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Ok so I braved a movie screening with three kids solo. Including our three month old baby. Thankfully our screening wasn’t jam packed and we came out unscathed. Also, because of the screening time of the movie my kids were the ONLY kids in the theater. So that made for an interesting experience.

Anyway. We all had varying opinions of the movie and today are giving you a spoiler-free review and answering some questions about if it’s scary or intense for little ones.

ralph breaks the internet kids review

Are Disney Sequels Making a Comeback?

I owe you a blog post I literally started years ago about my top 10 Disney sequels. I’m not talking Pixar sequels (those are really good) but good ‘ol Disney Animation sequels, most of which were direct to DVD. I was so anxious to see how Ralph Breaks the Internet (essentially Wreck it Ralph 2) would compare. And with Frozen 2 set to come out next year, this could be a Disney comeback trend.

I’m happy to say that Ralph Breaks the Internet is worth the theatrical release, and you should totally see it over the holidays. It’s a great family flick, and if you loved the original, you’ll likely enjoy this one too. As good as the original? Well, keep reading to see what we think.

What I thought

I was a little more distracted than usual at this screening. There are at least three parts of the film that got audience chuckles that went over my head either because my son was asking a question or I was trying to nurse my baby. But there are several other funny parts to laugh at. Especially the Disney Princess scene which you get glimpses of in the previews.

ralph breaks the internet scary kids review

The new characters are great. I loved the new hip gamers, especially Shank. Sergeant Calhoun was my favorite character in the first one, and while we got to see her it isn’t nearly enough for me.

Admittedly Wreck it Ralph isn’t one of my favorite Disney movies to begin with, so I’m not blown away by the sequel. But there are some gems that made the movie for me. From an unexpected song, to so many social media references. It is entertaining and I’ll be looking for all of the easter eggs (hidden characters) for years and years I’m sure.

ralph breaks the internet scary kids review

There were some funny parts, but a lot of the humor is for people who know and understand the internet (social media, ebay, etc) and a lot of that went over my kids’ heads. I feel like the first movie had more silly kid humor they would understand. Still, the film has a sweet message about friendship, insecurities and following your own path.

What makes or breaks movies most for me though are how much my children enjoy them.

ralph breaks the internet scary kids review

Every time I looked over at Lil’ J (8 years) she was grinning from ear to ear. Loving every second. My son (5 years) loved whenever there was racing, and the climax near the end, but he lost interest multiple times and even asked me about three times if the movie was almost over.

Before you ask if it’s his age or personality let me add, he sat through Cars 3 and Incredibles 2 multiple times with barely a peep, so I think that speaks to something. It may seem like a slower or confusing movie for some younger kiddos.

Is it scary?

The only part that may be considered scary, or at least kinda creepy was my son’s favorite part and it involves overcoming the problem in the end. It’s not as scary or as creepy as the bug part with Turbo at the end of the first movie. My daughter gets easily creeped out and she thought the whole movie was great. As usual, use your discretion when taking your kids. Movies in theaters are are usually louder, darker and feel more intense.

What they thought

Big T

ralph breaks the internet scary kids review

Did you like Ralph Breaks the Internet?: Yes
What was your favorite part?: I liked the BIG Wreck it Ralph!
Were you scared?: No
Did you think the movie was funny?: No.
Do you think the movie was scary?: No.
Would your baby sister be scared?: No.
What did you like about the movie?: I liked the racing. When they went REALLY fast!
Did you like Wreck it Ralph 1 or 2 more?: I liked 2 more because there’s a bigger Wreck it Ralph.
Would you friends like Wreck it Ralph 2?: I don’t know.
Do you want to see it again?: Yes

Lil’ J

ralph breaks the internet scary kids review

What did you think of the movie?: It was very good. It made me think of my friends and how I need to treat them.
Did you think it was funny?: Yes! The movie was very funny, one of the funniest movies I’ve watched.
What was your favorite part?: I loved when Vanellope met the Disney princesses.
What do you think about it compared to the first movie?: They had a new adventure!
Did you like it more?: Yes, because they were very different. They plugged in the internet and they explored it.
Who were your favorite characters?: Vanellope and Shank
Did you think it was scary? (SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD, SKIP TO THE NEXT Q IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW): Not at all. A little when they made a big Ralph monster. It wasn’t scary, but maybe for three and under I’d think it’s a little scary.
What else did you like about the movie?: It was about friendship being one of the most important things.
Would you recommend this movie?: Yes, because I think they’ll like it as much as I did.
Were you a big Wreck it Ralph fan?: Yes, it was one of my favorites. Ralph Breaks the internet is my new favorite because it was funny.
Do you want to see it again?: Yes! Of course! Why wouldn’t I?
What would you like to add?: I think ages 3 months to 100 could watch this. It was one of the best movies in the world.

So there you have it! Our honest review. Ralph Breaks the Internet wrecks into theaters nationwide Wednesday November 21st! We hope you’ll go see it too then come let us know what you think!

Ralph breaks the internet coloring pages

Images via Disney.

Incredibles 2 is the most highly anticipated film of 2018.–At least for my family. And last week my son and I finally got a chance to see it. We had to hold our Incredibles 2 review until today to let you know our thoughts. But don’t worry, these will be spoiler-free. We want you to be as surprised as we were.

Normally for Disney movie screenings I bring my daughter. Or if okayed, I bring both of my kids. For Incredibles 2 I had a limit of one guest, so I had the impossible task to choose just one of my kiddos. Since my daughter has come with me to most of these things we thought it would be fair to bring my son for this one.

New Pixar Short Bao Review

Pixar Bao short film review

Before jumping into the movie, we got a warmup with the new Pixar short, Bao. It’s an adorable short film about a mother who’s apparently struggling with her little dumpling er… Son growing up. Several parts that had me laughing out loud then feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I think the message went over my 5-year-old’s head, but he was able to giggle at some parts and follow the humor that’s present for parents and kids alike. Watching the movie as a recovering helicopter parent with my little mamas boy, especially hit home for me. I loved it, but let me know what you think of it!

