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Vision Boards: How to host a vision board party and a tutorial for how to make a vision board to help all of your dreams come true! What a great way to ring in a 30th birthday!

How to Make a Vision Board That Works

A table covered in magazines at a vision board party with two women at the table

Start Your 30’s The Right Way: How to Host a Vision Board Party

from humble beginnings to dream home: interracial couple newlyweds

From Humble Beginnings to Dream Home: The Path That Led Us Here

10 Lessons I’ve Learned After 10 Years of Blogging

50% Down on My Dream House! How and Why I Did it

Now That I’ve Met Oprah… My Dreams Are Out of Control

When One Door Closes…

Tiny gymnast 6-years-old. It's crazy watching your child become a person. Tiny gymnast 6-years-old. It's crazy watching your child become a person.

That Moment Your Child Becomes a Person

I’m Starting Piano Lessons at 30: Let Me Tell You Why

Biracial kids siblings love

The Bittersweet Reality of Exiting the Baby Stage

That Time I Had a Dream My Husband Had an Affair

Hate to admit it, but I was born to be a mom

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