we sailed off on a 7 night cruise, crushing her streak and adding six red marks to her record. We can’t wait to do it again next year.

In other news, our son has finally got over his fear of the toilet. He’s mastered going pee but he’s terrified to poop in the potty. He’d much rather pretend he doesn’t have to go then run away to grunt in the corner.

Daddy continues to collect items for his garage gym and logs many hours working out. About half as many hours as workout video-watching on youtube. Meanwhile my gym card is collecting dust in the back of my wallet and I’m three seasons in on Gilmore Girls.

One low moment this year was when our housekeeper quit. I think our place was just too much work for her. We’re asking Santa for a new one. If you know anyone who is up for the very big challenge please let us know!

Other than that, things are great!

Interracial Family

Our son broke out of his strict diet of plain pasta pretzels and pasta… Basically anything that begins with P when he developed a liking of apples and bananas. I’m hoping we’ll be able to continue on through the alphabet with carrots next.

I hope your year was as wonderfully imperfect as ours was. Sometimes it’s nice to be a little unfiltered.

With Love,

The Borgets

Plum holiday card

Here’s our #ParentingUnfiltered holiday card from us to you. With some of the highlights of our year. I’ll have a “real” (more filtered) version going out sometime after the New Year but you know how I like to keep it real here on the blog.

Make your own #ParentingUnfiltered card at 2015Unfiltered.com. I recommend printing it out and keeping it in your journal next to your real holiday card as a reminder of some of the funniest highlights of your year.

A big thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring this story and creating a fun way for parents to laugh about their crazy year and share how we’re really all in this together. All opinions are my own.

While unpacking one of the last boxes in my home I came across my journal from college. It is one of my most precious possessions because it chronicles the time I started at BYU, met and married my husband, and our first year of wedded bliss.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.I’ve saved old ticket stubs, cards, photos, and other little trinkets from that timeframe. I occasionally will continue to stuff special things inside the journal because it’s a safe of sorts.

I opened it up and started reading a few entries, traveling back in time, and smiling at the memories I otherwise would have forgotten. Notes my boyfriend at the time wrote to me, things I wanted to tell him, what I thought about him when we were getting to know each other and falling in love.

It didn’t take long, a couple of weeks to be exact. And a few months later we were engaged.

I flipped through the pages and read about emails sent just because, phone calls that drug on for hours. Late nights staying up and talking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore and dreams of our future kids. I looked at photos we took together in a photo booth before we had kids, camera phones, or such things as “selfies.” I showed the photos to my daughter and asked her who those people were.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

“Is that you and daddy?” She asked me. Wasn’t it obvious?

“Does it look like is?” I probed.

“Yes!” She giggled at the pictures in her hand. My hubs came in and saw the pictures and had a totally different reaction.

“WOW! I look totally different.” He said. “I had so much more hair!”

“Yea, I pretty much look the same,” I said with a chuckle. He knew it would be better to just go along with it.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

I dug through more of my journal picking out other items I’ve saved through the years, more recently a sparkly pink card. A few years ago I tucked away a Hallmark card that my husband got for me from my daughter for my birthday. You know it’s a special one when you save it. I’m not one of those people who save her cards year after year. Christmas cards are an exception. I’ll use them to decorate during the holidays. But birthday cards, thank-you cards, and whatnot, I just can’t keep them all. But this one was the trifecta of a perfect card: pink, and flattering, with thoughtful words personally written inside.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

My husband isn’t the most romantic guy on earth, but he still manages to surprise me from time to time. And romance isn’t what made me fall in love with him. It was his hilarious personality, his dedication to the people he loves, and his passions, the way he listens to me, and always knows just what to say. His big heart, and kindness. All of which are qualities he’s only strengthened through the years.

It wasn’t like I had forgotten why I fell in love, but sometimes it’s just fun to have a refresher about the way it happened.

Since having kids, creative gifts and romance has become less of a priority for us, but my special journal filled with memories from our lifetime before reminds me of how fun and crazy we once were (now we’re boring old farts).