Incredibles 2 Review: My Thoughts Overall

So while I’ve been waiting 14  years for this sequel, my kids just recently fell in love with the original. If you’ve seen the first Incredibles 50 times in the last month like we have, then this movie will feel like an extension of that. It picks up exactly where the first one left off, replaying a part of the scene in the parking lot after Dash’s track meet when the Underminder comes out of the ground and them relocating to a new home since a jet crash landed on their last one.

5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

There’s a lobby to bring supers back and they want The Incredibles and Frozone to help. The movie is jam packed with lots of action and humor to keep even some of the wiggliest 5-year-old movie-lovers entertained. My son was grinning ear to ear while we watched our favorite super family navigating their new adventures. He seemed to follow along with the storyline and was really rooting for the good guys in the end.

We get a closer look at the entire Incredibles family including Jack Jack who has powers he hasn’t even begun to tame. (Those moments happen to be some of our favorite parts).

If you haven’t seen the first movie (though really–Why not?) you won’t be totally lost. It’s expected you’ll know who the main Characters are–Mr. Incredible, his family, Frozone and Edna (the Super Hero wardrobe designer). Other than that there are several new characters and a couple of old ones you’ll get to know and love.

To say I loved it would be an understatement. Jack Jack steals the show and the family dynamic makes this movie one of my favorite Pixar films to date. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and then some. 

5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

My only gripe about the movie was that I felt I saw the ending a mile away. The storyline seemed a little predictable. Or maybe I’m just constantly guessing those types of things. Or maybe that’s the point and I shouldn’t even brag about it. It didn’t take away from my enjoyment. In fact, I felt a little vindicated watching it play out. My 5-year-old, who hasn’t watched as many action/spy movies as I had was in his own little blissful world just loving all the action.

Classic Incredibles Humor Still Very Present

There’s nothing better than the sound of my kids laughing hysterically during a Disney movie. A close second perhaps are the jokes and humor that obviously go over their head but are for my benefit. This flick has plenty of both. The physical humor is what had my son laughing–Particularly a scene between Jack Jack and a Raccoon. I enjoyed the throwbacks to the original as well as the eerily familiar martial banter.

Is Incredibles 2 Scary for Little Kids?

There weren’t any scenes that had my son covering his eyes or crawling in my lap. That said, this is a kid who wants to go see Jurassic World 2 next week. Still, I don’t think Incredibles 2 is scary for young children. Nor difficult to follow along. There isn’t anything startling like in Zootopia, and the violence was pretty comparable to the first Incredibles. The storyline was a little darker, but there was a lot of upbeat humor and physical comedy to keep things light.

5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

Side note worth mentioning: My son was calling the bad guys “zombies” not because they were, but because some of their motions were robotic or hypnotic. If that sort of thing freaks your kids out then I guess there’s that to be aware of. As always, remember big screens, loud speakers and dark rooms can make movies we know and love feel much more intense.

Incredibles 1 vs 2: Pixar Gets Their Sequels Right

I go into movie screenings with a piece of paper to write down my thoughts, little things I notice about my kids’ reactions and critical points of the film. This was the first time I came out a screening with a near blank sheet of paper. Shortly after it started I was completely engrossed in the movie and enjoying it for what it was. It didn’t feel like a weird spin off of the original, it stayed very true to it’s roots. So much so that it really felt like an extension of the first.

My 5-year-old’s Incredibles 2 Review

5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

Did you like Incredibles 2?: Yea! I want you to put it on the TV. Can we watch it on the TV?

No, not yet. Why did you like it?: Because it was pew in baby Jack Jack eyes. [Laser eyes]

What was your favorite part?: The part when the baby was fighting the… The Squirrel? No, it wasn’t a squirrel. What was the baby fighting mom? A raccoon? Yea! And the part when Dash was running fast. Does he run faster than my dad?

Do you want to see it again? Why? Yea! Because! Because I really liked it.

Should Daddy and [big sister] go see it? Why? You and me, and Dad and [Lil’ J] we’ll all go see it. And when the baby sister comes out. I think [Lil’ J] will like it. She will like when they pew the eyes.

Was the movie scary?: No. When the guy came and turned the movie on it was loud and it scared me.

Which movie did you like more Incredibles Number 1 or 2?: Number 2. Why? Because I hadn’t seen the pewing part.

Cars 3 or Incredibles 2?: BOTH!

So there you have it! Straight from his little mouth. This movie had all of his favorite things: Trains, helicopters, motorcycles, animal battles, jets, boats, laser eyes.

5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

Hopefully you enjoyed our Incredibles 2 review. We may update this post with my 7-year-old daughter’s take after we see it again this weekend.

Yes, see it again! It’s a great way to kick off the summer with a movie the whole family will love. So go see it then come back and let us know what you think!


Free Incredibles 2 Coloring Pages

Incredibles 2 free printable coloring pages. 5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

Click here or on the image for free downloadable Incredibles 2 coloring sheets.

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5-year-old Incredibles 2 review: Is it scary for little kids? Here's my son's take.

Alright, I have been writing a lot about my experience at the premiere and interviewing cast from the movie, but I know THIS is the post you have been waiting for. A Wrinkle in Time review.

Full disclosure. I always try my very best to give my full honest review despite being a huge Disney fan. Naturally I want to go on and on raving about this movie because of how connected I feel to the cast but I’m still going to give it to you straight (but spoiler-free).

I’ve now seen the movie three times. Once in a screening before interviewing the cast, once at the Red Carpet Premiere, and last night at another screening with my 7-year-old daughter. Hands down, the best experience was seeing it with her, because I got to watch her light up and really see it more from a child’s perspective. It’s not my favorite Disney movie, but right now, it’s hers. Actually, and I quote “It’s the best best best BEST movie EVER!” according to her, and it’ll forever have a special place in our home.

As adults we can be so cynical and harsh with judgements, but seeing it this time took me back to being a kid watching classic films like The Goonies, E.T. or The Neverending Story. I watch these now like “Was I high?” but as a kid. WOW! That was some magical stuff.

I absolutely believe A Wrinkle in Time will go down as a beautiful classic kids love like those–Except, maybe without the weird feeling of being on something.

Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Review, a 6-year-old would love this. 7-year old review


Movies based on books, especially classic books, are always up for steep criticism. As an adult, if you haven’t read A Wrinkle in Time, or haven’t read it in a long time I would suggest you check it out from the library or listen to it on audiobook to get up to speed. When it comes to kids and the book, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal if they aren’t familiar with the story because kids have big imaginations and can just go with it. But if your child likes to understand everything that’s going on and tends to ask a lot of questions during the movie (this is my daughter), he or she may enjoy it better knowing more about the story.

I was excited to read it with my kids so we could create venn diagrams and compare similarities and differences. We finished the book about three weeks ago and surprisingly she didn’t notice nearly as many differences as I did, but I’ll go into that later. First let me break down the film.


Meg Murry is a middle school student who just wants to fit in. She is the brilliant daughter of two world-renowned physicists. Four years ago, her father, Mr. Murry disappeared, which has left Meg devastated and her mother broken-hearted. Meg’s little brother Charles Wallace introduces Meg and her fellow classmate Calvin to three celestial beings (Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who) who have journeyed to Earth to help search for their father. Together they embark on their quest across the universe to try to save him. Like the book, it takes you on an adventure through time and space and carries a thoughtful message of light vs dark, good versus evil and the hope that love can triumph.

Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Review, a 6-year-old would love this. 7-year old review


Ava DuVernay brought this books to life in a visually stunning adaptation I really enjoyed and my daughter LOVED. Even watching it through a third time I heard new things I’d missed before, noticed details I overlooked, and messages sunk in even deeper. I asked my daughter if she’ll want to buy this movie and she corrected me saying she wants to see it at the movies at least a few more times first, then yes, of course we’ll add it to our collection.

Oh, and the soundtrack is off the chain. I’ll be buying that too.

Important Messages and Morals

You guys, aside from watching her laugh and smile through the movie, my absolute favorite part were the conversations we had about the movie after. We had a conversation about bullies and how they sometimes treat people mean because of their own insecurities. From friendships, how to handle bullies, self worth, and good vs evil. She pulled things out of the movie and asked questions that made me realize how much she’s growing up.

The book and the movie are both excellent conversation starters about all of these things.

Book vs Movie

wrinkle in time homeschool unit study

Look, I always think the books are better. My daughter really enjoyed the book but she says she likes the movie more. I missed one particular character on a particular planet that was my personal favorite part of the book. But when I asked my daughter to compare the two she didn’t mention missing that. The story is brought to life in such a colorful way that makes me wonder what kid wouldn’t love it. Not to mention that Meg was rockin some curls and beautiful brown skin that had my daughter seeing herself up on the big screen.That fact alone was priceless to our family.

The Mrs. weren’t the old witch-looking ladies we imagined while reading the book, but beautiful beings each with their own personality, look and style.

Some of our favorite lines from the book were still in the movie, some parts I loved were missing, but the most important thing–The message, remained the same.

Is Wrinkle in Time Scary?

When a new Disney movie comes out a lot of parents want to know if it’s appropriate for their child’s age. Like most movies I’d say it’s not an age thing as much as a maturity thing, and what your children are already exposed to.

Like in the book there are a couple of scenes that may be a little frightening to kids. A couple characters with red eyes, a tornado storm, and there are a few scenes that are dark and loud, particularly when they reach IT at Central Central Intelligence. That could be scary for small children. My 4, almost 5-year-old son wouldn’t have been scared during that part but he likely would have been bored long before then not understanding the conversations or what was going on.

My daughter and I both think content wise, it’s best for kids 6 and up, but if you’ve got a kid who just loves movies by all means, bring them too!

Ok now let me get to my 7-year-old’s review.

Wrinkle in Time Review from a 7-year-old

I liked Wrinkle in Time a lot because it was magical and exciting. I think it’s the best movie ever because there are a lot of smart kids like Meg and Calvin and Charles Wallace. It made me feel like “woah, that’s cool!”

My favorite part was when they were flying. And there was a lot of cool dresses with the Mrs. Mrs. Whatsit was really fully. I don’t want to spoil it but besides Meg, she’s my favorite character because she’s really funny. The whole movie isn’t funny like The Lion King or something, there are a few funny parts, but it’s also serious and has some magical stuff and adventures.

The movie is about light fighting darkness.

It reminds me of Martin Luther King Jr. because he said hate can’t defeat hate, only love can do that. And that’s the same as darkness can’t defeat darkness, only light can do that. I think that was the moral of the story and also that you are fine however you are. And even though somebody looks different it doesn’t mean that they have a better life, it juts changes how you look. You might have it even worse than you used to.

Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Review, a 6-year-old would love this. 7-year old review

The first thing I noticed that was different than the book was that Calvin’s dad was the one yelling at him in the movie but in the book it was his mom. Oh yea, the twins weren’t in it, but they weren’t really in the book that much anyway. Sometimes movies are different than the books so that’s why I wasn’t expecting I knew what was going to happen. I was paying attention so I could notice the details that were different.

It wasn’t scary, it didn’t seem scary, some little kids may be scared by the storm because it’s loud. IT was more scary in the movie than the book, but it wasn’t too scary. I was really excited to see what was going to happen next.

6 to anything is a good age to see it. Cause they said 8 to anything and I thought I couldn’t watch it, and I don’t want others to think they can’t watch it, so I wanted to say younger but I also want them to understand it. I don’t think my brother would understand it because he’s half dinosaur. If you just love Disney movies and you think you’ll understand them, you should come to this movie.


Take your mature kids and enjoy watching this beautiful film through their eyes. Be ready for important conversations about brining goodness and light to the world, how our pain can make us stronger and that we should love ourselves the way we are.

Hope you found our review helpful. After you see it come back and let us know what you think!

A Wrinkle in Time hits theaters everywhere Friday March 9th.

Ok I’ve been slacking on my movie review game. We got busy with Thanksgiving and then we all got really sick so I didn’t get around to posting this. But Coco was a fantastic movie and definitely deserves it’s own review.

We went as a whole family to see it and though I’d only really watched one trailer I did get to screen the first 30 minutes of the film a couple months ago and that got me really excited for the movie. I thought my kids would enjoy it, but I wasn’t sure how much. My son is an avid Cars 3 watcher, my daughter is only watching the crappy Percy Jackson movies over and over right now. So who knows.

We didn’t get to screen the Olaf short, so I can’t say how that was, we’ll have to update this when we go see Coco again. But so far I haven’t heard the greatest things about it so maybe we didn’t miss much.

