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Last week my husband came home sick from work. This is a big deal. I can’t remember a time this has happened.

Earlier that day I had told the kids that we could play with water balloons once daddy got home from work. Now he was coming home sooner than expected, but not feeling well. So I had to tell them that’s we’d need to wait until their daddy was feeling better.

It’s not unusual for my husband to complain about not feeling well. So I never know if it’s a headache, allergies, just a weird feeling, or if he actually means he’s really sick.

So the fact that he was coming home from work early, I knew I had to put on an empathetic face and brace myself for the worst.

When our son was sick with a bad cough a few weeks ago I was the world’s best nurse. Actually my husband was. He went out and bought some Vicks VapoRub and a humidifier. He rubbed the cream on our son’s chest before bed and got the machine all set up for his room. My husband was so strong for our little guy. A champ. But when it comes to being sick himself… That’s another story.

When I’m sick (which seriously, very rarely happens) I don’t try to make it apparent. Unless I’m on the verge of heaving (which, to my husband’s credit, this time he was) you might not know it.

When it comes to taking care of my sick kids, I can handle it. Use lots of water for fluids, warm baths for aches, VapoRub for coughs, and snuggles for comfort. When it comes to taking care of a sick husband I suck.

I did go to the store right away to get him (canned) chicken noodle soup. I got him fluids to keep him hydrated, and then I slept in the guest room and prayed we wouldn’t catch what he had.

It’s not that I’m not sympathetic—Ok, maybe that’s part of it. Another part is that fact that I really don’t know what to do. A husband isn’t as easily consolable as a child. And really, I think sometimes men are just big babies. Mine is. But I love him. Here’s why…

Every other hour our kids would ask if he was feeling better–especially our son. My husband overheard and asked why they kept asking if he was feeling better.

“Because they want you to play water balloons with them,” I told him.

The next afternoon, though he still wasn’t feeling his best (we wound up self-diagnosing him with a stomach bug), he got up and filled up balloons for our kids and played with them for a bit. This was big. Because when he’s sick, I know it, the world knows it. But he put on a smile to make them smile and then I fell in love with him all over again.

Coupon time! Use my special link to save $1 off your purchase! When Big T got a bad cough my husband went straight for the Vicks VapoRub. The nostalgic-smelling cream worked quickly and it’s now one of our favorite sick day solutions.

I love brands that help my family on good days and bad. That’s why I partnered with Vicks to share this story.

How to help a sick husband (because you know he's pitiful).

Few things have been as difficult as convincing my husband to have a baby, and then another. Having kids is a big deal and scary, I get it. Some people just need a little extra love, encouragement (and a little coaxing) to take the plunge. I wouldn’t ever dream of convincing him for a third. For one, I don’t think I can convince myself, and two, I’m pretty sure not long after the pee dried on my positive pregnancy test, he looked at me and said “you’re not convincing me again.”

That may sound a bit harsh. You’re probably thinking my husband doesn’t like kids, but that’s not the case at all. He’s a great dad. He adores our children, and is more protective of them than I am. He loves them more than anything, and the way they play, while totally different than the way I play with them, is freaking adorable.

My husband can be squirmy about photos, and videos, especially videos. I once asked him to record a vlog with me and he told me absolutely not. I tried to negotiate but he wasn’t budging. Convincing him to do a vlog was about as hard as convincing him to have another baby would be.

Lately I’ve noticed he’s become less uptight about being in picture. He didn’t even whine when I scheduled our family photos this year. Not only that, he recently ASKED me to take pictures of him and the kids. Cue the flying pigs.

Daddy daughter loveI think he’s realizing how much he enjoys looking back at the photos of him and Lil’ J when she was young, and realizing how important it is to get in the picture and be a part of the memory. So I’ve been taking it upon myself to snap pictures and videos of some of the cute things he does with the kids. One of which is taking Lil’ J sledding.

When they were getting set up one day I pulled out my cameras and told him I wanted to make a video.

“You can’t post this online,” he said.

“Oh, yes I am!” I countered. “This is too cute not to share.”

To my surprise, he didn’t argue with me. I recorded them then edited this little video and showed it to him for approval.

“It’s cool,” he admitted. “But you should wait until winter to post it.”

I couldn’t wait until December, but a cold front came through and I saw some friends posting about snow in other parts of the country so I figured it was close enough now. Waiting a couple weeks to show off my new favorite video has been hard enough.

Here’s a little back story. Lil’ J loves to go sledding with her daddy; in the summer, here in Texas. Don’t get it? Watch the video. And if you like what you see subscribe to my YouTube Channel. His birthday is this week and I think we may incorporate this into his gift somehow.

Three cheers for my hubby being a good sport. Maybe if he sees how many fans he has he’ll let me do more. Eh eh?

I totally dropped the ball on Valentines Day this year. It’s absolutely one of my favorite holidays. Probably second only to Christmas. But I just wasn’t ready this year. I was just living in the past, pretending it was January, and wondering why it wasn’t 70 degrees yet.

Yes, here in Austin we had our fair share of winter weather (fair share for Texas, not fair compared to the rest of the country). We had a few snow days, canceled school, and temperatures in the 30s. Way too cold for my taste. I can barely function when it’s that cold. So there I was, not functioning or thinking about Valentines Day. Then BAM! It hit me, the party was tomorrow and I didn’t have any creatively awesome treats to pass out.    same-school-valentines I totally copied a friends idea which she saw on Pinterest and made a completely less than adequate version for my daughter’s class, but really, these kids are three. They’re gonna dump out the candy and throw away the rest. I was not fretting about that this year. (Plus her class right now has a ridiculous amount of kids, 14 her age, 28 total, and I was not about to slave over 28 valentines).

So the cute little saying is “So glad we’re in the same school” featuring Sweetish fish in the fish bowl… Get it?

My ink ran out after printing out the first page so I shrank the fish bowls and pushed that little color ink cartridge to its limit. For some reason the first part of the page would be in full color then the back 3/4ths were all jacked up. No idea why, but I’m guessing it has to do with the low ink warning.

same-school-valentines-2I helped Lil’ J write her name 14 times, and she sorted the fish in the baggies.

Valentines Day was nice and warm, luckily I had a cute dress for her that still fit from the year before. Did I take a picture? NO! I suck! Did I make my son a totally adorable Valentines vest with a matching bowtie? NO! I SUCK!

Totally dropped the ball.


But I did have a date night in with my husband, featuring take out and Top Gun (can you believe I’d never seen it?!) Tom Cruise was smokin’ hot.


The next morning I made heart-shaped pancakes with Lil’ J, which were also nothing like they were on Pinterest. To my defense, I used a 10-grain mix from Thrive. Super healthy, but not super easy to cook in the shape of a heart. It really didn’t matter to Lil’ J though, she thought they were way awesome and made me feel like the coolest mom ever.


Anyway, I refused to let Valentines Day go by undocumented for my little one. It’s his first one after all! So Sunday I dressed him up, and kissed him up and took pics for his “First Valentines.”


I may make some felt heart garland, a kiddie craft, and a little outfit then do it again this week. I just can’t let it go. I didn’t even Next year I’ll do better. Rain, shine or snow.


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