For the last several years my journal has been here on my blog and I’m STILL not up to date on printing it out. That needs to be a priority this year, and maybe even starting another physical journal. Typing pages is so much easier but there’s something special about flipping through these dated pages and deciphering my sloppy handwriting. And something fascinating about having a place to store special notes and “just because” cards from the ones I love.

Do you or did you keep a journal? Where do you save your favorite cards or letters?


As you know I’m passionate about making and saving memories, I’m partnering with Hallmark to share some of my life’s special moments and occasions. All opinions are and will always be my own.

Next time you’re out getting a special card for someone you love, remember you can earn rewards by documenting your purchase. You can choose whatever you want: gift cards, discounts, or other fun prizes for every 5 cards you buy. (You don’t have to get the card from a Hallmark store, it can me from anywhere!) Just sign up (it’s free!). Click here for more information.

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My son is a cutie pie and my daughter is the sweetheart. She is a talkative little thing (seriously, she never stops unless she’s unconscious), but I know she gets it from me. When the house is quiet and she and I get some one-on-one time, I’m reminded of how absolutely amazing she is. Beautiful, brilliant, and she brightens my day, every day.

My little guy had the spotlight last week, now it’s my girl’s turn. She just turned four in July, and at times, seems to be going on 14.Someday I want her to look back and read about how I see her now.

Here are 10 awesome facts about my daughter that you should know:

10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.1. She is smiling or laughing about 90% of the time.
10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.2. You can speak to her like an adult, and she will let you know when she doesn’t understand a word. Then probably throw that word back at you later in the day. I explained gravity to her while we played with slime and she continued to talk about gravity the rest of the week. 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.3. The people she loves will hear that she loves them about 20 times a day (she loves to let you know). 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.4. She can’t help but cuddle, hug, and snuggle. She’s the most affectionate little girl I know. Hugs mean the world to her. 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.5. When I talk for her dolls or her brother, she forgets I’m speaking for them, and really seems to see them as having a voice of their own. 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.6. When asked what she’d like to do all day, she will usually request we play a game or dance. 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.7. She can sit and color for hours, never getting bored. 10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.8. When she’s not coloring, she’s probably changing her outfit for the 10th time that day (accessorized with clip-on earrings).10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.9. Although she loves chocolate milk, she’ll usually request water over juice, and she dislikes the carbonation feel of soda.
10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.10. Her favorite shows on Netflix tend to be old-school shows I loved like Land Before Time, Magic School Bus, and Dragon Tales. She discovered them on her own.

Like my son, she has the ability to make people smile just by looking at her. She can’t help it, it’s a beautiful gift.

10 awesome facts you should know about my daughter: A cute journal entry and prompt for parents.In case you missed it: 10 awesome facts about my son you should know.

I have two amazing kids I occasionally take for granted. Sure I feed, teach and entertain them on a daily basis, but they teach me a lot too. And when I’m not exhausted or hiding from them in the bathroom, I tend to notice some pretty awesome qualities they possess. Here are a few to know about my son who is just shy of 16 months as of today.

10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs1. He will most definitely blow raspberries on any bare belly he spots.10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs
2. He has the coolest hair of any one year old I know.
3. He also has the most adorable smile, and super long eyelashes (ok he’s just darn cute). 10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs4. When he greets you, it’s with a very deep “Hi!”
5. When it comes to coordination, he’s got it. He has a great arm, and great aim.
6. It’s almost impossible to look at him and not smile. I notice this as I walk with him anywhere.10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs
7. Whenever he’s extremely squirmy while I’m changing his diaper, or not wanting to get into his carseat, I start singing a song… Usually the ABC song or BINGO and he calms down right away. Finally, someone likes my singing. 10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs8. He will take the challenge and slide down any slide, no matter how high. But you have to count to three so he knows it’s his cue.10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs9. He’s a very perceptive people watcher, and can pick up new mannerisms very quickly. He picked up his sister’s dolls, started bobbing them and mimicking the high-pitched voices we use when we play dolls.