Ok so let’s dive into our Coco movie review.

Coco is a family film to celebrate families

Pixar movies rarely disappoint and Coco definitely is up there with some of the best. There were plenty of laughs for both kids and adults, and so much beauty and meaning, It also didn’t hurt that the movie totally keeps you on your toes with twists and turns you don’t expect. Add in the fact that the movie has a great moral to follow your passions and celebrate generations of family and love and you’ve got a home run in my book.

I was watching the movie I kept thinking LDS people, or others who are really into family history will especially love this movie. It ties in the importance of the living to remember their ancestors. Coco isn’t the name of the little boy who stars in the film, that’s Miguel. And Coco is his great-grandmother, who lives with them. The movie really made me stop and think how lucky my kids are to know their great-great grandpa, who will be 99 next month!

Rich in culture

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about Dia De Los Muertos going in to see this movie. I knew it meant day of the dead and that it was a day to celebrate ancestors. I knew it was mostly a Mexican celebration, but from my understanding many Latin countries and cultures have their own version and adaptations.

Coco laid out the celebration pretty openly, but not overly obvious. In other words, it didn’t take away from the story telling. A mom explained the ofrendas, and how the marigold petals are meant to help guide the spirits to their altars.  And that Dia De Los Muertos is the one night a year their ancestors can come from the Land of the Dead to visit them.

Beautiful culture was infused with the food, clothing, bright colors and music. Fun fact… All the guitar playing you see in the film is using real guitar chords and fingering.

Another point I’d make about the culture throughout the film… I’d be curious to hear opinions of people who have family from Mexico/ are from Mexico/ know the culture and/or language. Being in Texas we have a large Hispanic population and our audience was hooting and hollering, some at parts where I felt like maybe I missed a joke. Like the grandma who likes to hit people with the shoe, you may have seen clips of that in the previews. It was funny to me, but I’m sure people who are in on that inside joke would probably understand it more. There were also occasional Spanish phrases here and there woven in with English which I thought was pretty cool. With context you can still follow along. I mean, you don’t need years of Spanish lessons to know what cacas means.

Is Coco too scary for kids?

Both of mine say no. But the big colorful part Jaguar part eagle part ram part five other things alebrije might be frightening to some small kids. The skeletons are all friendly but could be startling at first for some little kids in a dark loud theater. We watched it in 3D and I never for a moment worried about my kids being scared. But if yours have seen Zootopia or The Good Dinosaur, or even Moana and were fine, I’d say they’ll do fine for this movie as well.

Kids Review

So you might be wondering if Coco is appropriate for a 4-year-old. My son sat and watched the entire movie without one complaint. The skeletons didn’t scare him. I didn’t notice him laughing much but it sometimes takes him watching a movie a couple times to give me a reaction. My daughter however, was laughing several times throughout, and that always warms my heart.

From 7-year-old Lil’ J: Coco is a good movie for families to see because it’s about family. Miguel goes into the dead world to discover why his family doesn’t like music. They just wanted to make shoes, boring old shoes.

I think my friends would like it because it’s funny. It’s not scary, I think it’s good for kids 4 and up because my brother liked it too.

My favorite part was when Miguel was explaining to his great grandma how he used to run slow and how he learned to use his arms and run faster. It’s really funny.

I would like to see it again! It’s my new favorite Disney movie.

From 4-year-old Big T: 

Q: Did you like the movie Coco?
A: Yea!
Q: Why?
A: Because I liked it!
Q: Is Coco a scary movie?
A: No, it’s not scary.

He’s still a man of few words but I imagine this will be another movie we have on repeat once (if ever) he tires of Cars 3 (because the rest of us already have).

Overall I loved the movie. My husband came with us too and enjoyed it. It’s personally not my favorite Disney Pixar film, I think a couple of the Toy Story movies and Finding Dory are still up there for me. But I’d say this is in my top 10 for sure, and I’m excited to see it again! So if you were on the fence about seeing this one, hop over! You won’t regret it.

Did you see Coco over Thanksgiving weekend? What did you think?

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Like many 4-year-old boys, my son has been counting down to see this movie for many months. Last night we finally reached the finish line and got to go screen Cars 3.

We walked in the theater, his 3D glasses in one hand, and his die-cast Lightning McQueen in the other. I was leery of how this would play out. My son has a hard time sitting through movies, especially the first go around (we saw Moana in theaters several times but he’d heard the soundtrack and that familiarity helped him get through). Would knowing most of the characters in this film be enough to keep him sitting still through the entire movie with dare I say… No bathroom breaks? We were about to find out.

If you are a Cars fan, I think this movie will pleasantly surprise you. Especially since Cars 2… No, just no. But if you aren’t a Cars fan and never have been, I’m not sure this movie will blow you away.

I wasn’t into Cars until my son came along and dusted the movie off from our Disney movie collection. Now that he’s seen every movie and Pixar Cars short more times than I can count, he’s inducted the whole family into the Lightning McQueen fan club. His joy brings me joy. So full disclosure– I don’t have much bad to say.

Lou – New Pixar Short

I had the opportunity to screen this short film earlier this year and I already knew I loved it. I also knew it would likely go over my 4-year-old’s head. Not that it’s very complicated. Like most Pixar shorts it had minimal dialogue and the message was conveyed through riveting and emotional animation.

It’s a story about a bully and his redemption after meeting and battling it out with an unusual ally.

It made my 4-year-old laugh, and I whispered to him asking how he thought the characters felt to see if he was grasping the point. It really is a beautiful story with a great moral for every kid about kindness. It’s one of my new favorite shorts so make sure you’re in your seats early enough to catch it.

Cars 3 Review: First Impressions

A 4-year-old's take on the new Pixar film. Cars 3 review.

As far as Pixar sequels go I feel like this one was up there. Way better than Cars 2 or Monsters University, giving us a similar nostalgic and flashback feel that Toy Story 3 brought. (Finding Dory is still my favorite).

Beyond that, this movie is rated G. The last time we saw this for a Pixar movie was four years ago with Monsters University. Before that it was 2011 when Winnie the Pooh and Cars 2 premiered. This movie was made for kids, kid laughs and kid enjoyment. I’m happy to say I enjoyed it too. There was less adult humor than you’ll find in Toy Story, and it was way less deep and far easier for kids to understand than Inside Out.

