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Family Halloween costume ideas Incredibles 2

There were no groans this year when I proclaimed what our family costume theme would be. I think that was partly because we love this movie so much, and partly because I’ve been planning this since last Halloween.

Last year we didn’t do a family costume theme. I was actually out of town for work over Halloween. So everyone got a pass and did their own thing. This year I was back in the game and excited to incorporate a baby into the theme.

Admittedly we won’t be winning any awards for originality. I imagine we will see lots of these on Instagram this year, but I didn’t care. Big T was excited to be Dash and Lil’ J was so excited I let her get a wig to look like violet. She was thrilled about it at first but halfway through our church Trunk or Treat party it came off and she was happy to rock her curls with a headband.

My husband is always willing to dress up for pictures but he’s quick to take off his costume right after. This year he wore his shirt to Trunk or Treat. And I imagine he’ll wear it around the block for trick or treating (though he’ll likely ditch the mask).

Lee Lee has so much hair and I probably could get some of it to stick up like Jack Jack but I opted to slap on an orange bow instead. Lil’ J insisted I pick out the onesie with a tutu for her, so she’s a very frilly Jack Jack.

I was very very close to getting a full on Ms. Incredibles costume but I didn’t want to spend the money for something I’ll wear once and I know I’ll wear this shirt all the time.

This Incredibles theme may not beat our Zootopia family costume we did a couple years ago. Or the Peter Pan theme from the year before that, and the Flintstones the year before that. But I’m happy that my kids were still happy to dress up together and Lil’ J even said “Next year we should…” I don’t even remember what she said we should do, I’m just thrilled to be included.

Happy Halloween!

What are you all dressing up as? Have you ever done a family costume theme?

Alright, I must admit it probably was a little shady of me to hand my husband an elaborate 7-piece pirate costume when I just threw on some basketball shorts and a beanie. But what can I say?

In true mom fashion, I had spent so much time piecing together everyone else’s costume that I forgot to plan mine.

Initially I thought I’d play the part of Wendy. There are even some awesome cosplay costumes for under $20 on ebay. But I just didn’t get it together in time. So instead I went the Mr. Smee route.

Peter Pan Family Costume

The morning of Halloween I was exhausted. I had finally made it home from my trip. All flights into Austin were cancelled because of bad weather around the time I was flying in. In my eagerness to get home I drove down with my dad, but we eventually hit a standstill on the freeway because of a section of the interstate was underwater. It took us about 7 hours to make it past that one spot.

I was so happy just to finally be home with my family, and snuggle my kids that I nearly forgot it was Halloween.

When it was about time to head out trick-or-treating, my husband emerged from our room decked out as Captain Hook and man, I wish I had a camera rolling to capture Lil’ J’s squeals. She laughed and hugged him and teased him to chase her. Her little brother was in shock, having never seen his dad in anything like that all he could say was “Umm…” and point at him. I later realized he was most impressed by his hat.

 My husband had warned me before he would wear the costume for pictures but was NOT going out like that. I think he may have kept it on if it wasn’t so hot, but we are in Texas.

I think Big T had the most fun trick or treating. He quickly remembered last year, or got the hang of the process this year, and he didn’t want to go home after we had made the rounds.

halloween with kids trick or treating

“I say ‘trick-o-treat’… More trick-or-treat.”

It was so adorable. He’s not even really that into candy, but he loves people watching and filling up a bucket.

I can’t believe I didn’t take any Halloween video this year! I’m kinda bummed, but I did get a lot of photos. They’re some of my favorites to look at and compare from year to year.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell halloween with kids trick or treating

I’m not sure if I’ll ever manage to pull off a family theme again. I suspect it’s the last year my son won’t have much of a preference. Lil’ J told me she loves Halloween the most and is already thinking about next year’s costume. Right now she’s thinking superhero.

Did you have a good Halloween?

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