10 Awesome things you should know about my son: Baby belly laughs10. He will always join you in laughing at a funny joke. Even if he missed the punchline. (Pictured above laughing with my mom).

Up next: My daughter. She’s pretty awesome too.

I feel so blessed in that I have such a great relationship with my extended family members. My mom grew up as the younger of two children. I just had a phone conversation with her brother—my uncle yesterday. I talk to my grandmother frequently, and even her dad, my great-grandpa. I know many people don’t have the chance to grow up knowing their grandparents, much less have such a great relationship with them.

I consider it a huge blessing to know where I came from, and I want my children to continue to have close relationships with their grandparents, and great-grandparents.

This is a great video blog interview with a 95-year-old great-grandpa, down to his 3-year-old great-great-granddaughter. The five of them answer the same five questions. It’s amazing how their opinions on the same simple topics and vary so greatly. Such a great idea to do with my family!A while back I mentioned a project I was so excited about, well here it is. I was blessed with the opportunity to have 5 generations of my family under one roof (mine!) for a weekend in April. I couldn’t let the moment pass without documenting it. We took plenty of photographs and video, but I wanted to create something special. I thought it would be fun to create a video time capsule, sharing some of our thoughts and opinions on life.

I wrote down five questions for each of us five to answer (there were actually 10 questions but I narrowed it down to share online). It’s amazing hearing the wisdom in the voice of my grandmother and great-grandpa, contrasting with the innocence of my daughter.

This is a great video blog interview with a 95-year-old great-grandpa, down to his 3-year-old great-great-granddaughter. The five of them answer the same five questions. It’s amazing how their opinions on the same simple topics and vary so greatly. Such a great idea to do with my family!Here are 5 interesting tidbits to note about this video:

1. We all have ‘J’ names. In case it’s not clear, John is my great-grandpa, his daughter is Joy, my mom is known in the family as Joy Lynn, I’m Jennifer Lynn, and my daughter… Well you know her as Lil’ J, but she also shares the Lynn middle name.
2. My mom comes across slightly dull in the video at times, but she’s really hilarious, and if you knew her you’d see the humor in her answer to being “funny” (without a smile on her face). She’s silly and sarcastic, and she’s sneaking it in the whole time we’re filming.
3. None of us were camera shy. I guess it runs in the family.
4. My great-grandfather is 95 and now has three great-great-grandchildren, two of them are my children, and one is my 1-year-old nice.
5. This was the first vlog for three out of the five generations. Of course the youngest two generations are already well familiar with YouTube.

I’d encourage you to reconnect with your family members. You never know when you won’t get another chance. If you can, sit down and ask them about their life and record it on video. I promise you it’ll be something you will save and cherish forever.

I also sat down with my grandmother and grandpa and interviewed them, as well as another interview with my great-grandpa and asked them about their history and life. I’ll share some of those at a later time as well as a printable for interview questions for your grandparents.

Let me know what you think, and share with your friends!

I was straightening up in the kitchen when my daughter runs up to me with a folded 10-dollar-bill in her hand.

She says: Here mommy, I want you to have this.
She says: Aww, thank you baby, but I don’t need your money.
She says: Yes, you do. I want you to have it, because I want you to always have money.
She says: That’s sweet baby girl, but it’s ok. It’s your money, you can put this back in your piggy bank.
She says: No, I want to give it to you. Because when we’re at the store and you say you don’t have any money, you can have money.

piggybankIt was then I realized that her generous offer actually had selfish motives.

When we are out and she asks for something I don’t feel like buying, I ask her if she remembered to bring her money. She looks at each of her empty hands with exasperation and frustration.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring my money either,” I tell her. Technically I use my cards but I excuse my fib by thinking of it in a literal sense, and since it’s normally a vending machine she’s making requests at, it’s the truth.

