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I was a new mom just getting my footing and connecting with other young moms. I met a woman who was also a writer with a new baby about my daughter’s age. Her vibrant personality instantly drew me in. I felt so lucky that she quickly became one of my closest friends. We had regular playdates, chat sessions, and occasional baby field trips together. 

We both had a lot of the same fears, apprehensions and struggles with our growing babies. But our similarities diverged greatly when she discovered her son had severe food allergies. 

I witnessed the struggle, the panic and fear around Halloween, snack time away from home, and the day to day but also the strength in her research and persistence to fight for her son. 

Witnessing her struggle, just the glimpse I was getting in a fraction of her life, gave me a heavy dose of respect for what parents who have kids with food allergies. Today’s post is for you all, and your loved ones with a food allergy. This post is sponsored by Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), but all opinions are mine. 

There is an estimated is 5.6 million or 7.6% of children in the U.S. are living with food allergy – this about one in every 13 children. And that number continues to grow. 

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

Earlier this week I posed a question in my Instagram stories asking what parents who have children with food allergies want other parents to know. 

Here were the most common responses: 

  1. Show compassion: It’s tiring hearing people disregard life-threatening allergies as “annoying” or “made up.”
  2. Ask: a parent before you give a child a food (any food).
  3. Give the teacher (or parent) a heads up before bringing a birthday treat to class or a party, so a child with a food allergy doesn’t need to feel left out.
  4. It’s scary! And frustrating when people don’t take it seriously. 
  5. There’s anxiety around worrying when our child faces a reaction. It’s hard to trust others at school and parties. 

Many of the responders shared how they don’t want their kids to feel left out, and how they wished others took the time to learn more about food allergies and showed more compassion. Quite a few mentioned the anxiety surrounding anaphylaxis (a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction). 

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently conducted a study called “My Life With Food Allergies.” The results show that food allergies present a higher burden to caregivers than to patients with food allergies themselves. Thanks to the parent voice shared through the online survey, AAFA was able to present evidence about the quality of life issues impacting families with peanut allergies. I think unless you personally experience this, or have someone close to you who does, it can be easy to misunderstand food allergies, or get it confused with a food intolerance (big difference). It’s important to continue to share your stories, and let others help amplify your voices. 

The community voice is important in research and can impact policy. This really matters – your voice matters.

Ways to get involved

Want to speak with more people who will listen? Here are some ideas.

  • Join the KFA community so that they can lead their voice to future reporting on such important issues!
  • Check out drug assistance programs that offer free or low-cost medicines if you don’t have insurance or can’t afford your medicine. Depending on your insurance and medicine, you may be eligible for help to reduce your medicine co-pay. Here are three links to find more information:




And here is a link to their 2019 Allergy-Free Halloween Candy Guide. Where you can find tricks to see which treats are safe.

For anyone whose child was recently diagnosed, free online course with four lessons that are about 10-15 minutes long: kidswithfoodallergies.org/learn

Do you have a child with food allergies? 

So a few weeks ago we got a call from a member of our ward (church congregation) asking if we could feed the missionaries one night. I wasn’t sure about our schedule at the time, and if I’d be in town but they said they’d plan on us hosting them unless we said otherwise. Well I totally forgot about it and wound up having to cancel on them last minute. I felt bad, and honestly I’d been meaning to have the missionaries over for a while. It’s entertaining for the kids and a simple little act of service the kids can help with.

I looked at out calendar and picked another day that would work for us. Then I started to think about what we’d feed them… I came up with nothing. We are chicken nugget/plain pasta kind of family and I figured that wouldn’t really cut it. I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t complain but I felt slightly embarrassed and guilty that I didn’t have some awesome recipe to make. Looking back I guess I could have gone with spaghetti and spiced up the sauce with some meat and veggies or something on the stove, but I went with pizza. No, not homemade pizza. Straight up delivery. Don’t laugh. BUT! But but but… I made dessert! From scratch.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve known my grandma Nan to make the best apple pie. She busts it out on holidays and I’ve honestly never had a better apple pie in my life. The last couple of times she’s visited Lil’ J talked Nan into making the pie with her. While I don’t really enjoy cooking, I do love to bake. Something about exact measurements gives me comfort.

My daughter spouted off all the ingredients but she couldn’t remember how much of what went in.

I called my grandmother and asked her for the recipe and she said she was making the pies that evening and would jot down the amounts of each thing (because she’s one of those awesome chefs who can just pour this and that in and know what’ll taste right).

She sent over the recipe with a BIG disclaimer “DO NOT SHARE!” Ha! A family recipe.

We skipped making pie crust from scratch and used a Texas Pie Company Original Dough Puck from HEB. You can use it for all sorts of things like empanadas, pastries, strudels, tarts and pot pies. But of course since I was having my first It worked great because all we had to do was take out the frozen dough, let it defrost for a couple hours then roll it out a little and it was ready to go in the pie pan.

How did it go? Well, the only mistake I made was miscalculating time a little bit. I read through quickly and saw I was suppose to cook for 20 minutes but then later realized that was at one temperature and another temperature was was for 40 minutes so our guests had to wait a little while for the pie to finish cooking then cool down.

Lil’ J had a blast helping me make the pie. I have a feeling she’s got her great-grandma’s good baking gene. She definitely has a love for it.

How was the night in general? Well My son had a heyday talking their ears off all through dinner, during the prayers, whathaveyou.

And how did the pie turn out? So delicious! These photos don’t do it justice. Everyone loved it. My husband was impressed, and impressing him isn’t always easy to do.

I can’t share the family recipe but I can tell you that the pie crust was awesome. So if you have a recipe you’ve been meaning to try and want a quick, easy and delicious option for the crust, try this one from HEB. And if you come to visit us I will totally treat you to some!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of H-E-B. The opinions and text are all mine.


Remember that super easy popsicle recipe I shared a couple months back?

Remember how I hate to cook?

Remember how my daughter absolutely adores it? No? Well, she does.

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

In another post on another day I’ll have to share how making meals together is completely obliterating her picky eating tendencies. But for today… A simple yummy treat that is seriously so simple you’ll laugh.

What you need:

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

Peanut Butter (we like Jif!)

Step 1
Slice the bananas

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

Step 2       
Spread on some peanut butter

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

BOOM! You’re done.

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

If slicing is too hard to you, you can buy a banana slicer. They’re so handy. I hated how long it took to slice bananas and now… BOOM. Done in one swoop.

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

Ok, I kid, but seriously, the reviews on this thing made me buy one.

Easy right? What can I say. We like the simple life (with occasional trips to Disney). If this recipe is too complicated, you may want to try the new Jif Peanut butter Granola Bars instead.

They’re delicious and come in three flavors (my favorite is the chocolate)! There’s about 7-8g of protein in each bar and they’re now available nationwide. You can find out more about them here

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

And I can’t write a post about peanut butter without emphasizing something important to me. I have several dear friends with children who are dangerously allergic to peanut butter. When making or eating these yummy snacks please be aware of which of your friends may be allergic. Check with your child’s teacher to see if anyone in their class (or school) has an allergy. You don’t want to send something with your child that could harm another child. Our peanut butter-loving family prefers to eat these sorts of things after school.

Delicious peanut butter banana bites easy recipe for kids.

That said, if you love peanut butter too and want to give these a try, leave a comment by October 19th 11:59pm! I’ll randomly draw 5 commenters to win a Jif Bars prize packs!

Good luck!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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