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29 Quotes on goal setting

29 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Keep Your Goals

Goal setting with kids physical goals

this is an excellent way to start goal setting with your kids

Vision Boards: How to host a vision board party and a tutorial for how to make a vision board to help all of your dreams come true! What a great way to ring in a 30th birthday!

How to Make a Vision Board That Works

A table covered in magazines at a vision board party with two women at the table

Start Your 30’s The Right Way: How to Host a Vision Board Party

This is How We Saved for Our Dream House

My Goals for 2019

50% Down on My Dream House! How and Why I Did it

Now That I’ve Met Oprah… My Dreams Are Out of Control

When Preparation Meets Opportunity: An Interview With Oprah, Reese and Mindy

Tips for starting a successful day.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Super Successful Day the Night Before

When One Door Closes…

Learning piano at 30

Better Late Than Never: My 8 Goals for 2017

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