I guess paying me off is one way to make sure she gets what she wants when she wants it.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Utah to visit family and attend my brother-in-law’s wedding. I’m flying out a week earlier than my husband because… Well, because I can now that I’m not tied down to a full-time job. Of course I’m bringing my laptop with me, and I do have about mmmm… 13 deadlines during that time frame. But I’m hoping the change of pace will let me get those things done quickly so I can relax, take some leisurely photos, maybe even organize my digital photos (is it’s sad when these are the things I consider fun nowadays?).


It’s only been a couple weeks since my last day working as a full-time employee. Since then I’ve found myself saying “yes” to more projects than I expected.

My eyes have been opened to an entirely new world of being “self-employed.” I make my schedule, accept the amount of work I want to take on, and decide when and how I’m going to make it happen. I usually choose the days and times I’ll go into my station to shoot my stories around my husband’s schedule. He’s not too happy about getting less alone time/ gym time/ sleep time, but hello… Welcome to my world. I try to get my tasks done within a few mornings, then I give myself Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends off from going into an “office.” Pretty much every night I have to write something, because if I don’t have an immediate deadline, there’s always one within a few days. If I write at least one piece a night I can stay on top of my load.

I made my first major business investment since this transition. I bought new editing software–Final Cut Pro  X, so I can write, edit, and send in my news pieces from home, or this week… While away on vacation.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I feel like just in the last week and a half or so I’ve had time to reflect and discover more about myself. For one, I absolutely love having a career. I thought I’d be ok if nothing panned out and I only focused on being a mom, at home with my kids, but I thrive having an additional passion to sink my teeth into.

Then, being at home more, even though I’m still busy with work is just plain awesome.


I’ve been teaching my daughter random vocabulary words, and whatever else I feel like teaching her, and that has probably been one of the most exciting parts of spending more time with her. She is seriously a little sponge ready and waiting to absorb anything and everything I throw at her.

I’ve challenged my husband and myself to start using different adjectives when talking to her to see what she picks up. Sometimes she doesn’t get it at first, and she’ll ask “Pestering? What does that mean?” Then the next thing I know she’s telling me “Stop pestering me mom. I want to be independent!” It has a resembling to my captivation for a Furby pet I had a long time ago. I was so excited to teach it my language. Unlike my daughter, the Furby left me disappointed because it wasn’t learning fast enough. My daughter is thirsty for more knowledge, and I’ve got buckets full I’m ready and thrilled to throw at her.


Another revelation I’ve had during this transition is cleaning isn’t so bad. I still don’t like it, but it feels so nice once I’ve tamed the beast that is my house.

We’ve been super busy with playdates, kids activities an field trips, but the one thing I’m dying to do more of is just capture more sweet pictures of my kids. Ya, I know… Like I don’t have enough. But seriously, I don’t think I do. Not from these last couple months, aside from my 365s. I’m especially lacking photos of my daughter who is also growing up so fast. I’ll do better.

I am really happy with how things have been going and I can only hope they continue to go this well. I’m still finding my groove, but so far, this transition is pretty amazing.

I’m in the final stretch of my maternity leave and getting pretty emotional. I’m having a blast and shared the top seven things I’m going to miss on my BabyCenter blog.

One of my goals during this time was to learn some new recipes and I haven’t quite nailed that aspiration yet. My next prompt for 30 Things my kids should know about me asked what I wish I could be great at. And this immediately came to mind.


If I could be great at anything I’d love it to be cooking. I wish I could just walk in the kitchen and whip up something delicious. I’d love to win awards for my marvelous dishes, and have people ask for my recipes. I am blessed with several talents, but when it comes to cooking, I can’t seem to find the motivation I need to learn to enjoy it and become good. It’s slowly becoming bearable, but not a talent. However, I am starting to enjoy baking. I like that it’s exact, and that the ingredients are all fairly similar from recipe to recipe. Maybe cooking will come around for me too.

And just throwing it out there… I wish I was an awesome singer too.

This was Day 17 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

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