I went into this movie with MINIMAL knowledge of what it was about. I mean, I knew it was going to have a Rocky-type feel, knowing McQueen gets injured and is trying to make a comeback against new, younger and faster cars. After the fact I read some reviews about it being a film featuring female empowerment (or not)–I had no idea this was something Pixar was going for until after I saw the movie. However, given my surprise, I’m totally here for it and was literally cheering along with the crowd.

Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo) is a new favorite and certainly one to watch (I can’t imagine there won’t be another sequel after this as they didn’t close any doors).

All that said, we expected Lightning McQueen to be the star of the film, and no funny spy business like Cars 2.

On “female empowerment”

Like I mentioned, the Cruze Ramirez storyline caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect her to play such a big part in the movie. Without giving too much away (as usual, no spoilers), I feel the storyline charmingly came full-circle.–Giving life-long fans of Lightning McQueen a beautiful outcome, but also shining a spotlight on a new character–A girl at that!

Given McQueen’s history at being stubborn and hard-headed I didn’t expect him to be any different this time around. There are challenges along the way where he and Ramirez get into it–and into lots of trouble (these were some of the funniest scenes that had my son toppling over in laughter). In this journey we get to learn more about Ramirez and her past.

While this plot may not win over new fans, I think little girls who were already champions for the movie will walk away enthusiastic about a new character to cheer for. –(We are all going to see it again on Friday morning, with my 6-year-old daughter, I’ll update this with her review).

As the story moves along we meet an older character based on a female racer from the early days of NASCAR. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, but I’m not sure my son (or daughter) noticed/cared.

Chick Hicks makes a hilariously annoying reappearance as a retired athlete gone “sportscaster.” Natalie Certain (voiced by Kerry Washington) is a respected statistical analyst, except Hicks doesn’t seem to respect her at all.–Cutting her off to make his own jokes. It seemed like a nod to the unfortunate reflection of how women are treated in the male-dominated, misogynistic industry of sports broadcasting. …Or maybe I’m just over-thinking things.

4-year-old translation: Chick Hicks aka “bad guy” kept interrupting a car that may or may not be Holley Shiftwell.


Though I haven’t been anticipating a quality sequel for 11 years, I have been for the last 3, and I don’t think this disappoints. It’s everything Cars 2 should have been, even bringing in flashbacks and a storyline featuring Doc Hudson which absolutely tugged at my heartstrings and had my eyes a bit misty. We got answers to questions about Doc’s past and pieces to a puzzle McQueen needed to move on.

All our favorite characters make a re-appearance and get a moment to shine, from Mack, and Ramone and Lizzie down to the tractors. Mater fans may be disappointed that he doesn’t have as as big a part as he did in the first two films. But as a parent, I found it to be a welcome relief.

The moment Doc Hudson hit the screen my son screamed “I TOLD YOU DOC WAS IN IT!” Right again kid.

A 4-year-old's take on the new Pixar film. Cars 3 review.

My 4-year-old’s Cars 3 Review

The movie started EXACTLY like it starts in the first movie my son shouted “IS THIS CARS ONE?”

I was able to pull my hand away from his mouth after a couple seconds when Lightning opened his eyes in the bed of Mack’s truck with a friend in there with him.

“MATER?!” My 4-year-old then shouted. I kid you not he was the loudest kid in the theater. Totally into it.

He laughed and laughed during several parts of the movie, and he came home telling his sister about his favorite part–Watching Lightning McQueen dance.

During the movie, he pointed out things I hardly noticed, like Lightning McQueen spray bottles. And he asked me to repeat what was said a couple of times when he missed a joke. My wiggly 4-year-old was captivated like I’ve never seen before, and that in and of itself was a win.

Having seen the first trailers oh, 567 times, my son knew who all the characters were. The second Rookie Jackson Storm blew by he shouted his name. My husband bought him a random set of the new die-cast characters. Some of them literally named “Rookie 1, 2, and 3”. I criticized my husband for getting plain grey cars with no real names. But they totally have a part in the movie. My son was happily exclaiming “I HAVE THAT ONE!” throughout the movie.

Do you want to see it again? I asked. “YES!” He said, without skipping a beat. And we will, in a couple of days.

Which is your favorite Cars movie: 1, 2, or 3? “Cars 3” he answered easily.

And lat night when I tucked him in, instead of putting on his favorite Nemo PJs he insisted I let him sleep in his new Lightning McQueen outfit. It left a mark my friends.

A 4-year-old's take on the new Pixar film. Cars 3 review.

Scary Scenes and After the Credits

There isn’t anything very scary in this movie, so I’d say it’s great even for kids who startle easily. When I asked my son he did say that the school bus (during a demolition derby scene) was scary and that he wanted to “hit it” but he wasn’t the least frightened during the film.

Like in many Pixar movies, if you wait until after the credits you’ll get a little bonus scene. This one wasn’t much (I didn’t find it worth the wait) but it may be a treat for big Mater fans.

Morals and Concluding Thoughts

Cars 3 will happily join our rotation of Cars films. And I will gladly replace either of the other two movies with this one.

It has a great moral of not giving up, believing in yourself and helping others to shine.

I look forward to seeing which toys my son and daughter gravitate towards these next few weeks. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more yellow around these parts.

Are you excited to see Cars 3? In theaters everywhere June 16th! Have you seen it? What did you/your kids think?

A 4-year-old's take on the new Pixar film. Cars 3 review.

UPDATE: Here’s my 6-year-old daughter’s Beauty and the Beast review! Details on if she thought it was scary and how she liked it compared to the animated version.

I’m about to give a Beauty and the Beast review for people obsessed with the animated version and/or planning to take their kids to see it and looking for more information. Buckle up!

The live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast must be the must anticipated movie since I don’t know what. All of my friends have countdowns set. And 30-something around the world are acting like they’re 7 again.

I’ll admit I was one of them. Though it took me awhile to join the fray and really get excited for it (I really wish we could get more new animated classics versus re-hashing the old ones) once I sat down in the screening room at Walt Disney Studios and the music started, I was 7 again, bouncing up and down in my seat ready for some Disney magic.

