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Period panties for girls a review and what we think.

Dear Jennifer,

It’s me. I mean you. You’re 32 now. I know that seems SO OLD but listen, it’s so much better than you think. You’ve been through a lot. And learned quite a bit. So trust me when I tell you, middle school and high school are just a blip in your life map. Dare I say an insignificant one for you.

Things get so much better. You just missed a few awesome things and some kinda lame ones. Like fidget spinners (don’t ask I still don’t get them).

Period panties are a thing now. No, seriously. Yes, they work. Yea, go ahead and be jealous. It would be great to have an extra pair of those in your bag right about now as you wait for the big day, right? In all seriousness, your period is an awesome thing! You’re a woman, and you don’t realize this now but it’s something you’ll be very thankful for later in life. Just embrace it, and remember the word THINX in a decade and a half. And keep them in mind for your daughter (you have two!).

Another thing you just missed in your tween years: Social media. A blessing and a curse… you’ll love it but be glad it wasn’t around for your youth. Trust me, people are getting busted left and right for dumb things they said. Luckily your tween and teen years aren’t preserved on the internet.

Now I want to give you some advice because you’re going to go through some tough times and I know if I knew then what I know now, it could have made so many things so much easier.

First off, you are and will be loved. So much. Don’t even fret about boys. You really and truly don’t need a boyfriend before you graduate high school. I know that sounds so lame. But I promise you, you’ll find so many better ways to fill your time than by worrying about guys. Besides, your husband (yes, SPOILER ALERT!: You get married!) is leaps and bounds above any of the guys you know now. And yes, he’s hot.

Speaking of people you know now… You won’t know many of them later. So all the worrying you may do about what people think of you? Pointless. Life gets so much better and the people who laugh, poke fun, or annoy you now… You won’t even remember most their names in 10 years. You’ll remember your best friends, and stay in touch forever. Treasure them.

Do yourself a favor and learn this very important lesson now: Don’t compare yourself to others. I know the way the system is set up this is hard. You were cut from the dance team, you compete in public speaking competitions and compete for first chair in band. Just remember that you don’t have to be the BEST at everything. You just have to be the best YOU. Develop your own talents and lean in to who you really are.

That brings me to my next point… Embrace your whole self. I know you don’t feel like you fit into any particular crowd, and you stand out from a lot of your friends. You will never blend in, so stop trying. The sooner you accept who you are and love your whole self, the better. Cause newsflash: You’ll never really fit in anywhere. But that’s ok because the world needs you just as you are. A little weird, and big hearted.

There is so much to learn. Never stop asking questions, pushing boundaries and dreaming big. You’ve always had big ambitions that won’t change. As you learn to stay focused you’ll knock your dreams out of the park.

You’re awesome! So be awesome!



What would you tell your 12-year-old self? Leave a comment letting me know! And use the code “Jennifer10” to get $10 off THINX and THINX BTWN!

Boys, period talk, and other things I wish I’d known. I’m sharing it all in an open letter to my 12-year-old self in partnership with THINX. Plus a special code for you guys! Use “JENNIFER10” to get $10 off THINX at checkout!

I married my husband 22 days before my 19th birthday, and we moved into a crappy apartment right across from campus. The location was great, and we got a good deal because of my husband’s golf scholarship, but that’s where the positives about that place end. When I say crappy I mean roach problem, hideously gross carpet, and malfunctioning appliances.


Did we care? Not one bit. We were newlyweds starting a new life together. We couldn’t afford a kitchen table, so we unpacked a moving box and turned it over, then set up some fold-out lawn chairs we got as a wedding present for our dining room set.

We didn’t have extra money to spare on home decor, so the birthday bouquet of flowers my husband bought for me were strategically placed in an empty canister of protein powder.


After a year we transferred back to Provo to finish school. While there we moved around to at least three different apartments, and finally settled into a condo of our own.

That’s where we adopted our first child, Snoop.

He was a Valentines gift and the best present ever! That is where we learned how to take care of a creature aside from ourselves, and boy did we baby him.

puppy snoop

Not long after buying our own place (at the worst possible time), we decided to move out of state to someplace warmer. We settled on Austin where I found a job. After a stint in a couple apartments/ rooms for rent, we found a townhome that would be perfect for us and our pup Snoop. This was also where we had our daughter, and where to this day, I have some of the best memories.

There were only two bedrooms, but it was practically downtown, and the neighborhood had a beautiful little trail and field across the way that I went and took pictures with Lil’ J nearly every day. Pictures pictures pictures. I took A LOT when we lived there.


Leaving that apartment was one of the most difficult moves we’ve had to make. We became parents in that home. My daughter learned how to crawl and walk inside those walls. I dove into blogging while we lived there, learned photography, and my husband finished school and found his career. These were huge accomplishments for our little family.

We welcomed our son after our next move, into a duplex further out from the city. But shortly after he was born we decided we were finally ready to plant roots in Texas.  We built a house and moved one last time to where we are today, making it our own day by day.


Every day I drive downtown to work I think about all of the places we’ve lived since moving to Austin, the memories we’ve made around town as a couple, as a family, and with our friends. Then I think of how far we’ve come since we first got married.

My kids won’t grow up knowing the struggle from the beginning of our marriage, but it won’t be something we hide. It took a lot of planning, hard work, and faith to get where we are today, but I embrace every bit of the journey to get here.


Each time we’ve moved to our next place, we’ve not just boxed up pictures, toys, books and clothes. We boxed up memories, stories and special moments. It’s stuff, but it’s also our life. It’s everything we own—valuables full of meaning—and it requires us to Handle With Care.

We’ve all been there at some point. And with each move we can only hope to treasure those memories and make new ones even brighter than the last.


More than seven moves! Each time we pack our things and hope nothing breaks. But we also leave behind a special part of our lives. I have a real vase now, and the moving box we once used as a kitchen table is long gone. But the cherished memory of it will stay with me forever.

filename-1 (4)

Do you have any special memories of any of your homes or moves? Share in the comments and on social media using the hashtag #handlewithcare.

interracial family bluebonnets

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