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white man proposes to his black girlfriend on Netflix's Love is blind

The Bachelor Who? Love is Blind is the Next Hot Thing

I Was Wrong About My First Impression of My Husband

Just Me and Him

How to Have the Courage to Choose Love Over Bias

I was in an interracial marriage before the bachelor made it cool. Nick Viall and Rachel.

I Was in an Interracial Relationship Before The Bachelor Made it Cool

When your biracial daughter says she wishes she was white: How to stay calm and work through the situation.

Do Little White Girls Ever Wish They Were Brown?

Biracial kids, biracial siblings, biracial brother and sister

Why I Have to Wear My Wedding Ring, but My Husband Doesn’t

11 Years With This Man of Mine

How My Interracial Family Celebrates Loving Day

Multiracial Family Interracial Family - Baby Making Machine Blog

The One Thing You Should Know About Our Multiracial Family

How I love to say ‘I love you’

The morning of our 10 year anniversary: He Says/ She Says

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