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I’m not going to pretend like I know all of the little tricks in parenting. But I do know 7 secrets. Yes, these are 7 mom hacks that could blow your mind. I thought I’d share some of my wisdom for the mamas just beginning their journey. Do you know all of these or have any more to add? Here we go:

How to photograph your newborn

1. Fold onesies DOWN for blowouts: When I was in the hospital with Lil’ J I realized they were using long-sleeved onesies as tops and bottoms. So handy! The neckline is so stretchy that you can pull them all the way down over their shoulders when they have a blowout. This makes for less mess in an already yucky situation.


2. Don’t get rid of swaddling blankets: I can’t tell you how in handy these things have come through the years. They start as swaddling blankets, nursing covers and burp cloths. Then they turn into picnic blankets, fort-making reinforcements, and superhero capes. They’re also great on the seat of your car to help protect from the car seats.


3. Making your own playdoh is seriously so easy: No need to run out to get more. You probably have what it takes to make it at home. Flour, water, salt and cooking oil is all it takes. Food coloring if you’d like to spice it up.

birthday party ballpit

4. Outdoor kiddie pools can be year-round fun: Cool down outside in the summer inflatable pool and have fun inside. We filled up Big T’s pool with ball pit balls and the kids loved having it inside.

healthy toddler snack

5. Make a snack drawer: Adding this tiny addition to our pantry has made my kids far more bearable when they’re hungry. I just ask them to take a look at the snack cubby and see what they want to eat. I just have a tupperware container full of mom-approved snacks.

22 princess dresses on a lower closer rack

6. Install a second closet rod for more space (for dress-up clothes!): Kids are so small. Put more of the closet space to use by adding a rack or getting a stand for seasonal clothing, or in our case–Dress-up clothes.


7. Baby power and diaper cream is great for more than just babies: I don’t know how often I used baby powder on my actual baby. Not very often. But I’ve used it on sweater hot summers on more than one occasion. It’s also great to bring to the beach. Pour it on your kids and it’ll soak up the extra moisture in the sand, then it’s easy to knock the sand off their bodies.

Diaper rash is a pain in the butt (pun intended). Not only is Desitin great for treating your baby’s diaper rash, hang on to it because it comes in handy as a great antiperspirant when you’re in a pinch. Just rub it in real good. Seriously, I have a nervous sweat problem and this helps, who knew?

Visit their website for more information on helpful tips to cure diaper rash.

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How many of these mom hacks were you aware of? Have any more to share?

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