Beauty and The Beast Overall thoughts (no spoilers)

Beauty and the Beast was a beautifully updated version of the classic we know and love so well. My favorite lines and parts from the animated version made the cut, but my favorite parts of the movie were the parts where the creators diverted from it.

In more way than one I feel like this movie was made with adults in mind—Specifically my generation. Never before have I watched a brand new movie that I could (and did) quote along with about 70% of it.

That said, I think people new, or less familiar with the animated version will still love it.

It was a musical from the get-go, and with new songs sprinkled through the movie it

It was the first movie I’ve seen in 3D in a long time that had really cool 3D effects.

Compared to the other live-action Disney updates, Maleficent is still my favorite, but I definitely liked Beauty and the Beast WAY more than Cinderella. This movie was beautifully done, and it’s worth seeing it in 3D.

An all-encompassing Beauty and the Beast review. What's up with the gay scene everyone keeps bringing up? Is it scary? Will you like it?

What I LOVED (no spoilers)

1. Progressive: The creators managed to keep the beautiful storyline but make Belle even stronger. There were at least three interracial couples I noticed, and way more diversity.

2. Backstories: All those questions we had about Belle’s mom and The Beasts’ parents get addressed in this movie.

3. A more realistic romance: The Beast likes books too, and their relationship seemingly takes longer to build and has more important moments that bring them together.

4. More character depth: Obviously with Belle, but also with The Beast, and most surprisingly to me… Gaston. He’s even more ruthless.

5. Nostalgia: The score was similar to the animated version through several parts of the movie. The dance gave me chills. (spoiler if you didn’t see the original): As did when he transformed back into himself. I’d love to see the side-by-side because it really felt surreal watching it play back with a different look. It was like they transformed the characters into real life.

6. (Spoiler if you haven’t seen the animated version): The scene when the townspeople attack the castle was my favorite in the 1991 version and it was my favorite part in this movie too.

Ok, now that we got all that out of the way let’s talk about what you need to know when it comes to taking your kids to see Beauty and the Beast.

I’ll be taking Lil’ J to screen it hopefully early next week so I’ll updated this post (or add another) with her full review. But here are my initial thoughts.

Beauty and the Beast: Will kids like it?

I think so. And from what I’ve heard so far from other kids, it’s a resounding “YES”.

My daughter has seen the animated movie a handful of times, so she will likely have a different perspective than me, who has it memorized. There will be more surprises, and there’s a likelihood of young kids falling in love with it, really falling in love with the story for the first time.

When I showed her the trailer of them movie she said “So it’s like Beauty and the Beast but it looks, like, more realer?” Yes, baby girl, it looks more realer.

An all-encompassing Beauty and the Beast review. What's up with the gay scene everyone keeps bringing up? Is it scary? Will you like it?

“Is there a ‘gay scene’”

I’m not quite sure what started this hoopla but after I screened the movie my husband texted me asking for a co-worker if there was a gay scene in Beauty and the Beast. Now I’m not sure exactly what a gay scene is classified as. Like a sex scene? Heavens no! Kissing? Nope. Hugging? I don’t remember that, definitely nothing in a sexual way.

What is there? I watched the two-hour movie expecting something juicy. LeFou, Gaston’s right-hand man and not-so-secret admirer, admiring Gaston as he does in the animated movie. Could people read between the lines and wonder if he’s gay? Sure. Would kids? No. Is it ever stated outright that he is gay? No.

What else is there? (This includes spoilers) Well, you know that scene in the animated version where the Plumette, the
opera-singing armoire jumps/falls on one of the townspeople attacking the castle? In the animated version, the man jumps up, realizes he’s in a dress and runs and screams. In this live-action version, she attacks three men and they come out wearing dresses. Two scream and run away, one more admires his new look, smiles, and struts away. It got a lot of laughter and applause in our little theater.

What else is there? At the end LeFou and the gentleman who liked his new dress (though no longer in his dress) pair up for a waltz in the ballroom with Belle and The Beast. LeFou is dancing with a woman at first but later in the scene swaps and dances with that gentleman. They dance. That is it. Definitely not worth the fuss.

(Side Note)

I love diversity and diversity being represented in movies, books, and on TV. Representation matters. Personally, I think it’s important for my kids to know not all families look the same. My daughter knows blacks and whites didn’t used to be able to get married like her daddy and mommy are and I’m raising them to be accepting. That said, even if I wasn’t I don’t think I’d have a problem with that or letting my kids watch because it’s not blatant.

“Is it scary?

Another thing parents worry about with these updated children’s movies is if they’re too scary. Is Beauty and the Beast scary? Well, not really. Scenes with the wolves chasing Maurice and later Belle were a bit intense. The Beast is mean and loud at first. But again, if you know how the story goes it’s nothing any scarier.

You know your kids best. To a child seeing this movie for the first time, an extra loud and dark theater (plus 3D) makes any movie more intense. I’m bringing my 6-year-old to see it. My 3-year-old loves scary beasts, fight scenes and music so I might bring him too, knowing neither of them will get scared or cry. He’s never sat through a live-action movie though and he’d likely find some scenes (all of the non-violent, non-musical parts) boring.



One last issue I want to touch on for parents is violence. Though subtle for kids used to Marvel movies and Star Wars, if your little ones haven’t seen much other than animated movies there are a few things to take note of.

(Spoilers) There’s a scene where Gaston punches Maurice in the face and I literally gasped. It’s not in the animated version so I know a part of it was my surprise because it was new. But another part because you rarely see that kind of thing in Disney movies.

Also, at the end instead of stabbing the Beast in the side with a knife, Gaston shoots him, several times. I was like “holy crap!”. Again, it could have been the diversion from the animated version that gave that more of a shock factor to me, but I didn’t like the change. Maybe ratings wise shooting is more normalized than stabbing but gun violence is a trigger for me so this was something that bothered me a little. I knew it had a happy ending (though I worried for a second cause dang!) so I was ok.

Hopefully giving you a little warning helps you prepare, or prepare your kids if need be.

An all-encompassing Beauty and the Beast review. What's up with the gay scene everyone keeps bringing up? Is it scary? Will you like it?

Final thoughts

Overall I think kids will be mesmerized by the beauty, the music, and wonderful enchantments that made us 30-somethings fall in love with the movie 26 years ago.

