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watercolor homeschool art

5 Sweet Back to School Traditions to Kick the Year off Right

Biracial girl sitting next to her posters on internet safety as she prepares for her quizzes on internet safety

Learning from Home with a Child with a Learning Difference

biracial girl on her laptop doing a homeschool lesson

30 of the Best Free Websites to Help You Homeschool

Diverse children's books teaching life lessons.

Diverse Children’s Books to Help You Navigate Life’s Challenges

A homeschool day in the life. Our homeschool routine.

We’ve Decided to Homeschool, Now What? Getting Started and Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

20 Must-Read Children’s Books for Black History Month

A Homeschool Lesson at the Breakfast Table

One Gift: A Winner for Two Kids

A homeschool day in the life. Our homeschool routine.

7 Things You DON’T Need To Homeschool Your Kids 

My Simplified Game Plan for Homeschooling My Preschooler

10 Fun First Day of Homeschool Traditions to Kick Your Year Off Right

A homeschool day in the life. Our homeschool routine.

This is A Day in Our Homeschool Life

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