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last day of homeschool first grade what I learned

One Year of Homeschooling Down: This is What I’ve Learned

Deciding whether or not to homeschool a sibling. Homeschooling and unschooling methods that work for different students.

Why I’m debating whether I should also homeschool my son

10 (Annoying) Questions I’m Asked When People Learn My Children Attend School from Home

Best camera for kids: Teaching your child photographer.

When You Give a Child a Camera…

How’s homeschool going? Here’s the good the bad & the crazy

Nature hike with kids-Getting outdoors and enjoying the world we live in.

I want their childhood to be full of this

A Math Lesson at The Mall: A New Kind of Mother Daughter Trip

getting ready for the first day of homeschool

Getting Ready for the First Day of (Home)school

Learning outdoors with kids, deschooling and re-learning how to have fun while learning. Homeschooling adventures.

Teaching My Class of Two in an Infinite Classroom

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