I hope you’ll go see it and let me know what you think!

Ok, so that’s a lot of information. I’ll probably just post Lil’ J’s review in a separate post after she’s watched it since I’ve blabbed here enough.

Are you going to see Beauty and the Beast? Will you take your kids?

UPDATE: Here’s my 6-year-old daughter’s review! Details on if she thought it was scary and how she liked it compared to the animated version. Check out other Disney posts! 

I first saw a trailer for Queen of Katwe months ago on Facebook and knew I’d be going to see it. I didn’t know what it was going to be about but it had me at hello. The beautiful African scenes and the emotion and love between a mother and daughter… Oh, and the fact that it was by Disney.

6-year-old Queen of Katwe review

When I traveled to LA a couple of months ago I got to screen the movie way early, and sadly I’ve had to hold my Queen of Katwe review in until now. But the good news is, I got to bring my daughter to see it this week, so she chimed in with her review too!

First a few things…

You don’t need to enjoy chess to enjoy the movie

Growing up I was obsessed with Searching for Bobby Fischer. Don’t ask me why, I wasn’t a chess player (not a good one at least). But I was captivated by the story of a chess prodigy. I haven’t seen that movie in years so I can’t fairly compare the two, but what I loved about Queen of Katwe was the ability to witness the great leaps and bounds not only Phiona made, but her family and her team. There’s something extra special about the story of someone discovering what they were born to do.

6-year-old Queen of Katwe review

What makes this movie special

There are a lot of feel-good movies about someone who comes from the slums and beats the odds to overcome their situation. However, Disney did a beautiful job with the cast, cinematography and screenwriting. Not only did the characters have a beautiful and true story, but the actors do too. This is Madina Nalwanga’s (who plays Phiona, the main character) first movie. A casting director found her in a community dance class.

Throughout the movie you can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for what you have. Then the inspiring messages woven throughout the movie make you leave feeling so uplifted.

Before seeing the movie with your kids

Watch the previews. Help give your children an idea of what the movie is about before you see it, and ask them to take note of important lessons they learn from the movie.

We also had a lot of fun preparing for it (which I recommend if your kids are young). We’re currently reading two books based in African countries (Morocco and Ghana), this movie was based in a third–Uganda. We found each place on a map, talked about the size, and distance from each other. We also talked about the climates and types of people you might see in each country.

Of course after the movie you will have even more to talk about (here some ideas for conversations you can have) as there’s a beautiful repeating message of perseverance to share.

About going to see it with you kids

I absolutely think you should go and see this movie with your kids. Open their eyes to a different culture and world than their own. You may think that because this movie isn’t a kid’s movie that they wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’d beg to differ.


My daughter and her 5-year-old friend sat next to each other, and though they were a little chatty at times, both of them followed the movie very well. But even if they don’t understand it all, that’s ok. They’ll get enough of it and you can discuss it together.

There are a couple of startling scenes, one involving a motorcycle accident, and another briefly startling scene with a flood. But it’s nothing that should be too frightening for kids.

Ok I’ve rambled enough.

Here’s what my 6-year-old says about Queen of Katwe

What was the movie about?
It was about this person who loved Chess.

What did you think about the movie?
It was awesome. I think I want to learn how to play chess too.

What was your favorite part?
When the little girl cried loud and said ‘she took my queen!’

Was it easy for you to understand or hard for you to understand?
It was easy for me to understand.

Did you think it was boring?
Not at all because that was a real story.

What that the United States where they were living?
No. Uganda. Far away from Texas. In Africa.

What are some of the things you noticed about Katwe, Uganda?
That they do stuff differently than us, they had to go get some water and bring the jugs back home. And they didn’t have a refrigerator. It makes my mommy grateful that we can turn on the water in the sink.

Do you think your friends should see it? Why or why not?
Yes. Hmm. Good question. Because it’s really good and I think they might learn a lesson.

What lesson did you learn from the movie?
Never give up. She [Phiona] felt like she had a dirty house and dirty clothes and like she couldn’t have nice things. But then she learned she could. So I learned to never give up.

There you have it, from the mouth of babes!

I’ll leave you with two more awesome aspects of this movie review.

Best inspirational quotes from Queen of Katwe

6-year-old Queen of Katwe review

I made sure to bring a pencil and paper this time to catch these:

“Use your minds. Make a plan. And there you’ll find safety.”

“Do not be quick to tip your king. You must never surrender.”

“Losing doesn’t make you a failure.”

“Loses happen to everyone. But then you reset the pieces and play again.”

“Sometimes the place you’re used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong.”

“Losing teaches me how to play better.”

Stay for the ending credits

Not just the beginning credits though those are AMAZING with the actors paired up with their real-life characters. But stay even after that. I don’t want to give away the surprise but trust me, it’ll make you smile.

Let me know if you and your family go to see it and what you think! My husband and I are going to see it together on our next date night. I know this movie will be right up his alley.

I feel like I need to shamefully preface this review by saying I had never seen Disney’s original Pete’s Dragon movie. Not until after we screened this new version hitting theaters this Friday that is.

I bought the DVD to add to our Disney movie collection but didn’t watch it until last week. I meant to watch it before seeing this new version but since it wouldn’t have the same nostalgic feel for me either way I didn’t push it.

If you’re going into this new film expecting to see a remake of the original you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. Aside from their names this remake is quite different. No singing, and the storyline is new. But that was what Texas-based screenwriter and director had in mind the whole time. David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks said they decided not to go back and re-watch the original Disney movie when they were working on this one. Instead they said they wanted to remember the feelings they had when they watched the movie (over and over and over) as children, and make sure to give us all that timeless magical feeling in this new film. And let me tell you, they succeeded.

Lowery said he knew he wanted to be a director since he was 7 years old. Know for his success with Indie films, this is his biggest movie to date. He’s also contracted to work with Disney on a Peter Pan remake, but no word on when that one will fly into theaters just yet.

Kid interview with Pete's Dragon Director David Lowery plus what you should know before you head to see Petes Dragon this weekend with the kids. 3-year-old movie review and 6-year-old movie review.

Lil’ J loved the movie and was so impressed while listening to the director and screenwriter at the Paramount Theater, she drew a picture of Elliot to share with them.

We were lucky enough to meet one-on-one (or two-on-two) with Lowery and Halbrooks to talk with them more about this movie and what they hope families get out of the film.

To think, I interviewed my first movie director (ok Steven Spielberg isn’t too shabby) about a month ago and here she is 6, already crossing this off her list. Check it out!

At first we agreed she could wait and ask her questions at the end of our interview but as you can tell, she couldn’t hold them in. Luckily they seemed to find her endearing. Next time we may have to rehearse being patient while the interviewee finishes their answer.

The awesome thing is they inspired her in more ways than one. She’s now added “director” to her long list of things she wants to be when she grows up thanks to David Lowery and his new film Pete’s Dragon.

Now on to our review!

Compared to Disney’s 1977 Pete’s Dragon

Just don’t. It’s completely different movie with the same name. My kids and I watched Disney’s original last week and I didn’t tell them the name of the movie. They were captivated by the singing, the charismatic Pete and the cartoon dragon, but my daughter never saw it as the same movie.

A review of the old Pete's Dragon vs Disney's new and re-imagined version by director David Lowery.

“Mom! I’ve made a connection! His name is Pete like the movie we saw, and he has a dragon named Elliot like in Pete’s Dragon!”

Fans of the original forgive us.

I think if I saw and watched that ‘77 version as a kid I would have absolutely adored it. I love musicals and know I would have memorized and belted every catchy song. There is a lot of drinking and some off-color humor I found surprising but funny. I’m late to the game so it’ll never have those emotional ties that years and generations of watching it can bring. But I’m happy to say this new movie will definitely do the same. I didn’t know what to expect with either but I love them both in different ways.

This 2016 version is about a boy who is orphaned after a car accident and moves to the woods and finds a friend who happens to be a dragon. There they live together for years. When Pete is discovered he and Elliot go on an adventurous journey to find and protect each other.

Is Pete’s Dragon Scary? A Parent’s Take

If you see the previews and the furry yet realistic-looking dragon you may be wondering if it’s too intense for little ones. My kids found it exciting and adventurous but not scary. There are a couple scenes: One with a tranquilizer gun that the director said ultimately moved the movie from a G rating to a PG rating that could be a little startling for kids, and may lead them to think he died. It could be sad for extra sensitive children so use your discretion.

Kid interview with Pete's Dragon Director David Lowery plus what you should know before you head to see Petes Dragon this weekend with the kids. 3-year-old movie review and 6-year-old movie review.

About two thirds of the way through the movie I wondered if Elliot had fire-breathing power and I got that answer real quick. And it was awesome. But a little intense. Lil’ J wasn’t scared but did cover her eyes the first time we saw it because she was worried what would happen to the characters. I’ve never seen her do that during a movie before but she insists she wasn’t afraid. My son thought it was cool and kept waiting for him to eat someone (he doesn’t).

Our Overall Thoughts Pete’s Dragon

While this movie didn’t have an overt message like Zootopia’s “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or Finding Dory’s “never give up on your family and friends” Pete’s Dragon was a simple yet wonderful movie made for kids to enjoy. Less violent and intense than The Jungle Book, this is a movie you can take the whole family to see and leave feeling uplifted and inspired by the beauty and hidden magic in the world.

Kid interview with Pete's Dragon Director David Lowery plus what you should know before you head to see Petes Dragon this weekend with the kids. 3-year-old movie review and 6-year-old movie review.

Like director David Lowery told us in our interview with him, he hopes kids leave wanting to go out outside or into the woods and explore, and draw enchanted pictures as Lil’ J did.

This was the second live-action Disney movie that I’ve seen in theaters and left knowing I’d for sure be buying it for our timeless collection. I laughed with my daughter, sat in awe with my son, and got chills at the beauty of it all. It was truly a majestic movie that will leave you wanting to explore the mountains and discover magical dragons on your own (I’m not kidding, my daughter is already plotting a trip to Utah to look for some in the mountains).

Ok now on to the kid reviews. Including Big T’s first Disney movie review!

Lil’ J’s 6-year-old Review of Pete’s Dragon

Q: What did you think of Pete’s Dragon?
A: It was really great. It’s my favorite movie.

Q: What was your favorite part?
A: When the people riding in the police car said “you can’t say dragon over the radio!”

Q: Were there lots of funny parts?
A: Yea, I laughed when the guy fell out of the stroller thing [stretcher] because he saw a dragon.

Q: Do you think other little kids would like it? Why or why not?
A: Yea, but only between 5 and 6 and 7 and stuff. Ok and 4 too. Not 3 because they’re too little and they’re probably gonna be scared. But now that I think about it I think that they’d actually like it too.

Q: Did you think it was scary?
A: No. Because the dragon isn’t really scary it’s like a friendly dragon.

Q: Were there some scary parts?
A: Yea, like when he breathed fire.

Q: What’s something you learned from this movie?
A: Even though you

Q: What does this movie make you want to do?
A: It makes me want to go outside and play and stuff. Have fun and do nature stuff because the movie is about dragons and dragons are outside and they’re fun.

Q: Anything else you want to say about the movie?
A: Yes, what I liked about the movie. I like that it was about dragons and dragons are outdoors and I like outdoors stuff. I liked everything, lots of stuff.

Q: Do you want to buy it when it’s on video?
A: Yes, cause I really liked it and I’d like to watch it sometimes.

Kid interview with Pete's Dragon Director David Lowery plus what you should know before you head to see Petes Dragon this weekend with the kids. 3-year-old movie review and 6-year-old movie review.

Big T’s 3-year-old Review

Q: Did you like the Dragon movie?
Because I liked it.

Q: Was the movie sad?
A: Yea. No! It’s not. Dragon flied and jumped. He jumped and he cried cause he fell.

Q: What part did you like?
A: I liked the cars chasing the dragon.

Q: Was it scary?
A: No. He threw fire.

Q: Do you want to see it again?

Obviously he didn’t understand the entire movie but he loved the action and adventure, and luckily for him, Elliot was seen in most of the film.

Pete’s Dragon flies into theaters everywhere this Friday August 12th. Let us know what you think of it! 

Here’s a fun educational adventure packet and coloring sheets to get your kids excited!

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